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October 1 - 15, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

This period begins under a full moon left over from the previous forecast period. If you saw it on the night of September 28th, you would have seen a rarity of largest, closest, red colour (Blood Moon), and certainly very powerful in a negative sense. Full Moons generate fear, and the more intense the energy, the stronger the fear. This energy had manifested before the beginning of the forecast period, allowing it to be firmly established when it occurred. The Moon was at its closest to the earth, magnifying the feelings and emotions. I would recommend not taking any kind of action for several days until the Moon has passed its full phase and the energy has dissipated.

The focus of this time is on relationship and partnerships. Good communication and discussion can help to move things along and release any blocks or unresolved problems. Change comes through facing any fears concerned with money issues or problems.

(AST): The Sun (consciousness) in Libra (relationships) joins with Mercury (discussions). They square (inner stress) Pluto (hidden power) and form a T-square with Uranus in Aries and Cancer as the release point, helping to unblock relationship issues. Here the sign 'Cancer' acts like a planet in Cancer to supply the energy needed to complete the T-square.

There is a New Moon on October 13th. There is a great deal of interest in this Moon being a rarity and the possibility of many things happening. Look this up on many sites in social media, including some great pictures. Unfortunately, where we live, the sky was clouded over and dark. I guess I will have to wait for the next one.

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The remnants of the recent stellium are scattered across your sectors of pleasure and responsibility. This suggests that this part of your life still needs work and a release. You need to have more fun in life, but the most good fortune comes to you accepting responsibility and doing what you have to before you take on too much of a good time and have fun. There is a formation called a T-square linking your sectors of work, self, others, and family. You need to let go of what needs to change in order to get things moving.


You might find yourself feeling a little needy or emotional at this time, with the full force of the Moon in your sign. Besides the Moon there is a strongly forceful formation called a T-square occupying your sectors of responsibility, inner-self, hidden power, and needing a release point through the sign of Cancer, which is your sector of environment. This should help to clear up some of the issues local in nature and affecting the quality of your life. There is a major conflict between your inner life (Neptune) and your outer life (the Sun) that requires some decision making on your part.


The Moon pours forth from your inner-self and a river of light connects your intuitive sub-conscious with the world around you. Try to let go of your fears and concentrate on getting some help and direction. Work on your relationship issues and release any unresolved issues you have around home and family. This is the key point right now and you can gain a lot by being willing to open a door that has been closed since you were a small child.


As you are a key part of the formation (T-square), you need to see the connection from your sector of self where the energy must flow, to your sectors of business or career, to partners and also to home and family. There are possibly blocks there and these need to be cleared. You are the release point, and need to simply let go of the past and what is disturbing you. The sun passes through your deepest part of yourself, and understanding comes.


Here your surroundings and connections to others are emphasized. What do you want? And how close are you to getting that? You have options if you want money where there are actions that could be taken. There is a T-square connecting your sectors of home, relationships, and career that can be augmented by releasing a great deal of inner blocked energy and moving forward. Be careful around supposed bad news at work for the situation is quite fluid and already changing.


You are in touch with your finances through your money sector and can see that there is good fortune and opportunity to be had. Action is required, as is an acknowledgement of what needs you have and their priority. With all of the strong positive connections that you have to the world around you it is more than likely that gains would be made through others. Be prepared to connect to some of those who are attracted to you.


The Sun empowering your sign is normally a very healthy and powerful time. However, with the Sun battling the moon and all of the other difficult energy, this may seem to be a very difficult and stressful few days. This said, it is wise to not react to this energy, but to quietly and calmly meditate with the intention of letting this time go and utilizing what is available. There is a T-square formation linking your sectors of self, relationships, family, and work. Let difficulties at work go.


You will find that connections with people and places at a distance will pay off quite well now. Many opportunities allowing you to expand the limitations of your future will have you finding renewed optimism. Look within for answers and direction, and do not second guess yourself or let fear inhibit you. These are very strange times with more to come. Go with the flow and do not be afraid to risk and take a chance.


The solidifying affect of Saturn begins to intensify, and frustration and delay become more prominent. You may feel that you need to have the answers, but it is likely that you do not even know the questions at this point. Take small steps until you are able to handle more. You are fragmented at this time and have two distinct parts to yourself, on the inner and outer levels of your being. Right now Saturn divides these two parts and it is not a positive time for action.


You are an integral part of the T-square energy in this forecast time. It is by releasing your connections to the outer world that many things will come about. You will see changes in your home and family, and a lot more happening at work or in your career if you can work with others and do not have to be the main person in the program. This is all about seeing the equality of those in a group, and not the control of a single individual who needs to run the show.


Your strongest direction at this time is through legal connections to others where you can form limited partnerships and have the advice and experience of those who are successful. You have a lot of luck coming your way, and this would be the time to activate that. Unfortunately the infighting inherent in the sun/moon conflict may inject enough fear and doubt in you that you might not be able to commit yourself to action, here and at a distance, to do really well. Some success is good enough.


This is a low energy time with mighty Jupiter in your sector of relationships, partners, and the others in your life. You may still be trying to understand the full impact of having Neptune in your sign, a rare accomplishment indeed. This energy turns to fear very quickly, so think positive and act on what opportunities come to you and which might open up some good things for you. Mars and Venus are relative close, and close enough to enable you to have more understanding of have your inner world functions.

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