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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

A Happy New Year to all my readers. Your support is much appreciated. May the year 2011 be a great one for you.

A year has time on its side to truly develop it’s potential, unlike a month, a week, or a day. 2011 is the year of the Rabbit in Chinese Astrology, and promises gentler more caring times. In Numerology, it is a “4” year, one of more stability, but demanding hard work, discipline, and facing the issues in your life. Having said that, it is an extraordinarily rare and powerful year beginning under the power of the Full Moon eclipse of the Winter Solstice (December 21). This eclipse has the power to transcend normal time, and alter its flow. The New Moon eclipse occurs on January 4, and time will once again resume its flow. (Note: It is not that eclipses stop time, but that they cause such strange and unpredictable events).

2011 is also a year in which great changes will occur. The planetary pattern of bodies in signs shows the structure of life here on the Earth, and is especially strong in the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When one of them changes sign, the energy here on Earth change significantly, In 2011, three of the outer planets change sign in short order. We have Jupiter (fortune, expansion, opportunity) going into Aries (new beginnings, spontaneous, pioneering) on January 23, followed by Uranus (change, self image, freedom) going into Aries on March 14. The third change has Neptune (creativity, intuition, faith) going into Pisces (belief, sensitive, inner self) on April 5.

The first test of this year is the New Moon eclipse of January 4. That will set the tone for the coming time. Like 2010, it will be different, but it will be different in its own way and thus unlike 2010, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

May 1st sees an extraordinary build up of planets in the sign of Aries creating an incendiary situation where life will not be the same and hopefully manifesting that pioneering spirit of Aries, and the fortitude to abandon reserve and caution, and go for it, whatever it is that you want.

Overall the main theme is still relationships and the attitude and unresolved issues that are a constant part of them. Although dealing with another can be a life long project, the energies at this time suggest that it is time to get serious and actually do something, not just change partners till you get one that fits.

All the best for you and yours in the coming year, and see you again next year for the 2012 forecast, and won’t that will be an interesting time!

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Your focus is on what you are driven to accomplish in the world emanating from both spiritual growth and transcendence within this reality. This year continues to have you confronted by other people especially those who are very close. You will feel in a low state, and that others have boundless power and much more energy. The New Moon eclipse of Jan 4th impacts on what you are doing in the world, or thought you were doing. Look for major events happening on May 1st that may reshape who you are.

The Fall has you looking at relationships more closely and determining if yours has past its due date, or if it still fulfills you. October can be a very difficult time and try to stay in touch with reality where gains through legal connections are concerned.


Your focus is on an expanding view of the world and how what you believe is changing. You have to act in a bigger way now, and thus you will get more out of life. Responsibility issues will confront you all year.

The Jan 4 eclipse occurs in your sector of people and things far away. Travel is possible. May first brings some striking internal changes as you find depth and understanding not experienced in the past. Opportunities come through connections both in March and again in November.

Old relationship issues and needs can surface in the Fall and these can bring to light some issues from February that caused you anxiety because they seemed like an illusion, not reality. This will turn out to be the truth.


The main direction of this time for you is through gains you make from your legal connections to others. These can be business or personal in nature. Here is where you will find necessary actions you need to make. Your life style and quality of life are issues that come up all year.

The January 4 eclipse happens in your sector of transformation and death of old ways. Much that is finished with will go out of your life. The big build up of May 1 sees life changing energy pouring into your future and much that is planned will sooner or later alter quite drastically.

The Fall brings issues of personal responsibility and seeing things much more clearly than you have in the past.


You see the enthusiasm, the actions and the changes happening in your partner or that area of your life. There are many home and family issues that are connected to this and that will come up all during the year. It is necessary to talk about responsibility with some younger family member.

The January 4 eclipse falls in your sector of legal connections to others, and can unleash its power in a month, or even a year from now bringing potentially life altering changes. The build up in Aries on May 1 affects your work or business, and can have a powerful transformational affect. Expect the unexpected.

The Fall brings issues around your life style or quality of life and any changes you need to make based on old ideas or the past. Look back then to February to see where it started.


