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January 16 - 31, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

We are now in the depths of Winter, the time for reflection and introspection. You look at the previous cycle (year), and determine what you have done, what you have accomplished, and where you need to put in more work. Nowhere does it say that you continue with what you were doing. We are not supposed to continuously repeat the same things. How is that learning or progressing? So before we begin the next cycle (year), we need to connect to Spirit and get a plan.

Winter is the 4th Direction, Old Age, where we connect to Spirit, where we let go of the Past, the color white like snow or old peoples’ hair, Spring is the point where Mind and Spirit touch, where the 1st Direction and the 4th touch, Mind and Spirit meet, and we begin the next cycle.

Here is the thing. The most critical parts of life, vital to the understanding and progression in life, are denied us, and so we blunder along getting nowhere. It is essential that we know how to connect with Spirit, that we are able to let go of the past, and that we change direction as our lives unfold. It is vital that we recognize the value of old people seeing that they are a life resource having been there already. What is the use or value of idolizing youth and beauty if they know nothing of living?

This is a difficult time not only because of the continuing affect of the Pluto/Uranus square where our urge for freedom is denied by hidden power, but because we don’t realize that we are fooling ourselves. In the focus of this time, we become reckless and are blind to the consequences of what is happening. We see the price of oil dropping and act as if this were a permanent situation, not one that will reverse with severe repercussions.

In the changes happening, we do not deal with our emotions and emotional baggage by strengthening our emotions, but by acting as if the illusions we see were the reality, and partying all the time.

(AST): The Sun (conscious awareness) in Capricorn (power and control) is inconjunct (karmic, forcing) Jupiter (reckless, not believing in consequences) in Leo (self first). The Moon (past) in intense Scorpio (delusion) is joined with Saturn (fear, lessons). These are square (inner conflict) Neptune (fear and illusion) in deluded Pisces, and Mars (action, poor judgment).

There is a New Moon in Aquarius on January 20th.

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This is an introspective time for you where meditation or looking within to your inner self is a requirement. You will find that what appeals to you now is a common approach to life where everyone is considered and equal, and that the madness in the world will stop. There is much fear out there, and within is the concern that no one is safe from the devastating madness. When you make plans, include everyone.


There are many people around you who are filled with fear and anxiety. They will hang on tight and throttle your attempts to break free. You can find yourself yearning to be far away from this maddening crowd where you can find a place that is calm and peaceful where you could relax and let go. The problem is that there is no such place at this time on this planet. You have to deal with what is, so alter your plans for the future and have them include as many like-minded people as you can find.


You have a great deal of learning to do when it comes to relationships and the give and take of inter actions with others. A lot of the past comes up which can be debilitating, but as you clear things, inner strength becomes more powerful, enabling you to attain some real growth. Some creative action around career or work will lead to better things. Partnerships are favoured now, although there could be a lot of struggle also.


Although this is the low point of the year for you as far as energy is concerned, it is a truly wonderful time if you can work with others. Having to wait for them may be irksome at times, it is your best course. The Moon favours quality of life issues and where you might have gone wrong in the past, while there are some very limiting responsibilities that you have or might take on. Think carefully as you need to be able to change direction rapidly.


This is a time of letting opportunities and others come to you and reap the benefits of partnerships. It seems that unearned opportunities could be the only things that come to you directly. Some very attractive plans and some very creative action can benefit you significantly. Things suddenly brighten up for you after January 20th. And this has you taking on more responsibility and beginning to see where this can take you.


The moon favours paying attention to those things close to home, having unshakable faith in your intuitive side, while Mars asks you to act decisively to create your world in the image you desire. It seems that you have to involve others in this process, and that it is your duty to do so. You will gain a lot at some time in the future, however this may be delayed. Rest assured that you will be recognized for the work that you doing at some time coming up.


Put energy into revamping your quality of life, especially where the things you want are concerned. You are in a very positive space and can generally acquire anything that you want. Take on responsibilities, or do volunteer work, and this will lead you in a direction that will open up doors for you. Some concerns that will arise in the latter part of this forecast period, especially where finances are concerned, will prove to be unfounded.


As Saturn moves further out of your sign, and into Sagittarius, you will temporarily have to work harder. Do not expect immediate or adequate recognition for your efforts, but expect to be overlooked and ignored at first. This is because true effort is an inner thing and does not make it to the outer world until after the fact. This is due to the Moon causing the effects of Saturn to linger in your sign. You are about to have the opportunity to make some significant changes in your life. Look at all the angles and possibilities. Note: Saturn is moving into your financial sector.


You have a very difficult time in connecting to the world around you for the next two weeks. You are essentially blocked and will find problems in completing things, and can become flooded with memories and the past if you try. Your main issue is concerns about money and your financial future. This will be a problem until you can manifest absolute faith in yourself and in your future. This is where your blocks come in. It is not easy.


You will find that you will be able to get a lot done now. It seems that everything you need will be available and seem to fall into your lap. A lot is possible especially in your financial sector, including the ability to act on your plans and desires. There could be an opportunity to have another chance to work with something that did not happen in the past but can become a part of your future. Look for breaks in what is your career of job.


You will find yourself quite busy, even overwhelmed, with all the people, the information and ideas, and the way you attract what you need at this time. It seems to be your time with all the compatible connections you make with those who feel the way that you do and realize the essential wrong that fill the world at this time. The weight of the world on you is quite startling whenever you try to get anything done in the world around you.


It is advisable to take action based on what you intuitively feel to be true. You can create what you dream about, your deepest desires can come to be. It is advisable to keep your plans and ideas to yourself as even those close to you can fill you with their fears and issues. Your insight and inner vision is very clear to you, but not so to others. If they had your faith they would not be so fearful, but faith is an individual thing. You do very well in planning for the future and creating new directions for yourself.

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