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July 16 31, 2014

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

There are several reasons to feel optimistic at this time. The tight pattern of energies that formed the ever shifting Grand Cross that has plagued us for the past year or so, is beginning to dissipate and come apart. That is not to say that the Uranus/Pluto square is lessening, for that still will be with us till about this time next year. The additional energies that escalated into the Cross, they are moving on. I think we should too.

Astrology is essentially a Cosmic Mirror reflecting the real world to us from the heavens. We find meaning in our daily lives by understanding the patterns in the mirror, which do not in any way make us do things, any more than the image in a mirror here on earth influences us. At present, the conflict between the 1%ers and the rest of us is described by the on-going square (inner conflict) between Uranus (individual freedom) and Pluto (traditional power). The kind of power represented by Pluto is usually hidden and is represented by rulers, wealth, and territory. That does not leave much for the 99% of us. The fact that their exploits are no longer hidden (war, invasion, religious intolerance, open grab of money, resources, and, to come, food and safety) suggests that something is about to happen or that we the 99%ers are fed up with the exploits of the minority, and should no longer leave them in charge.

Along with the above, further change sees, on July 16th, Jupiter moving into Leo for a little over a year. This will bring luck and opportunity to the Fire and Air Signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius), and bring some friendly positive connections to Uranus. This can bring sudden or unexpected changes in your life for the better.

There is also a New Moon on the 26th.

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You are feeling a great deal of stress in many parts of your life right now. Your personal freedom is challenged and frustrated by the limitations that you feel in the world around you, as well as the responsibilities of your primary relationship(s). You cannot see how to have the world you envision due to the demands of them on your time, and their views and expressions. It does not seem possible to talk about these issues as others are adamant in their stand. The key may lie in having patience.


Here your main power falls within your sectors of your immediate environment, and connections to others. You may well be surprised at the number of new people who suddenly show up in your life. Networking can really pay off at this time. You have a deep inner urge to be free and to throw off all responsibilities, but your connections to those closest to you have you feeling limited and frustrated. Your best path might be in revising your plans for the future and dreaming big.


On the plus side, you have a strong positive force at work in your sectors of career or work, and financial opportunities. You will find that some limitations regarding your future prospects and the ability to make necessary, or desirable changes, will not happen as expected. It is possible to make changes, you are not really stuck but realize that any action taken can change your life direction at this point. It is wiser to seek patience and wait till everything really becomes clear.


This is a very strong time for you with much going on in a short time. Look up figuratively, and be inspired by ideas and insights. Look for new opportunities and directions in your career or work. Jupiter leaves your sign and goes into your sector of financial possibilities. You should reap the rewards of all that Jupiter has been saving up for you while it was in your sign. You will find that your decisions come easier now as your head and your heart are in sync.


It is the end of a cycle for you and soon you will be actively seeking new directions for yourself. This time is the dark of your life just before you enter into your own personal new year. This time is very positive, for many of the things you desire will soon open to you. It is a very positive time that will bring many new people into your life. The work that you have done, and where you have seen only delays in seeing positive results, will now begin to pay off.


You should start feeling an easing in the tension or stress between your way of life and what you are getting from your primary relationships. There has been conflict there for a while and although it will continue, it will lessen through the end of the year. Luck and opportunities are now coming to you through your inner self, so it is time to look within for direction. You will find yourself in sync with your partner or others especially close to you, and can make good headway by working together.


You are experiencing a strong positive time, over the next year, where you can do much to open up more for you in the world. If work is not what you are all about, then taking on or finding some really significant challenge can be very rewarding. Do not hesitate to take on some interesting responsibility. You can find the way to have what you want while the power to act decisively and make things happen is still with you. Partners are expressing freedom and this helps and supports your efforts.


You will still feel the effect of the strong attractive energy in your work sector. This will continue to bring positive blessings into your life till the next new moon. Responsibilities now weigh heavily on you adding to the burdens that you carry. It will pass. Seek direction within as to what actions you should take that will make your life better in the long run. You will be surprised at the number of people who care and will help you.


Partnership efforts tend to pay off quite well now especially where shared resources are concerned. There is a great freedom in having a solid backing and not having to worry about money. There will be a steady shift in your connection to, or dealings with, people and opportunities at a greater distance than before. You will gain much more in terms of travel and going places. You will find your understanding of the world is expanding and more is opening up to you.


Jupiter, the essence of luck and opportunity, now moves from your sector of partnerships into your sector of shared resources and gains through cooperative efforts. This will last for about a year and enable you to pick up recent gains through working with others. There is a lot of positive power surrounding this transition, and not only will you attract a lot of good ideas, but that there will be a lot of people in your immediate locality that will be of benefit to you.


Financially, things are looking up for you, as it seems as if your fortunes are growing. Although this may not look like a positive time, things will continue to grow steadily better and soon you will find yourself out of the woods and into clear space. You are poised to gain much through partners and partnerships, and soon new opportunities and fortune will come through others. Be ready to act decisively when big opportunities come to you.


A very heavy moon in the end of your sign, stirs up emotions, fears, and the past. It is difficult for you to manage sometimes due to the essential foundationless nature of your perceptions. When caught up in the grip of fear, try to understand that there is nothing there, that it is an illusion, not real, and you will weather these times more easily. It is a time of potential change. Use your inspirational side to see what might work, or happen, and your intuitive side to envision this all coming true.

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