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A very Happy New Year to all of my readers.

I reread my 2007 forecast remembering all the incredible positive energy and bright promise for an excellent year. For so many 2007 was a really bad year, mainly due to our expectations. It was not that the predictions were wrong, it was that the time to change in order to assimilate the positive energy was much longer than anticipated. We are aligned now, I hope, and the results should be showing up in the outer world as we have done the inner work. I am happy to say that all things considered, the energy for 2008 is really tough. Perhaps then we will have a truly great year!

2007 was a ď9Ē year, a time of endings, of clearing, phasing out and preparation for the new cycle even now beginning to make its presence felt. We have had a long slow march into the new times giving us ample opportunity to make changes and to prepare for those yet to come. Pluto, the transformer, waiting all year at the doorway, now moves into its new sign in late January. Big business, governments, institutions of all kinds, banks, religious organizations, and the things that they control such as finances, raw materials, war, decisions affecting our lives, everything that touches us, will begin to feel the pressure of change. Jupiter is there with it bringing amongst other things, honesty and Justice. Much will be revealed that has been hidden, and many injustices will come to light.

The focus of this year for all of us is in the nature of the work that we do, what impact we have on the world. Great opportunities await us to grow, to be more and do more. It is no longer the time of having more, for it is not what you have, but what you do, that will count. We will feel the changes most of all as a growing awareness that what we are spending our time doing is a long way from what we would choose to do with our lives. Here will be the biggest change this year as more and more people seek new meaning in their lives and in what they are doing.

2008 will see a rising demand that will bring about more universal health care and other services. War will no longer be seen as the duty of a nation, or even a necessity as taking care of the young, the elderly, those in need, will take precedence. This year will not see the end of inequality and injustice, but it will be a start. As the infrastructure of or society crumbles from lack of care, it will become more and more apparent that those in power who pursue profit have agendas that are far from our well being.

2008 is a ď1Ē year, the beginning of a new cycle and new era. Just as the past years have shown the true nature of religion (as different from faith), then this time coming will show the true nature of power. More and more people like your self will be looking for more say in their lives. This is the year that will bring this about.

To all my readers, all the best for the coming year, and may 2008 be your best year yet.

Grey Wolf is an Awakener, combining the aspects of a shaman, life consultant and coach, metaphysical trainer, and spiritual advisor. Through a multidimensional approach, you can realize your true Power, Potential and Path, and awaken to the full richness of the life you deserve, the life that is your right. Decide today to be all you can be. You have nothing to lose but your limitations and needless restrictions. Contact Alan Grey Wolf for more information on how you can stop just existing and start living

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Now is your year to start over, at least in your career, work, or business. Golden opportunities will open doors to whole new vistas. Sudden flashes of insight and creativity bring an awakening. Your light is now shining outwards into the world bringing you recognition and attention. Very quickly you will accelerate into new success and abundance. More slowly you will find your place in the world transforming into something extraordinary.

June brings a sense of your deeper personal power. You can see the truth and no matter how much of the old is arrayed against you, you will prevail. Big decisions regarding your needs and freedom will come up.

October brings changes and some mixed emotional experiences. You must choose to maintain your own identity, as there are those who would take over what you have accomplished. Have faith in yourself and you will succeed.


This is your year of power as you are connected in a very positive way to your higher mind, and to the source of all things. Look to benefit from travel, connections to people at a distance, and expect that your life will expand to a more global view. Opportunities will come up to use your communication abilities both written and verbal.

June and the Summer Solstice bring decisions about where you are living, and where your needs will be best suited. Although there are those who would cite authority and try to stop you, you will succeed.

September brings big changes and rewards in your life style. You may indeed find your self in a far different setting than where you started this year. Emotions run high in September as your need to make a difference in the world brings overwhelming changes


You will experience great opportunities and great changes in what you get from others this year. Long term developments transform your relationship. Faster moving energies bring luck and positive support. You may learn much from anotherís values and views on life. Their resources can help you to achieve results. You may also benefit from legal actions.

June brings your personal energies and desires into play. You may find yourself standing against some authority. Decide what best fits your needs and where your responsibilities lie.

October finalizes some long desired changes in your life, and open up big changes in your career or business. You have gone past letting others intimidate you, so simply move on and trust in yourself.


This is your year to turn your attention to your relationships, both business and personal. Put your energy into developing your skills and overcoming your issues and blocks. Free yourself to being open and trusting of your self, and this will bring like people into your life. Great opportunities to move forward come to you this year. It is a beginning, and once in motion, will continue.

June brings some conflicts and control issues. Perhaps you have not fully released to childhood issues you have been carrying. Make a decision that is in line with you freeing yourself to be your self, and you will get past this.

October brings more emotional releases from childhood experiences and their accompanying beliefs. Let go and have faith in your process and you will soon believe in the changes, not the inevitable results.


You want to be more of a force in the world? This is your year to shine. Look for new directions and opportunities will come your way. By the way, always go in the direction of making the world a better place for the most people. Any self indulgent enterprise is doomed to fail. You stand at the beginning of a new phase of your life.

