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Forecast for 2010

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Welcome to 2010! I would like to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my readers and a special greeting to all of you who contacted me during the year. Thank you one and all.

This year, 2010, is the start of a new decade within the new millennium. As we saw in the 1900’s, each decade was remarkably different, and could be labeled according to its makeup. Therefore, can we hope that this decade will be substantially different from the previous one? I certainly hope so! A caution though! 1810 brought war in North America and by 1815 in Europe. 1910 brought by 1914 war so extreme it was called a World War.

So I guess we have to watch out for the 2014/2015 period. At least that suggests we will still be here, and have not suffered the destruction of the world in 2012 as so many have read into the message of the Mayan long calendar. I know it is an event that only occurs every 164,000 years, or so, but the world survived that last time it happened, so why is this different?

What it does suggest is that there is coming a time of radical shift in the Earth’s consciousness that will bring substantial changes here in spite of us, and that this will occur at the time of the Winter Solstice (December 21st) in the year 2012, basically three years from now. The countdown has begun!

NOTE: First of all the Winter Solstice is the most important event/time of the year, which is why the Christian church adopted it and called it Christmas. It is the time of the celebration of the power of the individual, and the power of the individual to initiate change. Second, in the 2012 event, the Earth, and Sun align exactly with the galactic centre where there is an enormous Black Hole, which might have any one of many effects upon the Earth. As usual the fear-mongers go for death and destruction instead of positive change.

We live in a time of unprecedented change, as you can see from the year we have just left. We have now reached a pivotal point, and are heading into unknown territory. There is no “getting back to normal”, or when things “settle down”. The times leading up to the millennium, from the 50’s through the 90’s, are gone. The world changed when we reached 2000, and there is no going back. We are now at the beginning of the second decade of the millennium, and we should stop acting like it is all a bad dream that we will all wake up from some morning. .

When planets, especially the outer ones that affect generations, change signs, the pattern of energy here changes substantially, and a shift in reality follows. Last year both Pluto and Saturn changed signs, the full effect of which we have yet to experience. Pluto shifted from Sagittarius into Capricorn, shifting hidden power from a religious base to governments and big business. Saturn’s shift into Libra brought a need to face the problems we have in relationships and partnerships. This year both Jupiter (expansion, fortune, luck and opportunity) and Uranus (individuality, change, sudden shifts, self image) change sign, Jupiter going into Pisces (January), and Uranus into Aries (May). Jupiter in Pisces brings more compassion to the world and Uranus in Aries more power to the self, the individual.

Next year mystical Neptune (intuition, creativity, insight, higher realms) moves into Pisces in May, bringing with it the higher expression of love and connection. In less than two years all five of the outer planets that reflect the makeup of our reality, will shift into new energy and expression. Are we getting ready for 2012? If so, if the world is to be destroyed, why bother changing it all? Exactly!

This year Jupiter’s transition into Pisces will heighten awareness and perhaps eventually diminish our need for electronic communications devices. Soon after, in May, Uranus shifts into Aries emphasizing the power of the individual and bringing a new sense of self to us all.

2010 is a year of confrontation, each of us facing up to being responsible for our selves. The message of this year is that we are responsible, and that play time is over. If we continue to put our lives and our planet into the hands of those motivated by senseless greed and irresponsibility, a lust for power with no vision or reality attached, we deserve what is coming. What is coming is either heaven or hell, the best of times or the worst of times; it is all up to us. There are two roads to take and it is your choice which one you go on. Choose wisely!

All the best for 2010 and may you have a good and happy year filled with opportunities and good fortune. Bless you all.

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Your focus is on opportunities open to you as this year begins. Relationship issues cause stress. And you are emotionally overwhelmed by home and family. You feel the need to make changes in your life.

Mid February is a lucky time, although there may be conflict with others over life style issues.

Spring brings you to the realization that you need to change to see your outer problems solved; while August has you strongly motivated by others accomplishments.


You start the year piled high with questions about what you believe about life as so much has changed or no longer seems to apply. Responsibilities, doing for others, and concerns about family weigh heavily.

Mid February brings some very positive news about work or career, which unfortunately conflicts with plans for home or family.

March has you doing some inner soul searching which brings forth some relationship issues in September.


This year starts with you feeling overwhelmed with your dependency on others, their values, resources you have in common and what you get out of your personal connections. You are emotionally stressed by your financial problems and feel powerless to have the life you want.

Mid February can bring some respite from this stress with good news from afar, but locally the brakes are still on.

March brings a door opening and you are able to make some changes at last. Keep working from your own power and take action to make more changes.


The start of the year has you emotionally stressed and in conflict with partners or others possibly over some legal issues. Family demands or responsibilities at home weigh on you.

Mid February brings help from someone supportive although the price of this help may be not to your liking.

You will see a way out of your problems with an opportunity in March. Although this looks promising, there could be some conflicts with family by the Fall.


You crave action as the year starts, yet others seem to have the chances or opportunities that you want. You seem to get the responsibilities, and this has you seething inside. Family members only add to your problems it seems.

February has luck turning your way, and March will open doors for you.

August has you in top gear at a personal high point, and success comes your way.


Lifestyle plans and issues have you very concerned about the future, especially where finances are concerned. Do not give in to worries and especially do not alter your plans. Have faith that the situation will change.

Mid February brings signs of relief as additional responsibilities taken on lift the pressure. March opens more doors for you.

June can be a stressful time, but things will look better by August.


This year has you battling the need to stay home with the family and take care of the home and enjoy life with the need for security that your job or career affords you. You feel the burden of this inner and outer conflict. Spring will bring the chance to make changes.

February offers opportunity and good fortune, while March brings actions through partners to solve the problem.

June offers a different view of life and August brings the opportunity to take action.


Your year begins with the focus on people or events in your immediate location. You feel conflict because of a tie to the past or to distant places or people. The future feels like a burden because you are not where you want to be. Look to the Spring for resolution here.

Mid February brings opportunity to better your home and family situation, while March opens more doors. Ambitions at work are causing stress.

June will help with the family conflicts, while August has opportunities at work or in business that require action.


Your year begins with the focus on your finances or values, plans, and needs that require money. There is a conflict here with either partner’s money, shared resources, or money coming to you from a past connection.

February has luck and opportunity if you act. Money could come to you from a distance.

Spring has the seeds of the answer to your problems with your actions and the lifting of a burden at work or in business. Take action in August on an opportunity.


You are especially busy at the beginning of the year with so many ideas, actions and emerging possibilities all occurring at once. You feel the conflict with an emotional or insecure partner and stress from burdens at work or in your career or business.

Mid February brings much in the way of luck and good fortune in your financial sector, with March opening up the way to relieve the pressure and solve the dilemma.

June has a nervous partner questioning your actions while August brings the time to take action


You will have a lucky year financially with Jupiter moving into your financial sector in January. I said this first because your year begins with a strong focus on your inner self and a lot of work needed to deal with the heavy emotional stress of responsibilities, and burdens from those far away.

February and March bring lucky breaks and opportunities to make changes.

June shifts some irksome obligations, while August has you working things out with headstrong partners or others.


Jupiter moves into your sign in mid January bringing a years worth of expansion, opportunity, and plain old fashioned good luck. Look for chances to be more, but watch your weight. Neptune moving into Pisces next year may already be enhancing your creativity and insight.

It is the future that has you occupied, and worries about the present that has you stressed. Mid February can help with these problems and March has possible solutions.

June has good ideas for solving your problems and August has some practical measures to better things.

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