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April 16 Ė 30, 2014

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

I am often asked these days when ďthisĒ will all be over. If you are looking for a return to the 60ís or 70ís when we all had a bad weekend perhaps twice a year, I can without a momentís hesitation tell you never. What we are experiencing, like the extreme climate and weather changes, is the reality of these times. The hard aspects in the energy pattern are here to stay. At this time we are experiencing yet another Grand Cross, producing high degrees of stress, manifesting in the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), the ones that start things happening here. It may be 2020 before we see long term positive changes. In the meantime, make the most of it. Whatever it is, it is all we have.

Now would be a great time to acknowledge that you are creating your own life, and therefore can change it. Perhaps we donít have to accept the way things are. Perhaps we can change it ourselves.

I realize that for a great many of you, these are stressful ever changing times with life being worse than it was even a few years ago. Last week was my birthday, I turned 70. Let me tell you life looks very different from that perspective, not the least being having someone in my life who has been there and put up with me for over 50 years. You get to see the things that are truly precious and worthwhile. I lived through those times when life seemed like an endless summerís day. Do I wish a return of those times? Only to the degree that I would like to have appreciated the events and the people back then more than I did. My preservation is that as many people complained about their lives then as do now.

Any day you are above ground is a good one. Make the most of it!

This forecast period begins under a full moon eclipse, making life challenging. Decisions are difficult, stress levels are high, conflicts are all around you, and life lacks joy and happiness. It could be said that the focus of these times is on the self, and that changes have to occur in dealing with others. What was ok in the past no longer makes sense.

The focus of this time is on the four mainstays of life, namely self, other, family, and society. Within this, life as we know it occurs. This is the Grand Cross we are dealing with now. Self has Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Aries opposing Other as Mars in Libra, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, representing society, and squaring Jupiter in Cancer, being family. The dynamics and conflicts here define where we are. Look at your life and you will see how this is manifesting for you. The full moon has the power and freedom of the self opposing the past which is what you have always had from you relationships. Now is it enough?

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This is a difficult time, you being the starting point of such sweeping changes. The sun gives you the power and the initializing of the desire for new directions. The outer world is linked to the past and is opposing any moves. From both sides comes conflict from hidden power and family. Although we all experience this scenario in our own way, you have the privilege of leading the charge so to speak. Within the self lies some answers and wisdom that you definitely need.


You attract many new people into your life, expanding your circle of contacts. It is likely that through social media you will find many who are able to be of help to you or even partners in new ventures in the future. Soon the Sun will be in your sign and you will be in your time of power. The outer world and those who are close to you will challenge you constantly to try harder and to be more. The Grand Cross is most active in your sectors of inner self, duty to others, environment near and far. Expect most activity to come from these.


The Grand Cross is arrayed in such a way that it affects your material side of life. You will find yourself revising your plans for the future, looking at what you are getting paid for the work that you do, and the quality of the life you have as you know it. Although this also brings good potential to your finances, being material matters, there is a conflict in shared finances and money from legal connections.


You are a Cardinal Sign and therefore open to the full power of the Grand Cross. Opportunity and good fortune are there for you, but somewhat blocked now. What confronts you from the world around you and those closest to you is obscured as it is hidden power and definitely hidden from you. The most power open to you flows through your work or business sector and encourages you to look within yourself, childhood memories, thoughts on family and home. Much change is coming that will be life altering in these areas.


In your case the power of the Grand Cross affects your changing houses, the sectors of you that allow change to happen. Within the self you will find great potential for intuitive connections to opportunities and having society on your side by doing your duty and taking on responsibilities. The power of the Sun and Uranus act quite a bit outside of your regular haunts, and so major actions may not affect you. Smaller conflicts close to you may happen.


Although you are feeling rather quiet and even peaceful, there is a storm all around you. Connect to or expand this zone of quiet, and see if you can connect with something extraordinary, possibly through partners, those close to you, or in general your environment. In linking with others, you can create partnerships that will be very beneficial. Finances can look better if you act on what is coming to you. Putting you plans together with anotherís can really pay off now.


It is time to work with your own personal power, it being Spring and all. You have a lot on your plate and will see changes in the dynamic you have with others in your life, especially those close to you. It is Spring and so the power lies outside of you, but that does not mean that you cannot work with or through other people. Finances did have some problems recently, but that can be cleared up with the help of partners. It is wise to take responsibility right now for that will open some unexpected doors for you.


The Moon in your sign brings deep emotional issues to the surface. Saturn spreads fear, the Sun a full Moon eclipse, Neptune adds illusion. Can it get any better? Well, actually, adding the Grand Cross energy has responsibilities blocking some inner desires that you have as well as controlling things both here and far. Well that seems to be enough. I suggest a long vacation, unless of course you are into hard work with little immediate results.


Your power flows now into allowing more joy and happiness into your life. Work at having fun, doing the things that bring you pleasure and what makes you truly happy. It is the quality not the quantity of life that matters. See how your concept of the future changes and you will get more optimism and positive thoughts which will generate even more positive frames of mind and good times. Pretty soon life will be so great you wonít have time for negativity.


Deep powerful energy is still with you and for the moment so is the fortunate kind. Take action this month especially where work or business is concerned. Your single most power though is in the deepest part of the self , working diligently on what will bring you the most freedom and gains in this life. Do not give into concerns for the future. You are on track and can most likely move in such ways as to avoid any serious manifestations of the bouts of craziness becoming all the rage here.


The full power of the Grand Cross is somewhat weakened as it manifests in yourself. Not to worry, you have everything you need to get the most out of the changing time. You may see the strongest expression of the desire for freedom and change close by where you live, and so reap the benefits there and not have to go too far. Expect some difficult happenings around work or business and if you are disappointed, expect better things to happen later in the year.


This is an extremely romantic time for you with Venus and Neptune in your sign. Visualize deeply what it is that you need or want from life, especially in your relationships. You are especially attractive now, and will pull to you all sorts of aware and interesting people. Emotionally you are not so much vulnerable but quite open and unafraid. Draw on past experiences and value the memories of past times. You can build on these to work up your views of the future.

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