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JULY 1 to 15, 2020

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It would seem that we are destined to find finality in what has been an endless journey, moving from level to level, sometimes upward and sometimes downward, but always moving.

I would like to think that there is an end in sight somewhere and we may achieve some measurable results.

It could be likened to the cosmic chess board, with each move leading upwards into the light or downwards into the darkness.

Please be safe, wear a mask, social distance, if not for yourself then for others.


A large number of difficult challenges are surfacing at this time for Aries, in the areas of relationships and things that were not taken care of in the past. They keep cycling up and down, in spirals, and most of these changes will come from family issues, changes that have been long overdue. Other issues pertinent to Aries and covering areas of conflict will include work and career.


Major areas for Taurus will include any and all changes in the value system, and any areas where extreme changes in the formatting of nature and Mother Earth. The major ally to Taurus is represented by Cancer where there is a natural area of conflict so that Taurus and Cancer are in conflict and harmony at the same time. The challenge of Taurus is making necessary changes in the actual structure of the earth with the Cancer part represented by the past.


Gemini exists to provide various modes of communication that will be utilized to bring the anticipated changes that depend on it. From what can be processed today, to what is being processed as what can be used and reintroduced where help and assistance can be found in all of the various forms. You will find some necessary help and direction that will be available and close to home.


Cancer provides the connection to the past and all the day to day activities. Any place where unresolved issues occur as will be the necessary tools to clean up and finally get moving on the correct path. There are many, many places where change occurs and this is a very big one. Do not expect to cover it all in one day, but at least you can be on the right path. You still will be able to make the changes that you need to make and there is less darkness.


There is great opportunity in this time period for clearing out significant amounts of negative energy, by utilizing unused amounts that are currently contained in the inner self. There are also opportunities in your work section but be sure to take into account that any changes made at this time cannot be reversed in the future.


There is good luck and great opportunity for you at this time. Your sector of psychic development shows an unusual amount of activity and it is a good time to follow any leads that come to you, so be ready to act on any that feel substantial. These may come to you as career moves or job opportunities. In dealing with the world of spirit, you definitely need to push thru any blocks.


It is the world around you that you find the most activity, in relationships but also in the area of business partnerships. There will be some major activity where you can make a move in either a business concern or a personal concern but not both at the same time. You will find that many connections come to you now and will continue to increase thru the year.


Here the emotional self is at its height and now there is the potential for striping away the past and then the negativity. You will find yourself in conflict with a lot of the world around you. But when all is said and done, much will have been accomplished. This is a difficult time for relationships as those who have been in long term connections are experiencing great difficulties, while those attempting to get into a relationship seem to go for quantity not quality.


You will find yourself in a number of conflicts at this time. You strive to break free of the past and get set to move forward. You represent the movable fire energy and it is a very significant time to gather up your horses and try to make some memorable movement. All around you are the communication energies but do not worry because this time we are going to make it.


You are at the centre of a really powerful massive energy and that there are several avenues in which the energies are flowing. We will find in times and places, the coming time, in which everything seems to be swirling around and many times you will find where you are catching up with what are happening, and finally success will be achieved.


You are the fore runner of the new age. The direction and flow of the energy you pour into this world is designed to correct the imbalances that have existed for thousands of years. In action you could be likened to storms of hurricane intensity or gentle summer breezes. Your energy flows over, around the boundaries, drawing that energy into the connection between what will become the rewards of the first success and the achievement of the last.


Yours is the final step that we go thru having met with the challenges of both the outer and the inner levels that we get to work with. The sectors that we have encountered take us deeper and deeper until we come to the end time. Each downward spiral first on the outer level is followed by the spiral on the inner level until we come to the end. What the final result will be seems we are destined to find as we start the long journey back into the light.


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