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September 1 - 15, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

The stellium pattern that formed over the past several weeks is now dispersing. It does so over a very strong full moon, which intensifies and extends the power, but it is leaving. Along with it came very strong and very negative effects from frustration and conflicts to depression and anxiety. As this formation continues to break up, it is like a violent storm in that eventually the Sun comes out and all is peaceful and calm.

Although we are in a calmer place, we are not out of the woods by a long shot. The power centers may be smaller, but they are not going away. There are several very intense aspects that make up for the waning stellium, and those will affect us over the coming period. There is so much fear in the world, and so many reasons to be afraid. The best advice that I know in times like these is to ignore what is happening and concentrate on having fun. That may sound frivolous, but in the long run you will be in a better space and will not have acted out of panic and sold off all of your investments. There are better days coming, you can count on it.

It is a time of taking responsibility, and not letting the fear take hold. There are many things happening that will scare you, so make the rational decisions and move forward.

(AST): The Sun (conscious awareness) is in Virgo (responsibilities and duty). It opposes Neptune (fear and delusion) in the sector of the inner self. The Moon (past, emotions), joins with Uranus (sudden horrific changes), and is inconjunct (karmic connections) the Sun.

The Full Moon that is so affecting this time occurred on 29 of August, just before the beginning of this period.

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You can come to the attention of many people at this time. How you respond to this, or what your reaction may be, is up to you. Your image of you in the world is important as sudden changes are likely. It is best to keep a low profile, fulfill your responsibilities, and quietly go about your business. You do not want to run afoul of the elite at this time. Find someone special to have fun with, and realize that fear is simply an illusion.


You gain a lot of insight into some beliefs about yourself that formed when you were a child. This helps you to be a better family oriented person, and father or mother. These are lessons that you learned in this life and will help you immensely down the road, and thus breaking a cycle of problems with love and intimacy. You tend to let others push you around even if you know that you are right. It is time to find and believe in your own power. Focus on having a good time to celebrate life.


It is a time of extreme feelings and emotions. Your focus is centered in home and family with a lot of consideration for change. You have a strong feeling of anxiety about your work, career or job, and it is these fears for the future that you should avoid getting caught up in. Look around you at your environment and surroundings. Can you not find everything you want right there? Are there not other things to do that you have not found yet? If so then why change?


You do very well financially at this time for you are focused and people are attracted to you. With your power, and good fortune also on your side, then this should be a time of opportunity. Sudden changes at work, or whatever you are doing in the world, also draw many people to you. All in all in spite of the struggles and the changes we are experiencing, you have the potential to do very well. Act decisively to get what you want.


This could be a very romantic time for you with some very strong feelings coming to the fore. You might find another attracted to you, or that you have strong feelings for someone you already know. Finances are on you mind with many worries about what those making the policies are doing and do they know what they are doing? Try to avoid putting yourself in other people's hands, and make your own decisions


You are at the height of your power and fortune. Make sure you follow up on every opportunity that comes your way. Seek information especially where money or finances are available. Use your intuitive side in your inner self. Look at what you really want and act on opportunities as you have good insight at present. It is not enough to say that the world is a mess and put your head down. The world is what you say it is and you can create what you need.


You have some good ideas, and ways to deal with these times. Your power is centered in your inner self and you can gain much through utilizing this creative power. The Moon is an annoyance right now as is seems to activate some fears within you and demand that you make some major decisions right now that are not necessary. It is a time to hold firm and not to rush into things. If you wait a while you will see that things are already in a recovery mode.


Lessons from the past, if unresolved, keep surfacing. There is a great deal to this rather simple process of letting go. You have to be prepared to deal with all aspect of a problem, not just the easy surface stuff. In this time you have a great opportunity. See it as you have been chosen to finish this once and for all. You can make some changes in your plans for the future, and will gain much through networking, expanding your circle of friends and contacts.


You may find that distant places and people are suddenly attracted or attractive to you. Whatever is going on, following up would necessitate letting go of big parts of your life and making some either/or type of choices. It is the time to decide to go no further, and opt out or a time to go much further as you have earned the right to do something quite extraordinary if you so choose. What you have to face is fear of making an irreversible choice, but it is simply a fork in your road, so do not make a bigger deal of it.


Conflict and tension abound as you are trying to resolve the conflict between your connection to the world self and your inner self of partners and gains through connections to others. Power lies with you once you accept your duty and responsibility. It is a time to share with others, and reap the benefits. You can do much on your own but much more can be accomplished with others. Look deep within to see your core beliefs, the things you have always accepted as true.


You gain a lot through others, partners for sure. They are in a lucky mode and have the power while your energy is at a low ebb. Go with them and do not be afraid, it will all turn out for the best. Sudden changes in your environment have you rattled, but again it is just fear. This is the time to face your fears head on and believe in yourself. In order to go forward you must first make sure you know where forward is and feel your own power.


It seems that the power and fortune of the universe flows through you, back and forth, back and forth, like two opposing mirrors. Now is the time to look for others or partners to work with as with your insight and their power you could be unstoppable. Financially you are locked in the past, but that is the fate of Mutable signs such as Pisces, You have to change, and that means going forward or going back, and some times the choice is not so obvious.

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