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May 16 - 31, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

The energy pattern is more even or harmonious now, with the localized intensity of the past six months now more friendly in its distribution. You will find life easier, and results easier to obtain now. Instead of being primarily very negative, there are many more positive aspects including trines and even a Grand Trine. These all speak of opportunities, good fortune and luck in life. Since it is better to have balance in not intense negative or massive positive aspects, this is a good time indeed.

This is the time to take action where finances are concerned and to let personal issues go and to get ready to initiate things at the New Moon of the 18th of May.

(AST): The Sun (conscious awareness) is in Taurus (material world) joined with Mars (action) in Gemini (thought) and Mercury (plans). They are opposed 9external conflict) Saturn (fear). The Moon (past) is in Aries (new directions). And hence changes come through seeking out the new. There is a Grand Trine in fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sag), which can bring great luck and opportunities through what sectors of your life are under the influence of this formation.

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You are at one point of a weak Grand Trine, and will find that the Universe is tipping the scales in your favour, for at least the next little while. Expect sudden changes in your self, with the opportunity to change your life style at least a bit. Whatever may be owed to you from those people or things at a distance, may come through also. You may find this to be an emotional time with memories of the past surfacing, things you have not thought of in a great many years.


May is your month with the Sun riding serenely through the onset of Spring and the coming of bearable weather. With all that energy of creation working for you, it is the time to come out of the darkness and into the light. You can do some amazing things if you act decisively especially in your finances. The Grand Trine activates and energizes if you do something. This may include changes in your inner self, the end of delays in partnership success, or opportunities to make positive changes.


You find a lot of frustration and conflict in the outer world, that of those around you. There can be a sense of getting what is owed to you from some time in the past, but even then things are moving slowly. A Grand Trine illuminates your sectors of the future, those in your immediate vicinity, and your major relationships. This covers most of the people in your life and will bring in many new people as well. Look for powerful insights in your work and career.


Work on your inner self, and by the time the New Moon occurs on May 18th, you may find some interesting insights into where your life is going. Act decisively on what you perceive, you may find yourself communicating with a large crowd of people, or experience sudden changes. Financial opportunities may come your way. In all you will see that others are now being attracted to you, more so than before. If you use this time of your personal power wisely, you can accomplish much in a short time.


A significant feature for you at this time is the weak Grand Trine linking your sectors of self, home and family, and gains through relationships. There is a lot of opportunity to make changes in these areas. Some powerful energy also links the Sun and Mars close to the most elevated part of your energy map. This will bring new ideas and plans into your sector of work and career. There may be degrees of anxiety or fear where changes at work and home are concerned.


This is not a good time to initiate change as many delays are possible and likely. You may even feel that opportunities are passing you by as others take action and seemingly come out ahead. This may be so, but you are not losing out, merely waiting for your time and turn to come. Put your energy into consolidating your work and making sure that you have covered all bases. Others can give you insights and do things on your behalf. There are many ways to go to reach the appropriate goal.


The past seems to continue to slip at times into your consciousness leaving you constantly reminded of painful episodes best long forgotten. Perhaps now you will find the courage to tackle these issues and not let them influence your life and keep you in an anxious state. You are connected to the Grand Trine, and so will find some positive expression of life in your sectors of the future, your immediate environment, and sudden changes in those closest to you.


The Grand Trine is activating your sectors of finances, work environment, and career or business. These areas are where opportunities and luck can come to you, but it is wise to cover all bases. You may find that partners may have different agendas and seem to have some anxiety concerning your decisions. You may have to go it alone so to speak and do the things you believe you must on your own. The key is to act.


This is a good time to take on new responsibilities, as there is much to gain on multiple levels. Working through others in partnerships especially should be your focus at this time. Act on what plans appeal to you. Let any significant changes in your lifestyle go for now and put your efforts into the future not the past. You will continue to find your immediate impact on the world taking extra effort, and the immediate rewards may not be there, but do not give up. It is only delayed, not lost.


The Grand Trine is clearing your much delayed inner self giving you at times a look at what is coming up for you. There are also gains to be made in structured partnerships, seemingly without effort. There are also sudden and very positive changes happening in your accepted view of yourself and what you deserve out of life. You can gain a little of what you want out of life through your partner or connection to others.


Luck still pervades your partnerships, and many opportunities can come your way. You may see possibilities in changing your plans for the future. You may see sudden shifts in how you view your environment, what is all around you. This can be an exciting time if you do not expect too much too soon. You are not likely right now to win the lottery, but you can be happy with what comes your way. Act on opportunities to change your working environment or place, for example working or doing some work from home.


The Grand Trine is affecting your financial stability, perhaps bringing sudden changes, your work or career situation, and your situation with co-workers or responsibilities. These are unlikely to be negative happenings as they are happening under trine energy. However it is wise to take notice of what comes up and more important, to act on what comes your way. It is never a good idea to let trine energy get away from you and miss opportunities.

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