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September 1 – 15, 2014

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

Life is all about choices, the ones you make and the ones that are made for you, that you let others make. If you feel you have no input into your life, you are likely to become very depressed. If you take total charge and only do the things that you want, then you will probably end up ruling the world. Let’s look at the middle ground and be practical.

It is very difficult to be positive and upbeat these days, even for those who have trained and dedicated their lives to walking the high road. The almost instantaneous availability of information means you will learn of an event almost as it happens. So you have to make the choices for yourself as to what you believe about your world. One thing to note as reported in this forecast that is the long term negative energy we have been exposed to. It means we are fighting this every day. It means we have to make our choices every day.

Start off small. When you wake up in the morning, you have a personal choice to make, that is, how you get through the day. You could have avoided watching or listening to the news the previous night. Good choice! Now make your choice to avoid any negative thought or action. It really is your choice.

A man named David Hawkins did some research with the vibrational energies of emotions, and found the following. Feelings with what he called a vibrational power below “200”, the vibration of courage, completely disempowered you. That is, if your vibration was into the negative, you were power-less. His book is called “Power vs Force”, and definitely worth reading, to see that you have a choice. What is your choice? Is it to be negative and afraid, to feel guilty, ashamed, angry, better than anyone else, filled with grief, and apathetic. Or, to feel confident, powerful, courageous, and ultimately peaceful. Try it and see how two weeks can change your life.

It takes courage to truly live proactively, and in your own power.

Above Courage are, ultimately, Love, Peace, and Enlightenment.

So there is your choice, each and every day. You can go through the day with courage, being positive, confident and unafraid, not letting the actions of another bother you, and you will reach the end of the day free from stress and happy. Or, you can go through the day filled with worry and fear letting everyone cause you stress. You will reach the end of the day either way, but which would you prefer?

They are called the higher vibrations for a reason, they act to lift your spirits. When I asked Sprit what would be the absolutely best thing I could do for myself, the answer was, “look up.”

All of us slip into the negative zone from time to time. Personal action comes through knowing that we have a choice, and deciding not to stay there.

You will always know the times when the Earth’s energy pattern is negative. Those are the times when there are more questions than answers, and nothing seems to be getting done, like now. There is a lot of fear present, conflict, sudden major alterations in life, and precious little compassion. It is up to us to bring the balance into today’s world. Each one of us can actively be positive and courageous. The power of a positive thought is many times more powerful than a negative one. Try it and see.

Tap into you hidden power and energy, and let’s get this sorry Earth back into the positive side of life. Let’s act together with determination, and not expect personal reward or attention.

(AST): The Sun, personal power, is in Virgo, the sign of positive expectations and change. It trines (fortune) Pluto, (hidden power), and opposes Neptune (fear). Use your hidden power to overcome fear. The Moon, changes, is in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, along with Mars (personal strength), and Saturn, lessons learned together. We have the power and ability to come together with others and change the vibration of this Earth before it is too late.

There is a full moon on September 9th.

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Sudden changes can alter more than one major sector of your life. With additional responsibilities comes the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle and obtain some things that you have needed. If you choose to get together with others in a collaborative or partnership mode, then you will have to manifest more action and have dealt with issues and learned patience. There are no easy answers, and no simple actions. If it comes to a choice, take the one that leads upwards.


The problem is when one or more planets are in your opposite sign (Scorpio). It seems that the whole world and everything in it is against you, frustrating your efforts, and limiting what you can achieve. In your case, Mars (action), Saturn (lessons), and the Moon (past, memories) are all arrayed against your will. It is much better to work with others in times like this than to have them all stopping you.


This is the time that you experience changes more than anytime through the year. Wherever you have plans in place, expect that they will alter and usually at the last moment. You have a lot going for you in your own neighborhood, so pay attention to what is happening all around you. There are also opportunities coming to you through taking on some duties, in which you are owed from past efforts. Count whatever comes your way in terms of a positive change, and do not be afraid.


You have the greater and lesser fortune in your money house. Surely something positive can be made of this. Look outside of you lifelong values and beliefs about money and try to envision a new relationship with money, what it would mean to you, and how your life would change if you had a meaningful amount of money. Let go of all fear, and pressure on yourself, and just play with the concept. Dig up some on plans of how you would like your life structured, and dream the dream.


Concentrate on financial matters, and do not let partner’s anxieties and fears stop you from making moves if they are justified. You will attract many people and opportunities to you, especially those that are at a distance from you. There is also a lot of activity in your sector of home and family, what you can change, and what you believe to be true about yourself. Act decisively and where you have overcome adversity, rewards will follow.


This is your power time of the year, with the Sun in your sign. Adding to this cosmic power supply are the components of action, emotions, rewards, and hidden power. All of these you can draw upon to create more for yourself. Your inner self manifests several levels of fortune and opportunity. It is a good time to look within and see what the Universe has in store for you. Sudden change is just around the corner.


Your main power comes through listening to your inner voice, your inner self, and making plans based on what comes to you. You are solidly connected to your inner power as well and will be able to see clearly what needs to be changed in your life. Partners can be limiting at this time as they are going through their own sudden or dramatic changes. Focus on fulfilling the needs that you perceive coming up as the opportunities are, or will be, there.


It is a powerful time for you with your feelings and emotions aligned with your will for a change. Action, rewards and sudden change all come together for you. This may indeed be the ending of this time of trial and learning for you and the chance to put some or all of this into action and make things happen for yourself. In your areas of luck and fortune, you will find things opening up for you in work or career. Don’t be caught napping just because nothing has happened for a while.


The Sun is powering up your place in the world, and giving you ideas and helping you to formulate some plans that you can put into motion. Coming right up are opportunities and some good luck to assist your efforts further. The quality of your life is about to change further, and on an inner level, you are about to receive some well-earned rewards for good work well done. Look out for the element of fear that manifests in your sector of change.


More of your true power is surfacing and moving into the outer world. You are powerfully aligned with the Sun connecting you to distant people and places. You will attract many people to you, especially as you act to change your long held future direction. Things have changed and it is time to acknowledge this. In your sector of shared resources you have a large build-up of luck and opportunity. Try to work with others in a positive way to make things happen.


The Sun resides in your sector of gains through partners and partnerships. What is happening directly through partners is several levels of fortune and fulfillment, and this will come to you directly. The power of the Sun in the gains sector makes this the time to act accordingly to make sure that you do not miss anything coming your way. In the area of work or career, you are attracting a lot of attention, able to act on your own behalf, and getting rewarded for past efforts.


The Sun shines strongly on your partner, or sector of partnerships. It is a good time to work with others to achieve some result. Sudden changes in finances may be observed, although this may take a while to fully happen. Opportunities may come up based on some duty you have performed, and you may be quite pleasantly surprised with the scope of what comes to you. Most of your efforts at this time will be in the outer world.

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