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May 1 - 31, 2016

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

This forecast covers the entire month of May instead of the 1st to the 15th, and the 16th to the 31st. The reason for this, and now the truth can be told, is that my partner is scheduled for knee surgery on May 10, and she does all the proofing, editing, and putting up of my scribbles. Hopefully we will be back at the regular times in June.

As I look out my window this last day of April, I can see more flowers in bloom than I have ever seen at this time of year here in the north-east. It seems that everything is a month ahead of time giving us the time to do all the winter cleaning in the garden before the obligatory twenty fourth of May weekend. Now for a really hot summer!

One thing about this time is that the ongoing multiplicity of complex hard aspects with three or more planets and combinations of squares, T-squares, and inconjuncts, that have been pounding us for the past year or more, are now fading away. Perhaps we can get some relief from this continuous situation, at least for a while.

There is a new moon on May 6th, a full moon on May 21st, and Mercury turns direct on May 22nd. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto remain retrograde all thru May.

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The focus of this time for you is on the material side of your life, your values, money, and what is real. More so than in any other time, you will be more aware of the increase in the numbers of people in your life and the interaction that you will have with them. It is a great time for planning and taking affirmative action, particularly with people and things that are new and not utilized before. You will experience delays and slow change though, as there are a higher than usual number of retrograde planets whose actions are slowed. Mercury itself is retrograde along with some others and will affect most things that have schedules and deadlines.


This is your power time in the unfolding of the year, with the Sun in your sign. Since you represent the Earth and reality this is the time that you can achieve the most change. Focus on a brief but positive shift coming up that brings back qualities of the past where what is happening benefits many people in the same way. You will see that the principle of divide and conquer will not work now, and the world will be stronger for that. The moon is affecting your understanding particularly where your work is concerned and you should go within to see more clearly.


You are able to initiate your own plans for the future, decide what you want and make the necessary connections that will bring this to pass. You have to be aware of the retrograde planets and how they affect the timing of events so that you can work around the slow downs and roadblocks. It is almost like walking a tight rope at times. Partners can help in only to show that you are not the only one going through this rite of passage and sweating blood to get through this period. Your financial sector is highly energized and you can see many plans and things desired coming your way.


The tension between the sun and the moon has you being pulled one way and another. You can strive to create the future that you want, and end up having someone else's view of reality. You may feel that you can work this through and achieve your goals, but miss out on the fun of creation. You can create what you want and that seems to be the better way rather than work for someone for many years trying to get what you want. It is all about the price you are willing to pay to have the freedom you desire. The sun supercharges your working life.


The world around you can become a fearful and emotional place, full of upheavals and memories from the past. It is not a time to sit and reminisce. Look instead at what you know to be real, and try not to go inside and worry. Your focus at this time is on your job or career, and ideas aimed at achieving what you want. And what changes you can implement that will get you out of where you are and closer to where you want to be. There are things you need to do before you will be able to make these changes stick. It is through your own efforts that you can achieve some of the things you most desire in this life.


Your focus at this time is on the restrictive elements affecting your life and how and where you are broadening your connections and contacts. This is about what you have to do to get more out of life and you getting the things that you want. There is a lot of change (for the better) around your main partnerships. This has been on going for quite some time and is intended to bring you into contact with many more people. No matter what happens, you are surrounded by good luck and opportunity. Keep smiling for it is only going to get better.


The obligations and duties that you have taken on in the past can now feel onerous and restricting. Partners can be helpful with questions of personal freedom and making big changes in your life. By connecting to your inner self you will find another source of help for you at this time. Be open to opportunities and the opening of your path and see how much comes to you in ways of practical help and lucky breaks. It is your inner self that has the most to teach you. Here you will find the ability to act decisively as well as to be patient and wait for the right time.


The Sun is in your opposite sign empowering partnerships and the world around you while making you feel a little low on energy. This only lasts a short time, but is can facilitate some major changes later on. The Moon on the other hand is close to your deepest and most inner part of you where all the big changes happen. Total change in regard to a long ongoing issue can bring up aspects of fear and difficulties that are difficult to overcome on a physical plane. This can be a time of such changes and assistance in dealing with such is forthcoming.


This is a strange time with a desire to act, to do something coupled with a time when most things will not work or it is difficult if not impossible to get things moving. To top it off, many more planets than usual are retrograde including Mercury which makes delays a fact of life. I will not include these Mercury retro times as it is more important to learn what they feel like and how to deal with these time frames. It is more significant to see how the energies of Saturn and Mars impact on your life as they are quite opposites in their effect with one pushing action and the other delay.


It is worth your while to learn how these Mercury retro periods feel so you do not get caught. With the Moon in your sector of values and finances, you can expect some things from the past to come up. This may be a second chance to make good on what you may have passed on before. The heavy aspects that have been a fact of life for some time have now largely pulled away and no longer have such an influence on you. The build up of energy, however, at this time is in your sector of change and quality of life, and should enhance your living conditions. The message is to get out of the box that you are in and expand your horizons.


The Moon in your sign can make you feel very anxious and afraid. Try to ground yourself and feel positive and confident, or at least less nervous. The power of the sun gives you a boost with your home and family, and your beliefs about your self. You are ready for change and all you need to do is move forward. You can see were opportunity comes through your connection to other people, partners for example and where you can benefit from their input. You are still having luck and good fortune and great insight if you use it to benefit yourself.


You are likely to be very busy at this time and running all over the place. Use the energy of the Moon to help you to release memories surfacing from the past where possible, and to work on building some positive connections to the outer world. You will see the results of your taking responsibility in the past and you will have opportunities to move in new directions. You have a buildup of energy in your sector of values and finances and this will be able to connect with others to have some very attractive things come your way including some of the things you have always wanted. Remember that Mercury is retrograde.

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