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Forecast 2009

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my readers and to all those who contacted me during the past year. You now have a brand new year that is filled with opportunities and promise. Where will you be this time next year? Where would you like to be? You have learned so much on your journey to this point, with experience and wisdom to work with. Imagine what you can do with all that you have gained. Choose wisely, diligently follow the path that you choose, and you will reap all the benefits and possibilities that are your potential at this moment in time.

Now, take a deep breath and let your vision of your world expand outwards. Imagine again where you would like to be next year, and know that you have the power to make it happen. Be determined to follow your chosen path and to keep following it till you reach your chosen place. This is your year to have all that you could desire, envision, and wish for. It is up to you; do not depend on outside forces or people. You are the one you have been waiting for, the one that will make your life truly memorable.

When this year began, we had just experienced a new moon and a total of six planets in Capricorn, including Pluto, which had just gone into Capricorn (along with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter). Capricorn is the sign of success in the material world; Pluto is the sign of energy, of death and rebirth. The economic melt down and reformation has begun. Long ago Capricorn represented achievement in the spiritual world, and it can, once again, if you make the right choices. There are always two roads, the material and the spiritual. This is the year to see clearly that not only are there choices, but that it is imperative that you make them.

(AST) Looking down the road(s), there is an awesome and extremely potent energy formation coming. This is called a Cardinal Climax. At the moment, the economic indicators are in a relatively mild but benevolent relationship. That is why I feel the recent economic upheaval was just a warning. Unless you (we) do something, much worse is possible. This Cardinal Climax takes place in Libra, Capricorn and Aries, which will have within them, Saturn (status quo), Pluto (transformation), and Uranus (revolution). Cardinal signs are initiators and love to take action. This will begin in earnest in October when Saturn enters Libra, and come to a climax in May 2010 when Uranus enters Aries, forming a T-square in Cardinal signs. The last time this happened, according to Phil Booth in the Toronto Star, was in 1929, the year of the Great Depression.

A major catastrophe can be avoided if you make the right choices. The truth is that the path that Mankind has been on is now changing direction and splitting even more dramatically into two separate and distinct roads. One is called Denial, and the other, Affirmative Action. Which road are you on?

There are two dates to watch out for in 2009, the first being around March 21-22, when Spring arrives. The relationship between the economic indicators gets very difficult temporarily. This should not last long and become positive again fairly quickly. The second date is May 28th when Jupiter and Neptune meet. Good fortune and creativity merge in the skies. Should be a good one.

All the best for 2009. It is a year like no other, with unlimited potential. Now, once again, where would you like to be a year from now?

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Career, business, what you are doing in the world, and why, is the thrust of this year for you. Recognize and accept that a powerful transformation is happening, and by mid January opportunities and ideas will flood your life with new ways to be of service.

Mid February sees a powerful and emotional time of seeing your needs met, of being wonderfully creative and of new people appearing in your life and a brand new vision of the future.

Mid March brings rebelliousness and a need to find freedom, while October has you dealing with issues in relationships.


The most powerful area of change in your life is in how you see the world, and what can give you the freedom you desire. Let the changes happen and as soon as mid January, you will find luck and inspirational ideas filling your life.

Mid February brings changes and creative means of bringing new business or work options to you. Life will improve considerably at this point.

By early March, you feel constrained and look for changes that will open up your life for you. October brings responsibilities and new duties that will further enhance your work or business.


This is a most intense time and one of extreme purging and altering how you are affected by others, from their values, their resources, and what you gain from partnerships. In allowing this transformation to run its course, by mid January you will gain new opportunities and great insights.

Mid February offers a renewal in your faith and belief in the world and how it works, which can free you from some issues relating to home, family, and what you base your life on.

Mid March brings the onset of spring and a need to be free of some constraints relating to work, affecting home and family. October will manifest where your life is blocked and the means to free the self.


This can be the most exciting or terrifying time of your life as all of the power previously mentioned, the new moon and total of six planets in Capricorn, places all of that in your partnerís hands, or brings to the surface everything you believe about relationships. Dealing with this can bring wonderfully new or renewed people into your life from mid January on.

