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JANUARY 16 - 31, 2019

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The most powerful aspect of Astrology goes beyond its ability to identify issues, it lies in the fact that once a problem is identified and dealt with, it is no longer a problem. Now before you think that you have inherited the keys to Heaven, you will be reminded that the path in life is a spiral and that what you have found is the opportunity to work on a higher level of the same problem.

The more that you work with using your mind power to create the world around you, the more you will see that things become simpler, as in just avoid the things that you do not want. Now you simply go where the problem is not and pretty soon you will have a whole lot of what you do want.

The power you are accessing is universal and allows you to see what you have been told for so long now, that you can shape your world and have it all exactly like you want it. How about that?

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Now is a strong time to look into past problems or mistakes in your interphase with the world around you and all of the people in it. Here you will find the shattered remnants of past relationships and all of the conflicts that signified the beginning and the end. You will also see the mistakes that you made in your next relationship and how the two resembled each other and simply reassembled each other until, or unless, you worked out the weaknesses.


You can find quite a bit of luck in your chart for this time period with certainly large amounts up for grabs. You first of all have to buy a ticket in order to win and then remember what you did with it. Seriously, you need to concentrate this time on where you feel lucky and do what you have to do. Your main luck comes through people and things far away, and so you need to follow up on things that attract your attention at a distance.


This is not a time to seek answers by doing readings for yourself. You have far too much emotional baggage to attempt that. Realistically we all do and we need to solve the crisis for ourselves, and not to put it on other people. If you have faced some aspects of you by now you are far better at facing the challenges. Seek like minded people and work with them. It is a time to share all with others and to share the good with the bad.


You can shift a lot of blocked energy at this time and you will find a range of success and have a lot of rewards for your efforts, plus have a lot of things to be grateful for. You will find a new and higher connection to more people, those that you now attract to help you to accomplish that which is necessary to you to have and to work with. In this new world that we are all are creating, each will be and have according to his wants and needs.


It will be a time of great sacrifice and the taking of responsibility, something that has not been seen in a very long time. It is up to the individual as to what they take on but it will be necessary and you must maintain your momentum to keep going as we must take the energy into each man and woman doing their part and not letting down. It is vital that each activate the power that they have and utilize it now.


You can expect a fairly heavy emotional release because of substantial amounts of unresolved issues from the past. Most of this has to do with relationships of the personal kind, arguably the most difficult to deal with because of the number and intensity of the most complex of conditions. You will see progress in those that you live with and those that you work with and there will be rewards because of the sacrifices that you have made and the fact that you were dedicated to the work.


Your focus is as always on the other person in your life as you live to be a part of a team. The problem is that as you both evolve, change, and grow you may be growing apart. Now you are experiencing the baggage of the other one in your life as you continuously cycle back and forth moving from working on your issues to working on theirs, always attracting the people to you that you need. It is a sad Libra indeed who is all alone.


Although you will be working on getting on a forward track, you will be likely to pick a path that is clear of all obstructions and go for it. Your determined nature will literally hurl you along a track and look out for any one or anything that gets in your way. Other people who are part of this scenario will not see it happening, they will see only an affable person coming out to greet them and they will see you in this light right up to the last minute.


You will always be a part of the transition team where your calling is to initiate change, to make sure that it continues till it has run its course, and any obstacles have been removed. You will feel the moves happening as the urge to be free of obstacles and the need to be out front and making it happen continues. Good luck and good fortune are the hallmarks of your energy and you draw to you the people and things that you need.


This time, as part of the transition into the Agee of Aquarius, has you quite rightly involved in the planning and directing of the actual changes as the are taking place. Here you might clash with those who wish to go back and take some familiar, well travelled trail and follow it backwards. You have no need to listen to them as you have earned everything that is coming to you and more so, and you will only continue onwards and upwards.


If there ever was a time for gathering up the rewards and gains for all of the work that you have done then this could be it. It is the time for laying out the share of what has been created equally and each according to his needs. It is no longer that the one with the biggest army and the most influence gets to have the most money and the most fun. There has to be equalization, the creation of equality, for this to really work and take out the profit motive.


Once more you can see that the energy map holds forth in the very centre of the sign of Pisces getting ready to pour forth whatever is needed in order to pour forth the information and intelligence that is needed at this time. The thing to note is that while Pisces has cleared the decks and the way to find the info on the next step, Aries has been busy gathering up the undealt stuff from the past. And so the flow goes.


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