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August 1 - 15, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

In the last two forecast periods the energy map has contained stelliums, multiples of planets in close proximity to each other. This causes a strong focus of the energies involved, and in their location in the chart. This forecast period contains the current stellium, which is located between 24 Cancer and 29 Leo, and involves Mars (24 Can), the Sun (8 Leo), Mercury (16 Leo), Jupiter (27 Leo), and Venus (29 Leo), with the moon in opposition at 16 Aquarius. Here we see the Moon directly connected, but stelliums cover sufficient sectors that virtually everything in the chart is directly in aspect and is being part of the energy of this time.

The remaining planets are Uranus, at 20 Aries trining the stellium, Pluto at 14 Cap, inconjunct it, and Saturn at 28 Scorpio, squaring the stellium. Everything is tightly focused into this group, and that is why the energy pattern of late has been so intense.

Thus we have a stellium focused in the universal sector of quality of life, pleasure, children, and love of life, involving as of the planets simultaneously. Now that is a stellium worth having!

So that is both the focus and the change of these times.

This forecast period is under the influence of the full moon of July 31st.

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The full moon is really bright, heightening your emotions and bringing feelings to the surface. You are unable to hide them or hide from them. All of your responses to things are focused to a single point, passion, drive, thoughts, needs, and wants. All of this is felt on an inner level, and shaped with fears and concerns for the future. Try to lighten up and find some fun or joy in life. I know that you feel the heaviness associated with these times, but each day is precious and not repeated. Once it is gone, it is gone.


The full moon falls across a key point in your chart. It occupies your career or job sector, and that of your home and family. This is a key time for you to entertain changes if not now then definitely later. Your views of your self are very important and what you believe about what you are now will shape you for the rest of your life. It is important to understand that no one can define you or know you like you know yourself. Do not let your view of you be anything but your own.


Your main focus is home or close to home at this time. Look around you at what is going on and what has been going on and get a sense of the future of where you are. Can you achieve what you want being where you are? Is there sufficient scope and opportunity? Is there enough that you are passionate about? Is there sufficient drive? How about luck and opportunity? All of these things can be found with the right attitude.


In your case the build-up of planets or stellium, occurs mainly in your financial sector. This puts a lot of energy and emotional responses in this critical connection to both the material world and your financial well being. You may have worries where you are tied into others with shared money situations. You may feel that others are blocking your opportunities, or that you have not obtained your basic wants and needs in life. This will pass quite quickly, so try not to be concerned.


A most powerful time indeed, with all parts of the energy map pouring into you and your connection to the world. Look within to find your course of action. It is time to stand up and be counted, for there is likely to be conflict with partners and in fact everything in the world around you. Your will and determination, ideas, wants and needs are all up to you. Stay on your own course or you risk doubting and questioning your own decisions.


You also have the planet build up or stellium in your inner self sector. Here your insights and intuitive measures pour forth like water over a dam into your self sector and your connection to the outer world around you. Let this flow carry you to release yourself from all responsibilities for the two weeks under the full moon, and let others have the emotional entanglements and anxiety. Change plans, and be light and unconcerned, and let go of the past.


In your case, the stellium falls in your sector of future plans, gains through work, employment or business, and networking. Act on what comes up at work that seems to have a positive future benefit. In terms of revising what you have decided is what you can expect, then revise your plans upward and outward, and do not settle for old plans and ideas. Look at your needs and to what extent they are satisfied in the present. Then be open to much more in the future. Remember, this is a full moon time so expect some anxiety.


Momentarily a weight is lifted from you, and your money worries lighten up. This is a breathing space; so make the most of it. The build up of planets occurs mainly in your career or job sector bringing both personal and universal power, plans and ideas and a feeling that you might obtain your hopes and wishes soon. Some old memories from the past to do with home and family well up causing some distress. This is a manifestation of the full moon and not a lasting situation.


The build-up of planets we designate as a stellium falls in your sector of beliefs about the world, connections to distant people and places, and higher education. This sector operates more on the inner levels, and can be a transitional factor opening you up to the higher levels. If opportunities are there to make things happen by working with someone you have shared interests or finances with, then act on this. Put power into connecting with others far outside of your normal box. Put power behind your wants and needs, and believe.


The build-up of planets or stellium occurs for you in your sector of gains through legal partnerships and resources. The full moon definitely highlights mutual money and the use of them. If you are feeling concerned about the long term safety of your finances, then rest assured that there is long term stability amidst short term volatility. Be cautious but not concerned. Your long term plans for the future seemed to have taken a hit with long term changes. This will change again in the fall.


Be very kind to yourself and try not to get too emotionally involved in anything at the moment. It may seem that the whole world is against you, and it probably is, but this will pass. In the meantime, do what you can and keep your head down. You might see that others have the power and energy, and are implementing their plans and ideas and getting wants and needs satisfied. In the first place I would doubt that, and in the second you will be successful.


You will find this a difficult time with the full moon manifesting in your twelfth sector of your inner self. You are carrying the weight of a great deal of responsibilities, and you feel that it is your duty to take them on and to deal with them. Sudden events happen in your financial sector, and some daylight shows you the possibility of achieving some long held plans, and perhaps even changing some old or set-in-stone plans.

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