By Mid February, old issues of what you have experienced from others will be replaced by wonderfully creative and loving situations.

Spring has you feeling urges to leave various groups, organizations, or beliefs and find a new personal freedom. October will bring up any unresolved family issues.


The main focus of this year is in changes in responsibilities and duties that you have taken on. By late January, financial burdens will be replaced by new and interesting opportunities to fulfill your obligations.

February brings some really creative people with good ideas into your life, and this will see changes in the expression of your relationship, or what you want from others.

By mid March, what has tied you to othersí needs or resources will be gone leaving you with a new feeling of freedom. October brings environment and family issues.


This year brings a great relief from the recent personal burdens you have felt, and offers changes and enhancement in your life or life style. If you move forward accepting the transformation, extraordinary opportunities and ideas to further your life can appear.

Mid to late February has you seeing changes in your duties and experiencing your needs being met in inspired ways, thus further lifting the weight you are feeling.

March, as it unfolds, can bring sudden conflict with partners or others over issues of freedom and self expression. October sets you on a course of financial revival, and will bring up any unresolved issues regarding money or values.


You are undergoing extreme transformations in home and family and your foundational beliefs. As you accept and flow with the changes, wonderful life-changing opportunities and ideas will appear. By January end you will be looking at even bigger moves.

Late February brings changes in the quality of your life as the means to bring about and fulfill your long term needs and dreams now manifest.

Mid March, in time for Spring, has you rebelling against some restrictive obligations and seeking the freedom that has been dormant within the self for a long time. October has you dealing with your personal needs and issues.


The big build up of energy is affecting your environment and family issues, what you are learning from where you are and how you are dealing with what you have learned. If you are successfully changing your attitude, you will see almost instant shifts bringing opportunities and new ideas.

Old well worn family values and expectations will be replaced by creative ways to do for your self without reliance on others. By mid February expect the changes and accept them.

Spring brings an urge to let go, to totally change your life and give you the freedom that dependency denies. October has you sorting through you inner self and seeking your dreams, not othersí wants.


Now is the time for a complete overhaul of your values and financial conditions. Total transformation of what is important to you is necessary, and realizing the power that comes from that. Great opportunities and ideas or realizations will come with the changes by mid January.

Your interaction with the world, communication through writing, and creativity, will all shift to a new level. This will define by late February what you have to do in the world and supply the missing piece of the picture.

Spring brings big changes and creative opportunities to let the world in on what you know and inspire them through what you have accomplished. October has you looking at the future in a new way and having all new people in your life as your circle of friends and connections expands.


For you, this time brings an extraordinary personal transformation on many levels. Your confidence in your self, and who you are, is changing. As you see this, your options and opportunities will expand and new ways will be open to you. January is only the beginning of what is happening.

Mid February can bring changes in, and release from, financial worries and offer some profound and creative ways to use what you have and what you value.

Spring has you feeling tied down by where you are, and those around you and feeling a need to break out. October sees a long term evaluation and overhaul of your work or business and what you are doing in the world.


This is a very inward looking time for you, seeking your own answer, changing what you dream of having or doing, and looking for you in your life. As you pursue this, the accumulative affects of others, and your need for them, will lessen and fall away. You will find the freedom you desire.

Personal insight and letting go of the past helps you to understand why you let certain situations involving others stifle your ability to live your life your way.

Spring has you achieving financial freedom in ways that lift the hold that others have over you. October sees you considering major moves, long or short term.


This year emphasizes your views of the environment, social justice and fairness, those close to you and their views, and what you see the future holding for you. As you accept the transformations that are happening to you, great opportunities to make a significant contribution open up to you.

Mid February has some profound inner work happening clearing the past and being inspired by some wonderfully creative ideas and opportunities.

Spring has you seeing who you are and where others are defining and shaping this picture. Suddenly personal freedom is really important. October will have you being aware of how others affect you and what you gain from them.

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