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October 16 - 31, 2016

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

There is a very powerful T-square happening combining the energies of eight planets. Four of these planets form a stellium, something that we have talked a lot about recently so I will use these as a base line and work with the excess energy.

I was going through the notes on the Shamanism course I taught years ago and came across what it means when you think of yourself in different ways. Try it and see what happens.

Do you see yourself as a physical being having a spiritual experience, or

Do you see yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience?

If I am reading the ephemeris correctly there are two new moons in October (1st and 30th). It must signal more opportunity to have new beginnings. The full moon is on the 16th.

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You have entered a time of extreme stress, and high anxiety. You are connected to the world and its people by your emotions and feelings. Those in your life seem to be calmer and more cerebral. They also seem to be having a time of luck and opportunity. All of this makes you a little crazy. Try to find that space at the core of your being where everything is light and peaceful. In spite of all of the turmoil you are going through, the resolution of this situation is in your hands.


If you are not careful, the build up of anxiety and worry can come welling up from your inner self and over whelm you. Focus on doing for others and taking care of your responsibilities, or looking for opportunities to do so. A good place to start would be volunteer work in your neighbourhood and things that come up close to you. You need to tap into that energy of change that is at the core of your being. Even though you dislike change, it is inevitable and you must accept it.


You have a special focus at this time where you can significantly alter your life style for the better. This is the direct result of all the changes you have gone through, and it allows you to do and be what you need. It is in the outer world that the most disharmony occurs, but within yourself you can find the peace that will bring to you changes for the better. Do not let the insanity of the world out there be the driving force in your search for quality in your life.


Circumstances conspire to bring many people into your life, possibly caught up in a common situation. For a while, considerable change occurs. You need to realize that the situation rights itself quite quickly, and what you base your life on will change for the better. You are surrounded by strong decisive individuals who can act on what seems to be disaster and make the most out of it. You are the release point for the T-square.


Tap into your inner self and release what is left over from the past that is still causing you problems. If you dismiss this with no thought of it being your problem, then you will find your self retaining toxic energy that will continue to affect your life. The emotional side of you acts to bring up the outer world memories, while what drives you connects you to the inner problems. Seek to confront both of these by letting go of the flood through your inner self.


There may be some extreme conflicts with those you have legal ties to, and this may involve shared resources, money that you have in common. This may involve investments or inheritances. In your case you have come across good opportunities and reports that suggest these should be followed up, as they look good. Partners are operating from fear and not rational. Give them little time.


This is a very powerful time for you. Look for opportunities and manifestations of luck to suddenly occur. So much of your time and energy has been introspective this year that it is vital that you go out into the world and expand your circle of contacts and connections. Partners may not like or appreciate this side of you, but your famous Libran balance can overcome obstacles. In order to initiate change tap into the energy and power deep within yourself.


Make sure that you go way outside of the box at this time in most of everything that you do. It will go well if you travel to distant places, enroll in challenging courses, and/or take up things that make you learn new skills. This will have you seeing with new eyes and learning to be comfortable in new situations. You will continue to have delays in your finances, but you know that is only a short-term situation.


This would be a good time to make changes in your plans for the future for so much more could come to be in your life that would allow you to do so much more. You might see an end to the stagnation in you current lifestyle, and that there can be so much more available to you. In any event, there is going to be so much more in all the ways that really count for you that your life to this point will have seemed a little quiet.


Expect a brief time of a lot of energy, ideas, and opportunities at work or in your career. This should elevate your personal power and allow you to act decisively on what ever is best for you personally. Beware of allowing your inner self to be subject to frustration and anxiety, but seek those who are supportive and caring, and who will work with you to get the most out of the awesome changes that are on their way.


Be open to taking on responsibilities and doing things for other people, for this will open up many doors for you. It is a time to stand alone, or to initiate things on your own allowing others to go their own way and to do their own thing. It is being part of the whole that benefits you, not the individual trying to do everything yourself. You encounter some conflicting tension in searching for answers. Open your self to receive.


Here is a bowl shape that appears to be empty, with all of its contents poured forth, giving of all of its knowledge. It is up to you to give that knowledge to the outer world. The release is through the fourth sector, that of the innermost self where change takes place or is manifested, created as the power and energy of mystic Neptune continues to flood through you and the bowl refills and pours forth again and again.

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