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October 16, 2014

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Eclipses are known to be unpredictable, erratic, and manifest their energy a day, a month, or a year after the event occurs. You will know which, and where it occurs in your life by what is happening and where. The full moon of October 8th was quite spectacular as well as stressful. Relax people, there is more coming. There is a new moon eclipse on the 23rd of October. New Moons tend to initiate things, while full moon like that of October 8th would tend to bring about endings.

At this time of the year we are looking at harvest time, and the completion of this yearís cycle. What have you accomplished? What have you completed? What have you overcome? Are you ready to move on to new and bigger or better things? This would be a good year to look at these questions. Life is not simply going around the same old bush, or doing the same old thing. We are supposed to progress, to grow, to rise above the limitations we have always accepted. Most of all we are to refuse to accept the sparse and mean spirited reality foisted on us by those who long ago decided to take over this reality for themselves.

The focus of this time is on the external world, and those people and things in it. What is your world made up of? Is it by your choice and design, or other peoples? Who do you talk to, and who attracts you? This is your life. Changes at this time occur in your deep inner world, where solid beliefs are kept, mainly unknown to you. These are the things that shape your beliefs about yourself. Also at this time you have both the outer and inner world undergoing scrutiny.

(AST) : The Sun (consciousness) in Libra (others in your life) joins with Mercury (communication) and Venus (attraction), both also in Libra (concern for others). They are also all in opposition (conflict) to Uranus (sudden change), in Aries, (self). The Moon (emotions, past), in Cancer (mothering instinct) squares (inner conflict) the Sun making it difficult to see the right way forward.

Mercury finally goes direct on October 25th but it will be the second week of November before its effects are completely gone

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Partners can be the reflection in your mirror, or they can provide the missing parts of your puzzle. The world and people around you seem especially grounded and attractive now. The Moon suggests change for the better, while you, especially if you were born on the 6th, 7th, or 8th of the month (April), are open to some extraordinary luck and good fortune at this time. Look at doing some more extensive clearing in the beliefs in your inner self. There is much that you might have a go at clearing away.


Itís a good thing that you have lots of patience, because you are going to need it. Many people take the opportunity to make demands of you and pile responsibility upon you. When all is said and done you have difficulty in determining what you are responsible for and what is just excess baggage. Your emotions are heightened, and you can see many changes in the works. Be sure to closely examine what you deem as your future based on where you are today as there might be changes coming.


The outer world requires action either by you or someone close. This event is also of a forcing nature in that whatever you do at this time will inevitably alter your life. Put some energy into what you would have in your life right now as it is possible to make some improvements. Jupiter favors future changes as well. Do not let your long held plans for the future be locked in. Even speculation and what ifís can be very visionary as you begin to understand that it is you, or should be you, who is shaping your life.


The Moon in your sign is adverse to the Sun, and as you look at what you have accomplished in life so far, you feel a sense of fear and anxiety. What happened to all the big plans? Everything has gone by so fast. Just yesterday there seemed to be plenty of time, now it is quickly running out. Look up and see what you have really done in the world. Realize how quickly things can really change. Now what is the problem anyway? Pace yourself, and remember that you cannot do everything.


Fortune is now centered in your sign, and at its strongest. Now is the time to put things into motion and see what opportunities might come your way. It is coming up to harvest time. So you might as well reap the benefits of all that you have earned. The Moon illuminates your inner self and provides you with much insight (and moonlight) to see your way clearly to the next level. There are those who would oppose your efforts at this time. All you need to do is move forward.


Money issues are foremost in your mind at this time. You find yourself seeking out investors, perhaps, or discussing plans, or making a pitch to a potential partner. It is a difficult time to be sure. Anything can change in an instant, people can change their minds just as fast. You may have some problems with memories from long ago. It is difficult to let go, and especially difficult to release the hold that these can have on you. Act in a decisive way.


You are strong, thoughtful, and attract the right people, yet are concerned with the sudden or erratic manifestations of those who are with you. Communication is the key, and knowing what you want is the right path. You have good solid ideas about the future, but sometimes let the money concerns get to you. Relax and visualize that all of the money you will ever need is right there with you right now. And believe it. The Moon illuminates what you are to do in the world and brings all of the people needed to make it happen.


Your inner self is flowing like a river bringing you opportunities, luck and ideas. It is a good time to look at what you might have going for you. You could act decisively in money situations. If you look carefully at something connected to work, you might see how some of these things could go together for your advantage. The Moon is elevated in your chart, so if you can get past the fear, you can do very well.


Networking is at a high point for you at this time, to connect and reconnect with everyone you know and would like to know. Sudden changes are possible in your life at this time. If you concentrate you will see how what you assume to be the coming future is now on a different path. It is your time to act on behalf of yourself. You may alienate yourself from a lot of people, and may not have them around, but the net effect is that you will benefit and so will many others.


The Moon elevates partners and partnerships, and also gets your hard earned rewards going for you. From now on the effort that you have put in, and all that is owed to you will come to you in many ways. There is a lot happening for you in work and business. Lots more will happen once the flow starts and soon you not even remember the limitations and restriction that you have had to endure the past few years.


Look to others for luck and opportunity. What you need is outside of yourself at this time. Many people would make you feel responsible for them now, but it is up to you to decide what you are going to do for others. You will find that you are quite intuitive when it comes to money right now. Follow your own counsel and do not let opportunities go by. Your power lies in being able to understand and alter what you believe to be true about this world, and therefor changing it to suit you.


You have a lot of success at this time especially where you can see gains through your legal connections to others such as shared resources, money in common. There may be drawbacks or hidden problems, here though. It is the right time to act in some issue pertaining to work, business, or career. Here many people may support you, but only at a cost, and that being suiting their agendas. The chart shows you giving to and enabling others to grow.

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