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Welcome to Forecast 2012. This is the year so many people have been speculating and talking about. On December 21, 2012, an event occurs that happens only once every 660,000 years. As the Sun enters Capricorn at the Winter Solstice, it aligns with the Earth and the exact centre of our Galaxy. This is the time when the Mayan Long Calendar ends, rather abruptly! No one knows exactly why, and the thought runs from everything from the end of the world to a massive shift in Man’s consciousness that will raise us above this level of reality into a more pristine and loving one. I think we had better make some substantial changes in our approach to life or we will end up really messing up another level of this existence. Fortunately, I think, the change is to a 5th dimensional reality out of this 3rd we currently occupy and such things as money, greed and control of force do not exist there. So now we know what our homework is for this year.

The energy pattern for this year has a bowl shape with the bowl pouring forth into the lowest part of the pattern. To me this signifies healing and knowledge being poured forth into Mankind’s awareness from the higher realms.

The essence of this year is an emerging of the awareness of the extent of the hidden power controlling this plane. The media refers to them as the 1%’ers. I have usually referred to them as the 2%’ers. I guess that is close enough. The changes we have been seeing and will continue to see, are in the spread of our desire to be free. All over the world, and particularly in the Middle East, we are seeing revolution breaking out. This will continue throughout this year.

The second feature of this year is the ongoing shift of the outer planets into new signs altering completely the shape and structure of our society. On February 4th, Neptune goes into Pisces opening up our intuitive abilities. Then, on June 4th, Jupiter shifts into Gemini bringing luck and opportunity into the spread of our communications and ideas. Then, the one we have all been waiting for. On October 6th, Saturn shifts out of Libra and into Scorpio, lifting the planet of Karma off our relationships. Hopefully we will have resolved all those issues by then.

To all of my readers, all the best for the coming year and I hope to see you this time next year, from wherever we are.

Blessings, Alan Grey Wolf.

Grey Wolf is an Awakener, combining the aspects of a shaman, life consultant and coach, metaphysical trainer, and spiritual advisor. Through a multidimensional approach, you can realize your true Power, Potential and Path, and awaken to the full richness of the life you deserve, the life that is your right. Decide today to be all you can be. You have nothing to lose but your limitations and needless restrictions. Contact Alan Grey Wolf for more information on how you can stop just existing and start living

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The shift into the New Year brings major change in what you are doing in the world. This is your year for new beginnings, and a separation from the past and what you were doing. By the onset of Spring, your self image will have emerged from your emotional connection to the past and your fears about the extent of the changes happening in your world.

Late April brings new and exciting financial opportunities.

The Fall is a time of renewal in your primary relationship, and lifting of the struggle that has occupied the last two years.


This is your year to not only thinking outside of the box, but to get outside of it. The New Year will have you connecting to people and events at a distance. There is so much you will become aware of through this time. The Spring has you looking in the other directions, namely within your self, for direction.

As the Sun enters your sign in late April, many exciting opportunities will open up to you . . . finally!

The Fall brings an end to some frustrating responsibilities, but puts you on track to deal with deeper relationship issues over the next year.


This year has you squaring off against other peoples’ values and their control you are now becoming aware of over shared resources, and things you have in common legally. By the Spring your plans for the future will have altered as your wants and needs change significantly.

As we move into May, look for some interesting opportunities to come your way that will totally inspire you and have you celebrating.

The Fall has you taking on some great challenges and new responsibilities, and finally getting your lifestyle shaped the way you want it.


The New Year has you making new connections and realizing how much you can accomplish by working with others. There is much more to a person or situation than you comprehend. Let another take the lead for awhile and see what happens. You will still succeed, but in a different manner than what you had planned.

Late April has you seeing many successes and opportunities if you stick with the plan.

By the Fall you will be able to let go of many responsibilities and limitations as to how you see yourself and start to make you dreams come true.


This is the year to take on new challenges and responsibilities, and see how to work from within or indirectly to achieve your goals. Do not set your expectations too high, and you will see good success. By the Spring you will have made some powerful connections in may places and will begin to see changes in your life.

Late April has you seeing the rewards and success in business or your job.

The Fall brings a lifting of limitations that have kept you from expanding your life too far. Now you can base your life on bigger goals.


The New Year sees the beginning of a time of change particularly in your life style. What has been hidden or developing slowly now becomes apparent or more visible. By the Spring bigger changes will have occurred, especially where you gain through connections to others. You can let go of old plans, and allow the changes to happen.

Late April and into the Summer sees times of good luck and fortuitous opportunities.

September brings time to take action on plans that will come to pass in December. Financial burdens will lift in the Fall.


This is the year of recognizing your own power, of becoming more confident and believing in yourself. The New Year takes you through the sector of home and family, and sees changes in what you believe about yourself. By the time of the Spring you will see many changes in those around you who have benefited from your assistance. Partners especially will benefit after going through many changes themselves.

The Spring brings success in shared resources, efforts and opportunities. This is a time of luck and good fortune.

By the Fall, the personal limitations and restrictions of the past several years will begin to lift, and finances will look much more attractive.


This is the time to stop hiding who you really are and be more open with family and those close to you. The New Year brings an awareness of changes that have been building for some time. You felt responsible to many people, but now that is changing as you grow. By the Spring you will realize that life is a two way street and many people owe much to you.

Late April brings good opportunities and fortunate circumstances through those close to you. You will find that a lot of past fear will be let go of, and then the fear will be gone.

The Fall shows you where you have been limiting yourself by ignoring you inner path and guidance. Expect a personal awakening by December.


This year shows you what is truly of value to you. Your values change and you will have a much enhanced financial picture. The New Year brings to light much that was hidden even from you and you may be overwhelmed with opportunities and financial success. By the Spring you will find you life quite altered and that so much of the past that was fearful and limiting will then be gone.

Late April opens many doors to new beginnings,

The Fall brings an end to worries about the future and so much has changed to make you feel much more secure.


This is your year to come into your own. The past few years of growth and change will now start to pay off. The New Year brings personal emergence and change, and a heightened visibility. By the Spring, you will have discarded many beliefs you have had since childhood about your self. It is a time of great discovery. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Late April brings great changes for the better in lifestyle and the things that matter the most in life.

The Fall brings a lift of the limitations in your visions about the future and so much more becomes possible.


This is a time of clearing out the closets of the past and letting go of all of the memories and issues long gone. It is a time to move on and be open to luck and inspiration. The New Year brings a connection to your inner self which opens your heart to new beginnings and directions. The Spring brings closure with home and family and a letting go of all the fears from the past.

Late April has you making many positive changes in your life and shaping things the way that you want them.

The Fall sees a lift in everything that was limiting you over the past few years and keeping you from being all that you could be.


This time brings many new beginnings, many new people and lots of opportunities with it. The New Year opens you up to many new contacts and your network expands. Look to your vision of your future and be amazed by how much is changing and expanding and becoming possible. The New Year is only the beginning. By Spring your financial picture will look so much brighter.

Late April has opportunities galore, and it is a good time for more education and training if that is in your plans.

The Fall lifts the limitations of legal connections to others and allows you to fly free accomplishing much on your own.

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