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February 16 - 28, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

This forecast period occurs after the full moon of February 11, and represents an extraordinary manifestation of energy that came to us as an eclipse, a blinding full moon, a meteor, and the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. The stress levels of this energy were off the chart with most people being hit on the emotional levels.

We are now in the midst of what are called the end times, the true transition into the Age of Aquarius, coinciding with the new millennium (2000), which is feminine energy (1 + 1 = 2), which has not been seen for a very long time. The tougher you find this time, the more difficult you find the change, the harder you will have to fight to let it all go. We are entering into a new age. There is no choice. We hang on till we get it right. Even for the Trumps of this world.

There is a new moon on the 26 of February.

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You have lots of energy focused in your sign and your sector of your inner self. You can see reflected in the world around you just how chaotic this can be. The world has transformed overnight, and looks as if it will continue. Yours is the sign of new beginnings, and you are achieving that in spades. Look what has happened in the past month. The focused energy will enable you to resolve and work out the things you have not been able to deal with to this point.


Be ready to revise your plans for the future, and to go in some unexpected direction with everything falling into place and working out for you. You will just seem to fall into good opportunities and to have good luck. Within your sector of inner being lie the energies of want, need, and extreme action. This acts to allow you to make decisions with ease and clarity by knowing exactly what the desired end result should be.


Struggle seems to continue to come in the form of relationships, past and present. This effect still has to run its course, so keep on plugging away. Your highest light is in the area of work and career. No matter how you feel about this at the moment, being focused so much on finding the right person; do not neglect this part of you. Recognize that the past is the past, and that it has gone … past. It may seem trite, but there is nothing you can do about it now.


Stand by to get a bit of a roller-coaster ride as there seems to be a great deal happening in your job or career sector. It may also seem that your struggle to understand relationships seems to have spilled over into your everyday life. This may show up as seeing how to manifest what you want and what you need, but not necessarily in the same place. It may be that something from the past has returned and this time it looks possible.


Let others blaze the trail at this time as the power as usual at this time of the year is in the outer world, the world around you. For you personally, many things seem to make sense, especially people and situations far from you in both distance and time. Out of this will come a sharper understanding of the world and how it works. This will also help you to understand more precisely what it is that you want and you need.


If you have unresolved issues with another, or partnership concerns not dealt with, this would be as good a time as any to deal with them. You may find these same people coming across in a rather vague fashion, while everything seems sharp and clear to you. On the other hand, you may find that you have deeper insight into relationships situations that may mystify those involved. You have a strong urge to be free of entanglements, but have problems with ducking responsibilities.


You feel quite deeply just how things are out of balance in the world just now. Not even allowing yourself to vent this anger seems to help. The question is not how could so many by their actions be so stupid. But should be how could they be so stupid again. Partners can seem very insightful at present, and could be on the leading edge of very significant change. As for yourself, some opportunity may come up bringing business opportunities, especially connected to something you have done before.


You may find the answers that you need lie within. Seek balance and harmony within and seek to find opportunities. You will find a clearer view of what you are responsible for and be able to let go of such limitations and look at the changes that you want to make. Stay abreast of proposed changes in the financial structure around you taxes, etc. and make sure you seek advice if this affects you in any way, as there could be some problems down the road. Those in charge do not always know what they are doing.


You may get some well- deserved help now which could come in the shape of introduction of new people into your life. This is one way that others can be of assistance and give you some much needed help. You can do a lot with your life style, by improving the quality of your life. You have a lot of luck lifting you up as well as your own presence. Put effort into your surroundings. There is a lot going for you. Perhaps ask yourself why you ended up in that place.


This is the time that the unrequited good luck unused in the past flows into the future. Take a deep breath and allow that good fortune to soak into your cells and accept that there is more to this life than you have taken credit for. You are heavily into karma, the acceptance of letting go of the past to move on into the future, and will find that this will enhance your enjoyment of your life and allow you to explore pleasure instead of pain.


Right off the top I can see that you have much power in the following two weeks with much in formation and ideas coming to you along with some great creativity around finances and what to do with them. We are now moving into the time that you are suited for, and you will begin to see the shifts coming more and more rapidly now and faster still as the limitations are lifting. You will find that things seem to be sharper and make more sense now.


Take a more worldly view of finances and you will avoid the worst of what might be coming. I say might because there is currently no certainty, just possibilities. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. Continue to interact with life on an intuitive level for the cerebral types will not be sheltered from the storm. It is better to stay close to home these days, as there is much risk in going to anywhere these days.

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