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FEBRUARY 16 - 28, 2019

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Astrology does not give you the answers to all of your problems, neither does it run your life and give you direction, what choice to make, or who to marry. Sometimes the best choice is the least desirable. Astrology is a mirror. It reflects to you different outcomes, but it will not tell you what to do.

Another thing Astrology will not do is tell you what has happened, it will only tell you that it could have happened. For example, in 1996 I believe, I was asked to address a UFO convention near here with people doing workshops or lectures on the subject. I had published an article on my web site referring to what became the Travis Walton affair with Walton claiming to have been abducted by Aliens. This incident had been made into a movie with the inclusion of the dates and times necessary for analysis. Shifting to the conclusion: based on the information included on the movie poster I concluded that I could not say that it did or did not occur, but I saw that it could have happened.

That is the strength of Astrology. If the information is correct you can confidently say that under these circumstances that this could have happened which is only half a step from saying under such circumstances such an event can happen. You do not need the right answers only the right time.

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The Moon is moving through the sign that it rules and this will bring to you many necessities for change, each tied to a very strong emotional amount of baggage. Some of this will be family issues, and some will be what you believe to be true about your self based on what you have accepted about you in your life to this point. The best approach is to let it go and move on. There is nothing to be gained by holding on to things that cannot be changed. Make it new based on what you have learned.


This is a good time to act on your own behalf with what is coming through to you from your inner self. Accept your own guidance, be willing to trust the universe, and to go forward. You will see that this is the time to take up your own power, to act decisively for your own good, and for the good of all. Big things are happening and you should be a part of it, not buried in the midst of it.


You are about to feel some deep seated worries where money and values are concerned. Work on minimizing the intensity or your anxiety, especially where past issues that might not have been totally cleared come back to haunt you. If you remember certain truths such as that your path in life is a spiral not a straight line, then you can accept that it takes a long time and a lot of effort to completely free yourself and to clear yourself of deep seated issues.


There are a lot of concerns welling up from deep within your inner self that are causing you concerns. Your interaction with some members of your family and how this shapes your choices, as there is no distancing your self from the problem and yet no apparent answers either. Try to release these eternal problems into your inner self and see them disconnected and released.


You can hardly remember a time such as now when so much is happening and there is so much potential. It is poised over you like an avalanche of information, opportunities, and real power inherent in those close to you, also within yourself. This is a good time to join with another or with others forming partnerships, and using your abilities to bring about change that are so much needed in these troubled times that have been distorted by greed. This is where you have to stand up and be counted where others do not share your abilities.


In a time of great change, which aptly describes where we are at the present, it is possible to make great headway. So much of what holds you back is your belief in the power that you imagine others to have and what you think you do not have, believing it is true. Like most people you see only your lack of power. It is time to see and believe in yourself. You only have to believe in yourself, and you do not have to do it all at once. You can however do something quite remarkable. Some of what is causing problems is found in work, career, job, or whatever you do in the world this is what you are building.


This is a singularly high time in your life where you can begin to see results at last and you can begin to see direction, an end to the things that have been irksome your life. In many ways you are very strong, vital, and well able to be very successful, not needing any help, thank you very much. To have to live life in neediness and as a part of a duet is not on your list of best in class. You are here mostly to plan and execute, so do what you need to do, putting aside distractions, and focus on what you need to do. In any event you are destined for even more success in the coming time. In many ways you are a very strong.


There is a great deal happening within the self at this time. You should be willing to deal with these issues and then move on. A great deal of what is happening is based on unresolved energy from earlier times in this life. It is an opportunity to shift into a new direction and a release from the grip of frustration, from having to always be serious and not having the time or means of making desirable changes for the self.


You are now completely working from within, evaluating and understanding what you have experienced, learned, and absorbed. It good see that and it is good to continue working in this way, through your journey to find the degrees of personal freedom that you have earned. You can learn much in this way, as you can examine your value structure and so gain a better look into your operating system, what you prize the most now, and how that has changed.


There is an internal struggle going on inside of you as you come to terms with what is happening in your life. For too long now you have been way too serious. You have taken the practical and sensible approach to life rather than give the Universe the opportunity to inject some fun and good times into your efforts to fulfill your goals. Do the things that you would love to do rather than the things that you think you have to do. There are big changes coming up and the times of much work and little reward are passing at last.


When I look at the configuration of your energy map, I see a bowl turned on sideways signifying wisdom and knowledge as well as information about to be transferred to you. The whole world is about to be altered forever and there is no going back. You are very much in touch with the Q (Aquarian age) shape for the coming times. It is your purpose to show the rest of us what to expect and you will have the basic parameters.


The world is shifting to an energy existence rather than a solid or material based one, where energy will be used to form this creative process. You will be a leader in this revolution and help others to see what you inherently know that we are spirit having a material existence rather than a material being having a spiritual incarnation. We are coming to a time where you will see this society moving in a different way than we have in the past.


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