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YEAR OF 2013

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Once again a Happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours, especially to all those who were in touch with me in the past year. It is always good to hear from you, get your comments, do a reading for you. I am honored to do so, and it is always great to connect with you.

Welcome to the New Year, 2013, the first one after the end of the Mayan calendar. Are you disappointed that the world did not end December 21st? Total destruction makes for good Hollywood movies, but is a little hard on the life forms here. Perhaps the world has not ended yet. Maybe it has and we do not see it. That’s what makes life so interesting. I have always believed that this time was about a shift in consciousness on the inner planes, not the world blowing up. So I guess we have to look within for the answers.

2013 is a “6” year in Numerology, promising easier times, success and money, and generally a time when positive things will happen again. The energy pattern shows more success in the outer world, support for changes, and the reconnection to your own inner power. Personal initiative will grow, as will the discarding of the concept of letting “someone” fix things, and blindly accepting whatever lies are presented to you. There will be a stronger taking charge of your emotions, feelings and the past, and this will lead to progress and ultimately a raising of the consciousness all over the world.

There was a great deal of activity in 2012. Many outer planets changed sign, always an indication of big events. We are now in a relatively stable time as the main activity lead up to the December 21st time. What will affect us the most is having Neptune in its own sign, Pisces, for many years to come. This will enhance insight and out intuitive senses. The thing to watch is that both Neptune and Pisces energy also can create unnecessary fears as they can seem to be like dreams or nightmares. Another important consideration for this year is that the great force for learning from our mistakes, Saturn, is now finally out of Libra and relationship issues, and in Scorpio for the next two years. There it will address and redress the emotions around such issues such as possessiveness, jealousy, revenge, death and dying. Here is where a great many important lessons about our regard for others will be felt and acted upon.

If you feel that time is passing quicker than it used to, it may be a function of Saturn which rules time. Perhaps that is the end-times the Mayans meant, when time no longer exists and we have reached the end of a time-related existence and entered into one where there is no time. Interesting.

Take heart as we are no longer heading for the end of the world, but now we are heading to the beginning of the new one.

A truly happy new year to you and yours.

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The year begins with a feeling of renewed power and a looking at what to do to change the direction and to alter your future. You will find many to help you on your journey. This I believe is a year of fulfillment. Choose carefully and you can experience the way from lust to love. Look for new starts in what you are doing in the world.

March and the beginning of Spring bring sudden positive changes for you personally. Look to very substantial happenings around the beginning of June.

November brings conflict with others and a real understanding of the progress you are making.


The New Year begins with a very active time bringing many new people and opportunities to you. Prepare to look outside of the box to fully realize what is happening for you. Late January brings work related good news concerning your future. February 19 should be a special time.

March through May brings many sudden and exciting opportunities related to money and financial growth.

Mid-August brings a lot of challenges concerning home and family and could be a time of change. December 12 is a significant day.


Anytime you have Jupiter in your sign, as you do, it is a good year. 2013 starts with some major partnership issues that can be rectified with little effort. It is time to recognize abilities outside of your own, and give others credit where due. March brings sudden events that can alter your plans for the future.

Late May is the best time of the year and much will be settled by then.

November gives you a sense of what you are doing right, and more challenges come your way.


This year takes you on a journey where you are the passenger on your own cruise ship. You will experience much in letting go, and come out far stronger. A shakeup in work occurs in late March.

Watch carefully for mid-August to arrive as this is a very emotional time for you.

November can be difficult for some truths are hard to take. Christmas brings you your special need.


2013 will test you in many ways for it brings you into conflict with your responsibilities as others see them. You might consider them past and no longer valid. Mid-February can bring some remarkable insights.

From April to May is a time of sudden unexpected upheavals ending with a remarkable opportunity.

August and your time can be very emotional, but a dose of reality comes to you in November.


This year is key to home and family and indeed where your whole quality of life are concerned. It begins with a great deal of things happening, and takes you through to the fulfillment next December.

Things can get very emotional or depressing around mid-February, but they should be much better after the end of May.

Look to September for you to shine and have many good opportunities.


Home and family has your complete attention this year, and you will find the depths of your inner strength. Things will be much better for you by the end of the year. Try to stay above it all around mid-February. Financial limitations are lifted by the end of May.

Good surprises near the end of March will brighten things up for months to come.

September will be great for revitalizing your relationship, and November brings the release of a lot of responsibilities.


This year has you more involved in the world immediately around you or closest to you. You will become much more appreciative and gain some unexpected but much appreciated help. Strong action is required in late January.

March to June is a difficult time. Mid-August is very emotional.

November and December bring strength and fulfillment.


This is a year of changing you connection to money and the types of power that it can give. Be prepared to take action in late January. Opportunities for increase in your wealth come in June. You will find the whole year transcendence in your awareness of manifestation.

Late March brings difficulties as you feel blocked and want to surge ahead. By June much is opened to you.

Late December is a wonderful time of fulfillment and happiness.


This year brings a great deal of activity and personal growth. Be prepared to make plans and follow through quickly as time is not something to be wasted. Your personal power will be high all year with much in the way of communication. Start to act on insights even before January passes.

The winter has many opportunities to let the past go and move on, as well as sudden rapid changes.

May ends with some good times and good opportunities. Here is where good luck enters your life.

November is a time of evaluating your progress and what you have learned. Christmas brings really good times.


What a great year you have going for you. It is a time of action, and feeling the personal power you are manifesting. You will grow significantly this year, and be able to approach changes with confidence. The winter months bring insight especially regarding finances and financial issues, as well as sudden changes, especially in late March.

June will have lucky breaks and good fortune especially if you would like to make life better and enhance your life style.

August finds partners or events in the outer world causing a lot of emotional upheavals. This will settle down by November.


A year of heightened awareness, and good insight. You will experience personal growth and changes on an unprecedented level. The future and plans for that coming event, are important right through the year. Look for dreams to become reality especially where work or business is concerned.

June brings good times where home and family are concerned as a special celebration might occur.

Mid-August can be quite disquieting where relationships are concerned, so take long walks and don’t let things get to you. By November everything is restored to balance and harmony.

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