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September 16 Ė 30, 2014

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

It is hard to stay focused and positive in these times, and especially to be involved only in what is for you. I feel there are many here who are strictly observers in the proceedings. There are also those who are trying to resolve issues that they have failed to overcome in the past, or have simply ignored, leaving the dealing with for later which never came. Then there are those coming in and being born now who are the ones who have come here to fix things and make it all right. I hope they are getting to work soon.

The net result of all of this activity hopefully will be a blending of the experience of all of the people creating what is necessary for the big shift to occur. It is likely everyone is watching and those who are here, well we have the front row seats.

That will be the point at which school is out finally! The big shift will occur and the Universe will shift to a new level, and we will have something else to work on.

The earth plane has often been likened to a school, and in most cases, summer school! There are many classed available. In Ukraine there is bullying 101, in the Middle East, all-out war. Africa has classes in plague, while Europe teaches bad lessons in money and finance. South America teaches better living through Chemistry, and North America teaches pretending you are rich and have money. There are many classes and many schools, and that is the unfortunate truth.

It is time to graduate, to think of others, or everyone, and to join with the rest of the Universe as responsible adults.

There is still so much tension in the air. We donít know if we have a few years left till the shift occurs, or a few million. Trust me, it looks sooner rather than later. We still have such naÔve expectations that we will be saved at the last minute, that Mankind is the greatest thing in all creation, that some force loves and will protect us. In the meantime it might be a good idea to keep working on doing our part just in case we have it wrong.

(AST) : The Sun, center of creation and consciousness, in Virgo (high expectations) joins with Venus (needs) and Mercury (group dynamics), and all are square (inner stress and turmoil) the Moon (emotions, past) in Gemini (thoughts, memories). We need to let go of the past and be responsible to the future in doing our duty to not only ourselves, but to others, and ultimately everyone. We are holding up or holding back a very large number of people.

There is a New Moon on September 24th at 1 degree of Libra.

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So much of the changes you are going through have to do with your individual identity, and having the freedom to do what you want. This is countered by what and who you are responsible to and for. Enlightenment comes through being able to see how to satisfy all sides of this and to truly live. Life is not about getting you own way (are you listening 1 %íers?), It is about doing what you have to do and getting what you want out of life.


Partners can be either a source of inspiration or frustration at this time. If you do not let them stop you, some real progress can be made. Focus on your quality of life and how much you can change now. There is not much you can do to alter your plans as it is not the time to put some intermediate things into action. Deal with worries over finances through some fortunate family connections that you have.


This is a very emotional time, a time for remembering and a time to forgive. With so many issues and responsibilities crying for attention, you must be careful not to become stressed out. The most difficult thing you have to do is not overthinking the situation you face, but to know how to act and what to do. You need your past successes to be able to do this, and if you donít have them to fall back on, then your difficulties will continue.


There a lot of worries and anxieties in your inner self sector that are happening because you feel blocked and unable to see the light, so to speak. Focus on the real world, or outer world all around you, and you will see that there is nothing to be afraid of. Lots of opportunities and luck is happening in your financial sector, and there is a lot to do in your life, enough to keep you busy. Act on what is all around you and you will find some good direction.


Mighty Jupiter has reached the center of your sign. You now have the force of luck, opportunity, and fortune working at your deepest level. It is difficult to utilize the power of Jupiter in only one year, for that is how long it stays and then moves on. Now is the time to thoroughly investigate your finances and values, and to look at what your current views of the future are and what you would like them to be. Networking will bring you to the attention of many more people.


Now is your most powerful time in your year. The Sun is in your sign pouring forth energy of renewal, Venus is fulfilling your needs, and Mercury is inspiring you to change your life into something more positive. Look at your inner self for inspiration and good fortune. It is likely that flashes of light or visions will come to you and enable you to find new directions. The Moon on the other hand can bring some degrees of worry and even fear. Let it go.


It is possible that your birthday will open doors for you to enter into a new and exciting phase of your life. You might see a whole new existence with things operating on a higher level. Partners and family will be a part of this shift. The Moon is elevated pouring forth light into your sectors of career, and things that are distant. This new beginning will bring much in the way of happiness and success. Look within for directions.


The Moon forms a lovely trine with your sign pouring forth light and fulfillment. You are close to clearing away more issues and solving the major problems you have carried in this life. Your strongest route is to the future and expanding the plans that you have had for so long now. It is a time to change and to think big, not small. Act on what enlightenment you receive and you will see how many past issues you have overcome.


Your focus is on career and job, business, if you like. You might encounter problems and inner stress or conflict with partnerís worries or anxieties as you work through your plans and needs. Go into your inner self to find the source of any concerns. You should be able to get the right direction also. Focus on luck or fortune or as like all the Fire and Air elements, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. You have a yearís worth of fortune ahead of you.


Look back to October, 2002, plus or minus a few months to see what you were doing, what was going on in your life then. This was exactly one Jupiter cycle ago, the last time that Jupiter was in the position that it is in for this forecast. What have you experienced, and learned as well as accomplished in that time that has passed? Astrology works well as a monitor of progress. As well as Jupiter making life good for you, you have a grouping of planets positively impacting your sign. Enjoy this good time.


Luck is all around you. You only need a little at the right moment to change your life totally. Always be positive and on the lookout for opportunities. It might help you to know that right now your luck is all around you and that your sector of shared resources is receiving a lot of energy and possibilities. The Moon brings you some worries about your lifestyle, but that will soon pass. Act on some business opportunity.


You may be feeling a little isolated, or left out all by yourself. As a matter of fact you have all kinds of opportunities and directions to take. It is just that they are happening around you, for instance to partners, not you directly. Work with others, form partnerships. And you may find things that are permanent, not just for the moment. There is a lot of potential change for you. Act on what seems to need attention now.

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