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December 16 Ė 31, 2014

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

We come to the end of another year. It is time to reflect on all of the changes and events that manifested during this time. So many of you have felt that this year was leading up to some major and significant event, and there are enough changes to suggest that this is likely. There is so much violence in the world, both man-made and naturally occurring. The weather is turning ever more angry and violent. Here in the north-east two days ago we had a severe snow storm, unlikely this time of the year when we are all praying for a white Christmas. Now the temperature is up and most of it has melted. From the amount of violent acts, it seems that we are absorbing this energy from the earth.

You should be especially aware of the onset of winter, the solstice which happens each year around December 21. It is the shortest day, the longest night, and the 4th direction pertaining to letting go of the past, connecting with Spirit, looking to Spring for your new direction, and bringing the Light back into the world.

This year Saturn, the planet of karma and life lessons changes sign (Scorpio to Sagittarius) on December 22nd, and the lessons will be about personal freedom, and truth. There is also a New Moon on December 22nd.

The focus of this time is on the hidden agendas that exist to limit us and put so much power in the hands of a few. We must make the decisions that take us into the light and help each other. The changes happening now are all about who we are in the world and what we are prepared to do to attain it. The movement happening now opens us up to being so much more aware and insightful. We are about to enter a time where nothing that is hidden can remain so. It is already happening. It is called Social Media.

(AST) The Sun (conscious awareness) in Capricorn (taking us to the extreme heights) is inconjunct (karmic decision) Jupiter (quality of life). The Moon (past, man) opposes (battle in the outer world) Uranus (self- image, freedom) and Neptune (psychic and intuitive truth) trine (empowering) Saturn (life-lessons) in Sagittarius (understanding Life).

It is vitally important to merge with the energy of December 21 and 22 this year. Light a candle, vow to cease a particular way of acting or reacting, stop being angry, or in a negative mode. Try to make this a habit.

Stop being controlled and manipulated. Love yourself.

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Try to see that your words and ideas can touch many people and bring about an emotional empowering. You are all about freedom and being an individual, and caring for others as well as yourself. It is time for you to make a stand in the world, and make it known that everyone is equal , deserves a share in the riches of the earth, and a say in what is to be done, and what is to be stopped while the earth is still inhabitable.


You will now experience the lifting of the load that has been on you for the past two years. You will have felt this in partnerships and all manifestations of the outer world impacting you. Limitations due to others in your life, the need to appease those you have shared resources with and so on. Now the outer world will fall into harmony with you and support your ideas and plans. This might also lift the positive meaning of Jupiter and bring more luck and opportunity into your life.


There is a lot of power in groups and partnerships now. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve together in even a small connection to others. Look around your environment and space. There is so much that you can do. Others are giving their time and resources to redistribute the wealth and to make sure that everyone is taken care of. You will be letting go of a lot of responsibilities soon, and have more time to work on your relationships.


This is a very strong time for you still. Work with those in the outer world, especially where those who are different or some distance away are concerned. You can begin to see some of your needs happening and the limitations overcome. It is a fact that at this time opportunities will come towards you, and so you will have to wait for others to come to you or have them initiate action. In other words, even though the outer world is on your side, it is not a time to try to be proactive.


The power of the Sun makes it possible to gain a lot personally while at the same time helping many people. You are in a magnificent time of opportunity and luck, and all you have to do is go for it. Partners seem capable of taking positive action and of exhibiting much insight. The change in sign of Saturn frees you from the limitations of home and family and dealing with constant change. Now you can get on with making life more livable and enjoyable.


There is a lot of memories and emotional attachments to the past especially where finances and resources are concerned. Those around you and in the outer world are looking for an end to joint issues, and independence for themselves. Jupiter is very strong right now, so work with and utilize this power, but do it for yourself and donít expect too much from others. While you might experience limits in some area, you can find changes for the better in your sector of change, home and family.


This is a truly emotional time, with many people seeking your help and guidance while those close to you seek quiet and solitude. It is a time to look deeply at home and family and what needs to be changed. There seems to be some sort of deadline and a need to make some significant changes that will greatly enhance the quality of your life and stop you from blocking the good because you fear the possible bad. Make the future new and bright.


This is a proactive time for you and you can move ahead quite quickly now. The limitations and restrictions previously noticed will be gone very soon and a lot of achievements denied to you will now happen. Good luck and opportunities especially in work or business will come your way. In a balancing way, you will find that your finances and values will be undergoing a critical evaluation and where you need to find a new understanding of money, you will be given the opportunity.


You will begin to feel the weight of Saturn soon enough. It will come through as heaviness, a weight on yourself, and an ongoing struggle to get things done. Saturn is work, where you have to do more, put in a greater effort to make things happen. You will not get immediate rewards or accomplishments, in fact quite the opposite. Others will seemingly have success trust upon them while you will struggle along unnoticed. Keep going and remember these words for your reward, though delayed, will be all the greater.


This is your power time with very strong energy of manifestation connected to your wants and needs at this time. Luck and good fortune are with you when you connect with others, and you will find your intuitive side quite active now. Although you crave more freedom from family and home to make your own way, the end result is what counts, and success is success. You are in a proactive time and so are able to make things happen for you.


A time for taking action, being proactive and getting out and connecting with people. There are a number of those who have knowledge of good opportunities that will bring some surprising changes to you, thoughts about the future. Look within yourself and seek challenges and some surprises will happen as you tap into your intuitive side. The limitations that you have felt around your work or business of the past two years will begin to lift and you will be aware of some delayed success happening.


You will begin to feel a struggle in regards to your work or business, or to look at totally, what it is that you do in the world, career, business, volunteering, etc. This is where you will feel the pinch for about two years. Success or accomplishment is only being held back, not denied. There is the fact that if no issues exist, then the effects of this time will not be felt for the lessons will have been learned. In any event, when the release comes you will receive all that is coming to you.

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