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July 1 - 15, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

The main influence at this time is a Full Moon configuration on July 2nd with the Moon at the highest point in the chart, and the Sun at the lowest point. That puts the Moon in Sagittarius in the ninth sector, and the Sun at the lowest point in the fourth sector. Full Moons make decisions and change difficult, especially around home and family and beliefs about your self. Adding to that a time of many people affecting you in your work, job, or career, and you have a lot to deal with. You might see many people far away coming into your life, and needing to be dealt with.

Full Moons are completions, endings, things done and a time to move on. Now is the time that you might experience sudden inexplicable manifestations of luck, fortune or opportunity. There is a grand Trine (major good luck) connecting the power zones, so watch out for this to happen for you.

The energy map is close to being a bowl shape, with good luck and opportunity pouring forth into the sector of opportunities to be responsible and to take on additional duties. This could work out really well for you.

There is very a special affect this month that is more important than the full moon. It is an aspect called a Grand Trine. This is three (count them) interlocked Trines forming a large triangle, usually all in the same quality, fire, earth, air, or water. This one happens to fall in the fire signs and joins Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They bring great luck and opportunity that is not necessarily earned, just enjoyed.

The Full Moon mentioned above occurs on July 2, and is in early Capricorn. As I sit here watching it (June 30th), it is large, bright and mysterious looking. It sits low in the south-east, and it a wonderful sight.

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Sudden changes or happenings can virtually change your life, and allow you to create the life that you want, and perhaps take the trip or travel to places you would like to go. There are matters of home and family to consider because there are times when what you do cannot be undone and you find yourself committed to a course of action that changes your life forever. That actually sounds good. All of your personal and universal power is directed at dealing with the beliefs that you have about yourself.


Taurus is the material sign, the one that connects us to everything we value. There will be a great deal of talk and discussion around money and the direction that the future will take. The main thrust at this time is the Grand Trine affecting your inner self and sudden positive changes, as well as your sector of home and family, beliefs about yourself, as well as gains you experience through partnerships. You are coming into a prosperous time with many opportunities and lots of good old-fashioned luck.


You have a strong emphasis on your economic sector with a desire to act on what you are being shown. Your partner, or partnership activity, does not seem to have your insight and is more or less handing responsibility over to you. The Grand Trine aspect, noted in the introduction, brings measurable luck and opportunity, connecting your future, your environment, and those closest to you in this life. This is a time of difficult decisions that will ultimately be life altering.


It is your power time as you usher in summer, and (hopefully), the warmer weather. Old responsibilities haunt you as you prepare to act on opportunities and good financial prospects. The Grand Trine, mentioned in the introduction, links your sectors of sudden changes in your job or career, and also, lucky gains through money opportunities, and the chance to help a lot of people by being of service, fulfilling your duty.


The Grand Trine aspect, with all of its attendant luck and opportunity, connects your sectors of self, beliefs about the world, and the past with all of its memories, and how they translate into your current lifestyle. The true power of this time lies within and you must make the effort to find, understand, and retrieve this information so that you can take informed action. Full Moons, like the one happening now, make decisions difficult because they seek a completion, not more analyzing.


There is a full moon impacting directly on your sectors of gains through employment and plans for the future. Directly across from these sectors, your sector of home, family and endings is pushed into service. Full moons advocate completions and it falls in a sector that manifests change and decisions. On top of that there is the Grand Trine, mentioned in the intro, that brings fortune, luck and opportunity to the sectors that it falls in. Here you have gains through partners, fortune and opportunity streaming out of your inner self, and new connections in your beliefs about your self.


This is the time of the year when your power lies in your sector of work, job, and career, and the outer world. You can find greater depths to your inner power and understanding of home and family. You can clear many beliefs that you have about yourself at this time. The Grand Trine aspect mentioned in the introduction connects your sectors of partners, environment, and connections. Opportunities and good luck abound in these areas of your life, and especially in regards to networking.


Your sign is powerfully affected by the planet occupying it, as mentioned several times in the past, that is Saturn the force of karma. It is the eternal balance now. Since December it has been traversing the place the Sun was when you were born. As has been given, face life head on and you will feel no pain. I repeat this so you do not think you will miss out on the Grand Trine. It falls across your sectors of money, duty and responsibility, and career or job. Fortune and opportunity will bless you, but it may be delayed.


The full moon has you mired in the past as you struggle to find direction. At present, the moon connects you to the world around you, heightening your emotions and brings up the possibility of sudden changes in your life. One way out appears to be a much wider connection to others. Here good luck and opportunity comes to the fore, and the aforementioned Grand Trine brings you good fortune. Now the natural shape of the energy chart is pouring wisdom into you and filling you with light.


The Grand Trine mentioned in the introduction falls across your sectors of inner self, gains through partnerships and shared resources, and sudden changes, home and family. This brings opportunities, fortune, and good luck without the necessity of earning it. Look for these gifts from the Universe and do what is necessary. The full moon brings the need for completions and making decisions, and directly impacts on partners. Good luck in all of your efforts this month.


Your connections to others, especially partners and partnerships, has you filled with good fortune. It is a part of the Grand Trine mentioned in the introduction that brings so much of the light and luck to you at this time. It is also the time of the full moon, which makes decisions and direction difficult to achieve. You will find strong emotions from the past affecting your plans for the future. Rely more on others at this time for stability and opportunity.


You are powerfully connected and able to act accordingly. Look at changing your life style and be open to fortune and opportunities that come your way. The Grand Trine mentioned in the introduction highlights your sectors of job or business, money, and duties and responsibilities. Take advantage of the fact that this aspect temporarily brings you to the attention of many people. Act on any opportunities that come your way.

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