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JANUARY 16 – 31, 2018

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

We are now into the new year designated as the year 2018 in the way we currently mark time. I wonder once again what the beginning of a whole year has to do with the Roman god of doorways (Janus), and did they have chaps like Trump around then too. Anyway this new year has a lot going for it. Let us try our best not to be angry with each other and see if we can make some solid progress this year.

The full moon associated with this period is also called a Super Moon, which is 14 percent closer and 30 percent brighter than normal full moons. That makes it special in application and pertaining to the times we are in. There have been other super moons recently. They would tend to really heighten the emotions and really force emotional issues.

When I see patterns such as we have here I know that the Universe has put the big push on and is not fooling around any longer, and is pushing for good results that are permanent. A Stellium is three or more planets in roughly the same signs or sectors. This gives a blended effect with all of the energy merging and interacting. In this instance the Stellium consists of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn clustered around Capricorn and Sagittarius.

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You are focused in the function you perform in the world be it your business, career, job, or whatever. You bring into play all of the build up that we call a Stellium with over half of the energies in two houses. Decisions come easy with such closeness of the sun and moon, and toughness comes as the great disciplinarian Saturn settles into its new role namely in Capricorn and makes us sweat out our struggles with the past. There is always good luck even in a short period such as today.


You have vision and you have plans. What you need is to loosen up and not be so stubborn in namely creating a world that is too rigid and steeped in tradition. You would even supply the colour of paint to use. The Stellium is now a wonderful sweeping tool connected to the worlds outside of the box it has always been in yet now there is the freedom to change and alter what you want and let the new ways flow.


You have the gift for communicating and what you need is to tap into your inner communication talents and be able to communicate on many levels. Yours will no longer be strictly a mental discipline and not simply psychic, but one that would utilize connection to others in many differing ways. This eventually will do what the Internet set out to do in terms of worldwide communication and in effect let everyone know immediately what everyone else is doing. Realistically, probably some time off.


You have the means to comment on a wider scale and a natural feeling for the feminine energy. What you are looking for now is the way to accomplish this. An alteration in your lifestyle and concentrating more on the pleasurable side of life and gaining through money might be an answer as would making drastic changes in your standard of, and application of, idyllic life alterations.


You draw on the power of the Stellium based on its connection via your responsibility that you acknowledge to everyone in your life and beyond. By this I mean the various degrees of separation in that we are not all at the same level and working at the same understanding as everyone else. You have organizational skills and motivational abilities that is your part in the big picture.


In this newly tried out ways for Mankind to come together and form new types of unions, we must try out as many variations as possible. That way we can have as many people as possible participate and share their talents and what they have learned. You have the gift of analysis and seeing where things are going. You are suited to crunching numbers and making connections, and logical deductions.


You celebrate your connection to the Stellium by drawing on its energy and connection to change, and the really deep levels of your consciousness that you have learned to call upon. If it applies, then big decisions can be enhanced using the blended levels of the Stellium when the need is to use the blended energies, use when more than one person is involved. That way a bigger picture forms.


In this time frame you are drawing power from relationships especially from those people who are close to you. Here change is indicated, even desired, and with all of those supporting you coming through, then success at whatever you set out to do you will be a winner. You are able to use multifaceted energy in that being from more than one sector at a time and this is like multitasking in that you can deal with several groups or deal with several things all at once.


This is one of the most powerful placements to have in this time of virtually rewriting the hard-wired part of us. The reason for this is that this is the value sector and deals with the connections to people, money, as well as pretty coloured metal, stones, rocks, and so on. These are the things that we lust after and so define our values. Here the values are what we say they are and it is out of our hands.


Here is where you begin to see real power and the capacity to see real possibilities in the shape of life here in the future, on this plane. You have barely scratched the surface of the coming time yet it is now possible to see how extensive and how quickly change can arrive and take root in the fertile soil of the coming times. You find decisions quite easy, change without its normal issue and find the ability to conceive with the power of your mind.


You may be the sign most associated with the current (new) age. So that must make things easier for you. That depends on a lot of factors, not the least being the many people you are associated with and acquainted with in all the groups you are a part of all over the world (or so it seems). You draw power from the inner sectors and may find the ability to expand this talent in the future. One day when the ability to read others is in all of us, you will definitely be needed.


In our little tour of the cosmos with the additional multiple energies, you are the icing on the cake. To have the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, in Pisces, at this crucial time in history gives one a higher appreciation for how the Universe works. When it is needed it is here. You are drawing power from the inner levels as getting direction from the realm of cosmic direction. Now let us see what we can do with it.

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