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March 16 - 31, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

We have made it, almost. We have survived this Winter and Spring has arrived. Two days ago the temperature was above freezing for the first time since it seems forever. As I am writing this forecast (March 12) the sky is blue, the Sun is shining, and the snow is melting. No matter what, we have turned a corner and nothing can stop us from having that Spring state of mind.

This is the most important time of the year, in any event. It is the real New Year, and the beginning of the new cycle. The Sun crosses the equinox (equal day and night) and the days get longer and soon it will be Summer. Let's not forget warmer! The 20th of March is auspicious for several reasons. The Sun moves into Aries, there is a New Moon, and the Earth comes back to life. Can it get any better for us who dwell in the great white north?

The focus of this time is on new directions, a new cycle, and a renewal of life here. This cycle has a lot to do with the freeing of the self and the balancing of the self in a relationship, something that has not been accomplished in a very long time. In what we do in the world, you will see, or at least feel, a dynamic and deep seated connection with emotions and feelings that have been repressed for a great deal of time. There is a powerful tension between the heart and the head here.

(AST): The Sun (conscious awareness) in late Pisces (faith, trust) sextiles ( luck and help) the Moon (discharge of emotional energy) in Capricorn (ascending to the heights).

It is indeed a wonderful time and relatively soon, there will be a significant shift in awareness and a corresponding betterment of life here.

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This is a time of renewal, and a rebalancing of your core energy. You will be more aware of your other self than perhaps ever in this life. The energies that represent what you have in this life, and what you need, are the ones that describe the nature of your relationships. These are now given a huge liberating push by Uranus (freedom), and Jupiter (empowerment) with your insight and intuition augmented also. This is the time you have been waiting for, and it is now here.


You can be very proactive at this time, if you so choose. Your energy map is like an inverted bowl, balanced mainly on the left side. This enabled you to make decisions and take actions more easily than normal. Let your inner self come through in such practices as meditation, and you will find some liberating answers to your difficulties and doubts. Each day brings you closer to the dark of your year which is the month prior to your birthday. Let go of what you can during that period.


The sun powers your work in the world allowing you to focus your full attention on what it is that you are trying to accomplish. This is a high time for you in a creative sense, and you will find your ability to see things beyond your established normal range. Those close to you can cause you to work harder and get frustrated at the delays. You can rework your established future plans now as previously unknown doors, or at least windows, are opening.


Partnerships, connections to others, and joining forces with a powerful individual, all are possibilities at this time. Excellent opportunities in your financial sector have you looking for more in your life. You have some major possibilities going for you in career or job as there are some terrific changes coming up. You need to not only think outside of the box, you need to get outside of the box, and trust you inner promptings.


You get a huge boost from those far away and formerly on a different level. This occurs because you have earned and experienced a significant shift in your core energies, and this has the effect of liberating you and allowing you to move on in your life. You are still experiencing the freedom you have been getting from Jupiter, with all that luck and opportunity flowing into your life. Focus on what you can get from working with others and partnerships.


You seem to be facing off against an incredible array of powerful forces, yet who is to say that they are not for you. Work it out and see what is there for you. This Spring should be very memorable for you. A lot of power lies with partners and others close to you. You find others have great ideas, and also have the foresight to make it work. What you can expect for others is a powerful alignment or balanced energy that can be so liberating as well as creating success.


You and your mate, if you have one, may experience a powerful shift in consciousness and liberation in your lives. There is a definite and powerful sense of liberation and freedom happening, and a seeing of responsibilities in a new and liberating way. No longer will relationships be frustration and limiting, but the ability to find freedom and happiness in new ways will transform parts of your life.


Jupiter plays a powerful role in your success at this time. It is energizing your career and work sector bringing luck and opportunities. Before you take on too much responsibility, look at what you can take on that will enhance your relationships beyond their current state. There can be a lot of freedom to be had by how you set up your duty to others. Your focus should be on making the most out of your life, getting it in tune to your wishes.


You will feel more and more frustrated as time passes due to the slowing down effects of Saturn. Since this cannot be helped, you need to come to terms with this effect in your life. Your creativity, and your ability to express it, is being challenged. Put your efforts into initiating change and accepting that it is you who needs to take a different path, and do not let your pride block your efforts. For you it is the darkest point in your personal year, and believe that from now on everything is getting lighter.


You experience a powerful flow of emotions and feel some that are strange. This is you connecting with your partner, real or born in the depths of your being. Look at the deepest level of your being and find a new sense of self and connection to home, family, and change. This should indeed be liberating, as it will allow you to let go of some conflicting ideas and change your understanding of yourself and indeed set you free.


There is a distinct focus on finances and values, and you will find a lot of power to assist you in taking the necessary actions. You can be very creative. It is possible for a shifting balance of energy can free you from some limitations. However, you run the risk of talking yourself out of some well earned gains by questioning your rights and to some success. This too is a learning situation, and where you need to let go of the past, it is better to let it go.


The sun completes another journey and you find yourself looking for new challenges and direction. You need to know that what is stopping you is your own fear. Let the renewing energy of the time overcome your need to question your values, and simply have faith in yourself. The orientation of the energy map is such that it functions as a bowl pouring forth energy, information, or knowledge to the world, and thus achieving much good in the world.

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