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February 1 - 15, 2016

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Astrology has proven useful if not life saving when combined with the practical sciences. You should not have surgery when the Moon is in a water sign (bleeding).

This forecast period contains two points of interest, namely Groundhog Day (Feb. 2), and Valentine Day (Feb. 14). It is interesting to seek the source or origin of these festivals and see how so many of our rather trivial excuses for partying too much are based on so called pagan rites.

Remember also that Astrology is all about reflections, that what appears in the heavens mirrors what is happening on earth, not the other way around. The planets do not compel us to do, or be, or experience, but hold up a giant mirror to show us where we need to be more.

There is a New Moon on February 8th.

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Feature: Astrology teaches that we are all different, all individuals, all equal and important. Astrology does not show gender, race, skin colour, religion, ethnic or cultural background. Astrology does show your strengths and weaknesses, potential and direction, what you have to deal with and overcome, and how you can do this. Information on your Sun Sign is quite useful but having your individual chart done is like reading the operating manual you brought into this life. If you really want to know what is going on in your life, I can help you with this. Visit ASTROLOGY CHARTS

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From your perspective, the long, slow transit or passage of Uranus through your sign still has a ways to go. This action fuels the massive changes that are coming up. Your personal changes conflict with your plans, wants and needs, and the deeply buried power you have been developing throughout your life. You are drawing from what is around you, and have strong emotions backing up your actions. The latter is in conflict to your powerful alignment to the age that is forming as we speak.


There are many issues that you are seeking ways to deal with that are expressly in the outer world and so by definition involve others. You find your head and your heart in conflict now, and your plans for the future are bogged down by great anger and emotion from the past. It is better to reflect on what you can deal with and move on. There are many roads out of town, so do not get stuck, but simply move forward. You represent reality, so be real.


The world around you is a frustrating place, limiting your opportunities and not letting you go ahead with what you know is the right action. Guess what, the world does not care, it has its own agenda and needs. Do not place all you needs and future happiness on another person, particularly if you need them to do or be something you need. You are better off quietly doing more of the things that make your life fun. Not only can you control the situation, but pretty soon your life is pretty good and a whole lot of people want to be with you and do not know how you did it.


In your case it is the effect that you have on the world around you by what you are doing that is undergoing massive change and has been for several years. There is a conflict here with partners, or the idea of partners, their ideas, plans, unseen effect upon you, all can be upsetting. Your concepts of home and family, and your beliefs about your self, put you into conflict, and draw out hidden agendas. This tends to block some good that is trying to get through.


It is your time to look within and see the world from the concept of letting go. Let the world around you, and outside of you, take the lead and you simply follow. Others have some great ideas and terrific opportunities and plans. Their ideas and abilities are different from yours and they may not be up to your standards, but is there a chance they may be better? Be careful when getting in heated discussions and let the other person have their say, for you could be having issues of great emotion and anger.


This is a good time for partnerships and collaborating with others as the two of you can create something quite beneficial. You hold the power of opportunity and all out luck in your hand and a partner holds the power of creative potential and intuitive reasoning. It is the balance that is important, and the fact that it manifests through your connection to the world around you that makes this work so well. Good luck with what ever you get into.


In your case it is the deeply buried energies of partners, family, and home, self and values, that are orchestrating the myriad of new directions that are emerging from the depths within you. It is essentially change that you are trying to deal with, on all or many levels all at once. Concerns about values lead to conflicting messages about the economy and the future. If you focus on the quality of your life you see that this has worsened in the past few years. There is so much that you cannot control, try to work with your strengths and what you can control.


Do not let the past taint the future by holding onto toxic emotions and thoughts. It is time to let it all go. You have the most to lose in many ways and situations. The only one that you harm is you. This is the time to see financial means and opportunities. What you have worked for in the past, but never got what was coming to you, will even up now. You may decide to make some big changes in your life, feeling that this is the time to do it. You are right in that respect. Look deeper and bless those whom harmed you the most for they made you strong.


This is a time where you will get a powerful reality check and learn some things about how you are doing. Saturn is transiting your sector of sun placement (sun sign), and now is at about the midpoint. Any movement forward or backward now and it is moving away from the center and towards the next or the previous sign. Thus, by how much your life has changed since September of last year is a measure of how well you are doing. There is a lot of activity in your financial sector at this time.


You still have a great deal of power in your hands as you connect to the world through your ideas, what you value, and the power that is hidden that creates the reality we all so do love. Remember that power is a two edged sword, it cuts both ways. The only truly beneficial power is the power that benefits the many. You can do so much for yourself by doing for others. Think of this as we traverse the winter months and see what a change in your direction might bring about some major changes in your life. You already know what is on the road that you are on.


This is your strongest time of the year, so make the most of it. Look within and see what is available to you. You will find the resolution of some of what is lacking you in life. There is a lot of activity in your sector of work or business. But how much of it is productive or going to benefit you in the future? If you are working from an old job with old energy, you may find things not going anywhere. This is the time to find your new direction, and be ready to take on new challenges in the spring.


The power that lies within your self begins to awaken. You are the sign that leads up to the onset of spring. Your insight and creative abilities are heightened. What you create in your mind you can manifest in your world. In your sector of influence in the world, your karmic energy is central, bringing into your life the balance of what you have and what you deserve. Partnerships are very productive at this time.

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