This is a time of looking for challenges and taking on responsibility, Action is needed, and with all the changes that have happened, you will gain much from stepping up and accepting the opportunity. There are issues of family and environment that will come up during the year.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your sector of work, co-workers, and duty. Expect some essential shifts in direction to occur. The powerful energies of May 1 happen in your sector of long distance connections and views about the world. These will definitely change.

The Fall brings echoes and needs from the past into the sector of foundations of life, home and family. There will be the opportunity to see clarity where there was confusion before.


Here is a great time to be focused on pleasure, life, and all the things that make it worthwhile. You can make changes and you can see the changes that have happened already. There are issues and some limitations in money or resources this year, but it is a banner time for shared resources or the availability of other peoples’ money.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your sector of quality of life, children, and all things that make life worthwhile. Life altering changes can happen immediately in a month or even a year. The energy spike of May 1 covers gains of all kinds through relationships both business and personal.

The Fall brings up the past and old needs that went unrealized through confusion or fear. Review these and see through the illusion.


Your focus at this time is on home and family, and the very foundations of you life, all are undergoing some long term changes that need action during the year. Stress comes through perceived limitations or a lessening of available money. This can be with you all year unless you are able to overcome the fears.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in you sector dealing with what you believe about your self, and can give you the courage to make necessary changes in light of who you are now. The massive build up of energy in Aries on May 1 can mean your partner, or that sector of your life, will literally explode into action and change. Good fortune and change will come to your partner or in your partnership sector.

The Fall brings opportunities to feel secure in your self and see how much you have changed during the year.


Your focus is on your immediate surroundings and close family members. To keep up with some long term changes, actions will need to be taken this year. Look within to find direction and appropriate action. It is a year of learning to count on your inner resources to get your answers.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your sector of environment and immediate surroundings. Expect many short journeys and much activity around home. The energy flood of May 1 illuminates your area of work, duty, and responsibility. You will either be buried in obligations or reap the benefit of past challenges.

The Fall brings a personal confrontation with old emotional issues and needs. This may help to dispel some illusion that has taken the happiness out of your life for many years.


Your focus is on money and values, and some burdens or hard work required in what you are doing in the world. Action is required so you will be asked to put some things into motion. Realizing necessary changes in your job or business will be with you all year.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your sector of money and values. Big changes that have happened will necessitate action and the results in a month or even a year should be extraordinary. The energy build up on May 1 falls in your sector of lifestyle and pleasure in life. Expect a massive change in your quality of life and enthusiasm for life

The Fall brings an inner conflict and some old needs. See this for the illusion that it is and look at the reality of you present life to see what is the most desirable.


This is your time as energy abounds with both hidden and personal energy joining with the energy of the Sun to bolster your personal presence. Actions taken now will pay off later in the year. Conflict with the work you are doing creates stress. Work is a burden all year,

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your personal sector bringing an unpredictable quality to your personal endeavors. You will find yourself doing unexpected things. The energy build up of May 1 falls in your sector of home, family and foundations. Many changes can be expected here.

The Fall brings some old needs and accompanying emotions to thoughts that you have about the future and plans not made. Look closely and you will see it was for the best.


Your focus at this time is within, seeking your inner self. Here if you act on your feelings, you will gain some insight into what is happening in the world and how your view of it is shifting. This concept will be with you all year as it is a slow process. Taking ideas from what you have accomplished in the world will help you to see more clearly.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your sector of insight and intuition. Make the best use of this heightened ability, although controlling it may be a chore. The big energy spike of May 1 falls in your sector of those things and people closest to your home and environment. Explosive actions may happen here.

The Fall brings some old issues in work or business that can bring great monetary rewards if acted upon when seen.


Your focus is on the future and changes happening in your plans for the same. You have a great deal of energy at your disposal now and this would be a good time to use it. Expect stress in relationships especially where shared resources are concerned.

The eclipse of January 4 falls in your sector of connections and acquaintances. You may find this year adds a great many people to your life. The energy of May 1 falls in your sector of finances and values. Expect a massive happening here during the year.

The Fall brings you into some old memories of distant places and people. It is said that memories and the past are simply illusions, and if you look closely you will see that this is true

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