June brings possible conflicts with those who have had power, and doom decisions regarding your needs and life style. Trust in yourself and stand firm. The old ways will fail. Be a part of the new.

October sees some emotional issues, possibly some legal issues, or stress regarding what you are facing. Have faith in yourself and those who are with you and all will be well.


Powerful changes and support bring opportunities to make significant changes in your lifestyle. Much is now open to you and will continue to seep you along if you do not resist. Your own efforts so far have won you personal strength and rewards, so expect big things to happen. This time can make a difference to children, the quality of your life, and everything that makes your life worthwhile. Put more into doing the things you would love to do this year.

June brings action on your part to change your work or business and thus your future plans. Look at your own deeper needs and those of home and family and make the hard decision.

October brings worries and emotional upheavals concerning money and possessions. Partners may make sudden decisions that can alter your plans. You may feel overwhelmed by what you are trying to accomplish. Have faith in the process and you will succeed.


This is the beginning of a new phase of your life with regards to home and family and what you believe about yourself. Look for positive opportunities to move into your dream home, transform your existing home, do the things you have wanted to do. Here is the very foundation of your life and it is about to open up big time. Sudden shifts in your responsibilities will make for a much better life.

The summer brings the necessity to put a lot of energy into your work or business. This puts you in conflict with plans of a personal nature. Look within to find the answers to what is your best option. A decision is necessary concerning a close relative.

October will be an emotional time with many more decisions regarding responsibilities and your personal evolution. Make the choice that you believe in the most and that will be the best for you and you canít go wrong.


Here is your opportunity to make the most out of your immediate environment, to make changes, to examine new ideas, to change your relationship with immediate family, to take courses, to write your memoirs, or communicate in other ways. Interaction with those near you will open up your world. You donít have to travel long distances to make a difference. Transform your world to suit yourself, and you will have everything that you need.

The summer brings the chance to make longer voyages out into the world. Although this may sound like a contradiction, it is necessary to interact with distant places and people in order to bring a broader understanding to your own locality. Choices relating to finances and needs will be necessary.

The fall brings upset and emotional reactions to some undealt with past problems. Trust in yourself and what you believe and you will be alright. Choices giving you more time for your self and to pursue what means the most to you will come up.


The main focus of your year is in completely transforming your financial situation. If there has been lack or limitation, expect the opportunity and the changes in direction that will enable you to turn your finances around and have abundance and prosperity in your life. Short term fortune, luck and new directions will work for you over the year clearing away any residuals of limited funds. The long term transformation here will ensure you a very prosperous future.

The summer brings conflicts with others as their actions seem to oppose what you are doing. Look inside of yourself to find the needs that you have that will lead to a positive decision and solve the problem.

October brings changes to your future plans and a more positive look at your environment. A decision as to staying where you are or relocating may come up at this time. You will feel emotional and stressed, but this should not last long.


This may be your best year yet bringing a voyage of exploration into who you are on a much deeper level. If you are open to such a growth experience you will find your self transformed and inundated with great opportunities. Fortune and change will be your watch word as you begin a whole new cycle or phase in your life. Seek to transcend on a spiritual level, not the material, for the most benefits to you and the world.

The summer brings conflicts with others whose actions run counter to the new you. Explain their responsibilities to them or make a decision that covers your needs and comes through your inner guidance.

The fall brings changes at work or in business that seem to be a backward step. You may feel really stressed at this situation, and make decisions that change the outcome, yet might be based on the old you. Have faith in your own changes and new values and proceed from there.


Your major focus is on the inner you, the growth you are experiencing, and the heightening of your insight or intuition. This is the time to follow your inner guidance and make your life over in your own image. Let unresolved issues come up and let them go. Do not hang onto the past or carry anger with you. Practice letting go of anger and the past, and you will experience substantial growth within the self. Once you have cleared away all the debris, you can start rebuilding to suit your self.

Summer brings conflicts with others, possibly family, over responsibilities, and the change you have made. This is normal as you undergo powerful inner changes. The world around you is then in conflict. Once you get past that, the world will become more in harmony with you.

The fall brings changes and emotional situations with people or places at a distance. If you are traveling or on vacation, be extra careful. Trust in yourself and have faith in your ability to handle anything and you will be alright.


You will benefit greatly this year through opportunities and lucky breaks that come to you through work or business. There is that in the short term and a longer term affect that will serve to transform your life and the plans you had for the future completely. Here we are talking of the next ten years or so. It all starts now so donít hold to tightly to your expectations, but allow then to accommodate the new possibilities and you will see that things will go much better than expected. You will see changes also in your friends and acquaintances. People will go out of your life to be replaced by others.

The summer brings choices relating to your needs and those of family. There is a need to move on along the path you have chosen. By September they will become very supportive as they understand more fully where you are going.

October is an emotional time with you standing firm in your identity. Look inside again for direction and faith in your direction. Although it is stressful, by November decisions made will eliminate controversy.

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