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Jan 16 - 31, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

In Chinese Astrology, 2017 after January 28 is the year of the Red Chicken, or Fire Rooster if you like. See the forecast for the whole of 2017 to be published on January 28 for more information. In numerology, 2017 is a '1' year and lends itself to beginnings and making the changes necessary to go in a new path.

This is a time of extreme change and pressure to face issues that need to be resolved and so we have rare and intense aspects showing up in the energy maps, and so the forecasts reflect this. Present are (double) T-squares, Stelliums, and so on, and in the interest of brevity and taking what is most important, not all of the signs have the same list of aspects.

This period is under the preceding full moon of January 12, and contains the new moon of the 26.

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Once again you are strongly connected to the world around you, with only your emotional centre directed inwards. This allows you to isolate and separate your feelings and gain whatever message there is for you. You are still under the influence of partners current round of good luck and your own expectations of sudden changes. Both of these will come together in the Fall with rather startling results. This is the year that you will totally change direction.


There may be a development in your job, career, or business by the end of the month. One unresolved issue has to do with the status of a relationship of yours that seems to be intensifying, no longer simply platonic but becoming something more. You gain a lot by taking on responsibility and doing your duty so possibly a family member is involved. You are emotionally attached to something that gives you pleasure, and will indulge yourself if you are not careful.


You will be feeling the effect of the double T-square more strongly now and the message is still to release excess energy and create a balance within your self (by taking deep breaths ). In this way you will feel the rush of your heightened connection to the world and your changing values at the same time. You may find that partners, or those close to you, maybe holding you back or slowing you down. This is only temporary and can be released if necessary.


All in all this is a good time for you. Some responsibilities may have become tedious, but realize that this can change quickly and give you good results and stop being so critical. You may find that someone at a distance is now attracting you, and that this is keeping you awake nights. Some good news or possibilities happen around your job and this might develop into something substantial later in the year.


Some one may turn up who can help you to achieve something that is very important to you. This might be someone who has already achieved this and is willing to help you. You will find much more available to you in your own area than you thought was there, and might also find that taking courses will benefit you in the long run. It is time to break out of your box but do it in small steps and not all at once.


It may only seem that the whole world is against you, but it really is not. You are facing some problems in your financial picture, and this is worrisome particularly with what is happening in the world, but whatever happens it is only going to be temporary. Choose to be happy and face fear with strength and determination and you will prevail. You are coming up to the major change in the year, and so things are bound to get better.


Now is the time to seek to balance out your life between work and home. Try letting go until a sense of ease comes through and you will find that stress is then released. There is a great deal of activity for you now in your sectors of home and family, and change which will ultimately lead to a whole new direction in your life. You still have till mid October where you are positively favoured by Jupiter and can expect luck and opportunities.


Changes are about to happen, but you can expect financial downturns, delays, and missed opportunities. Not to worry though, as there are no losses, simply readjustments in the time line. You are experiencing short-term worry and fear that might appear more substantial and fearful. The world may appear to be empty and quiet, but is not. There is a great deal that you cannot see, that is going on hidden from view, which will surface soon and not be alarming.


This is a good time to ask yourself if you are having fun yet, if you are experiencing enough pleasure in life to make up for all that is not. This is important to know because if not what do you need to do to make life easier and more fun. Your life does seem out of balance, so what do you need to change this up and make you love the mornings because you have another great day ahead of you, look first for imbalances in the world and people around you and work on that.


You have a great deal to work on at this time. Try to release any resentment you may have regarding responsibilities you have had thrust on you, and do your best cheerfully and positively. Next, let go of any stress built up where partners make demands of you. This will go a long way towards achieving balance for your self which will then spread outwards and brighten up everyone and everything around you.


You are about to come into your most powerful time of the year, so for the next few weeks make the most of it. The coming time represents the potential for many new beginnings and starts, so it is in your interests to act accordingly. You will see much in the way of worry and fear as you go through your daily routine, but try to stay positive and you will find that things will not be as bad as you feel they might. Eventually people will wake up and realize they do not have to put up with the people who they put in charge.


You do have a bowl shape in your chart along with two T-squares indicating a massive letting go and change in your life. The main direction for you at present is to integrate within your self the concepts of the duality of relationships and how to go about balancing these off. Connections with others are the result of your search for your other half and how lucky you are in finding that. Don’t give up.

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