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MARCH 16 - 31, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

We are currently under the influence of a stellium, which when they form, generally last for quite a while. The current one is no exception. It consists of six planets fusing the energy of Mars (desire), Uranus (change), Venus (fortune), Mercury (thought), the Sun (drive), and Neptune (inner self), all together. Jupiter (greater fortune), opposes the mass of planets adding a seventh energy. This fusion of energies creates some very powerful changes in our lives.

These formations are difficult to interpret and so much energy is tied up in a small section at any one time. They also hold the same picture for the longest time that they seem to be saying the same thing forever.

There is a new moon on the 28th.

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ARIES Your sign hosts the still present stellium making this a very busy time for you with so much going on around you in the world. This stellium brings together your attributes of visualization and illusion, drive, mind, want, rapid change, and desire for action. With this entire happening for you at this time, imagine what you can accomplish for your self. Focus on partners, distant people or things, and gains through legal connections,


In your case, the stellium acts mainly on your inner self and less on the outer. Be open to what comes to you through hunches and inspiration. Partners may contribute their own insight or may be overly emotional at this time. You may find those close being rather demanding at this time and that you are overrun by obligations and responsibilities. Not to worry, it will all work out. Just look at it as a means to an end and a way to create your life, as you would want it.


You are an air sign and live life through the mode of communication. The stellium moves out into the world (figuratively) and interacts with your future, and your job or career. This may be the time that you have to make drastic changes in you plans for where you want to be 10 or 20 years from now. It can also connect to parents or in-laws, and so the possibilities are broad enough that you will be able to allow for the changes.


Here the stellium is centered in your place in the world, and your house of career, work, business, and your status in society. It connects or links both your sectors of things distant and plans for the future. You will find in this period that all of the things attributed to these sectors will temporarily become fused and act as a whole. In this way and for this time you will be able to work with all of this energy at the same time. You will find good luck and opportunity to come from your sector of home and family and through your own beliefs.


You will find that the stellium, with its mass of linked energy will affect mainly your sectors of gains through partnerships, higher visions of the world and less limitation. You may find that there are delays in achieving the changes that you want in your quality of life that are still in place but will disappear by the end of the year. It is time though to act decisively on any good opportunity that comes through your work or business.


The massive fusion of energy that is the stellium is centered in your sector of partners and partnerships, those you actually share resources with. You have the main focus of luck in your own hands balancing this with your connection to the world around you. You have good luck or opportunities still in your sector of finances and things you value. You may find yourself being a little overly optimistic, but try not to count on things too much as things may look better than they are.


Here the stellium favors you and your partner, or partnership sector issues. It is you who has the good luck and opportunities going for you, and partner who has the contacts and positive balance of energies in the outer world. Assisting you are the energies of quick changes, an open mind, and strong focus of what it is that you want. Add to this the ability to act with authority and the drive to be responsible and you can do a lot of good.


The massive build up of stellium energy we have been talking about links your quality of life sector to your sector of responsibilities and onto partnerships. You can expect a relatively high amount of things happening in these areas of your life, and this is where you can do the most to manifest progress in the future. Try to find balance in your inner life and focus on growth and progress and you will see good results.


The large build up of stellium energy we have been examining is felt the most in your sectors of home and family, quality of life and responsibility. You can expect to see a lot of things happening, lots of activity, and things being put upon you. Smile and take it all in stride. Know that you will see results later in the year, and definitely when the delaying qualities of Saturn finally move out of your life in the Fall.


You are part of the group that is directly connected to the stellium, in your case through your sector of home, family, and change. It also reflects the beliefs that you have of yourself, and how these change throughout your life. You are in the position of directly interacting with the outer world through your vocation or business or work. It is worth noting that all of the power in this time is directly in your hands and this enables you to take action following your own heart.


The Moon, with all of its emotional baggage, rides high in your sky stirring up your emotional tides, accentuating worries concerning work. Opportunities, and good fortune, arrive via partners and those that you share resources with, those that you are legally connected to. Most of what this stellium energy brings to you is close to home and is happening all around you. Look to what reflects your deepest desires and can get you what you truly want.


You share, along with Aries, the most of the stellium energy. Seek opportunities in your money areas, how this might affect your values and what means the most to you in this life. You may be able to utilize some shared resources with those you are connected to in a legal way. You will feel emotional highs and your insight may be enhanced now. It is a high time for you in your personal year, with a good focus in your drive.

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