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March 1 - 15, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

March contains the onset of Spring, which arrives on the 20th, and although that is outside of the forecast parameters, if we talk it up it may come earlier. I for one would second that! I cannot remember a time when I have been sicker of winter with its relentless cold, never melting snow, and all around dullness. This causes many people to be depressed, as well as rude and aggressive. We cannot change the weather situation, or bring spring tomorrow, but we can lighten up and make the best out of the situation.

Many of the harsh and long-term negative aspects have left, and are being replaced by kinder and more positive ones that should make a difference. When you ask? Why, by Spring of course.

The focus of this time is on your inner self, and the use of your intuitive and inspirational selves. I feel that this is the time for all of us to use those long dormant sides of ourselves to be more responsible for our own lives and to stop relying on others to tell us what to do.

(AST): The Sun (consciousness) in psychic Pisces and joined with Neptune, your intuitive side, in your sector of inner self, trine (positive, opportunistic) the Moon (emotions, the past) in Cancer, and in your sector of the quality of life. That is a lot of water sign energy (Pisces and Cancer), which are telling you to come from your heart, not from your logical mind.

While writing this forecast I learned of the death of Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame. He was born in April of 1932, just two days before William Shatner, with whom he created all those magical voyages. The world is a sadder place for his passing. Wherever you are voyaging now, live long and prosper.

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Expect sudden and very positive things to happen with a wonderful sense of balance and a knowing about what it is you want in your relationships. You will have many opportunities to enhance your life, and feel strong and more confident in your love life. You will find a shift in your experience of home and family, and certainly in what you believe about yourself. You have a great deal of power that will change your life. Use it wisely.


Focus on your plans for the future, and allow yourself to be inspired by some of the changes you can see happening. To make more of what you see, your self- image and place in your world, and what that means to you, look deeper within. You will be amazed at the depth and clarity of your vision. Much of the negative feelings you have had lately will suddenly not be there, and Spring will come with a rush and great feelings, and new directions to bring enthusiasm and excitement.


This time favours changes at work or in business, with those things that bring good feelings and benefits to many being especially strong. You can suddenly see a much better future than you anticipated. You will have good feelings about money matters, and values, and see how these connect to a much more inspiring future. All around you are opportunities it seems, and only needs you to take advantage of them. Someone is trying to offload some responsibilities on you. Look carefully.


This is an extraordinarily powerful time for you, especially on the 5th (full Moon). You will see clearly those who are limiting you and who has the hidden power. You however, have far more going for you with many people in distant places seem to be working on your behalf. You will be amazed at how smoothly things will go, and how effortless life can be. You will feel very emotional at times, and yet, you will find new strength and confidence. There could be some exciting news around jobs or business.


You are undergoing a very positive shift in consciousness currently, and have a lot of strong and positive energy. Use this time to take positive action and be open to what are fortunate opportunities for although these can be present at any time, right now they are especially powerful. Think outside the box, and expand your vision of the world and what is possible. Look to those close to you to challenge your perceptions and ideas.


Although the power lies in those close to you, or in your partnership sector, you have a great deal to gain by being willing to work with others. It is time to look closely at that you have gained through others, and to build on this awareness. Examine responsibilities that you have or that someone is trying to put on you. If you do this objectively you will see the whole picture and what is there for you. Home and family may seem to be limiting you at present.


You can expect some sudden and unusual events especially in you primary relationship or relationship sector. Initially there may be some issues, especially old or past events surfacing, dislodging old pain. This is an emotional response brought on by the Moon, and will not last. The real and long term changes will influence your plans and attitudes towards the future. You can count on some miraculous developments happening.


You may find aspects of your financial life more bothersome than usual right now. This situation may have you feeling isolated, or apart from others if this is an especially strong issue. You may feel as if this is not your fault or responsibility, and have some fears about the consequences. Try to think logically and don't imagine more than is there. Strong emotions are the realm of the Full Moon, as is illusion and fear. Approach others with respect and a positive outcome can be arranged.


You may feel somewhat isolated or alone at this time. It is as if everyone and everything in your life is distant and far away. This is a manifestation of the energy of Saturn, which is now crossing your self sector and will be for the next two years. You can reduce or even eliminate this if you can push harder back into the world and deal with any isolation beliefs of issues. You do not have to endure this, as once the necessary lessons have been learned, they are gone.


Temporarily the world around you may feel a strange and a fearful place. This is the energy of the Moon, yet in the light of day, all can seem so logical and positive and anything but strange and hostile. Look within to your hidden power and don't follow the illusions. There is power in the world around you, or you are close to the source of power. Opportunities abound yet you must follow up on only one, and trust your self to do the right thing.


Your thoughts and ideas are challenged by those around you who see things differently, preferring to believe in fortune and good luck to bring them the things that they want, rather than go out and make them happen. Being pro-active and manifesting what you value and need is so much more satisfying than being handed something. Try this with finances, and put some effort into creating what you need rather than doing for someone else and having them give it to you (as in having a job and a paycheck).


This is your power time. When others' energy is low and it is the end of their year, yours is high and you are off on your New Year. Powerful emotions are present. Your heart and your head are marvelously in synch, and everything seems so clear. It is a great time to make decisions or changes in your life as both your intuitive side and your clarity are very high. Look hard at what you believe to be true about you, the people who gave you those beliefs, and toss out everything that is not for your best.

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