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JANUARY 16 to 31, 2021

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The Universe says we are now turning the corner and we are going deeper and deeper into the Light at this time. What do we see when we go deeper into the Light, low and behold we find ever more Light.

The whole universe is slowly approaching Balance with one minute portion is now forming, and for one bright speck of time, everything is poised to advance to the next part.

Even though we have not yet hit bottom with the pandemic, there is always Hope. We may be closer to the truth that the direction has changed, giving us Hope, Balance, and seeing more Light.


You are starting a new year with a bang and being a fire sign you will be taking that literally. Seek out fire hazards and also illumination for answers to questions for events that have occurred previously that need to be solved. You may be wise to put off any major plans, particularly at this this time. Things will start to be clearer after this time period. You should plan now for what you want to do going into February in the areas of real estate, preparation of outdoor things, and any major renovations happening mid year.


In this time period you gain some very solid insights and understandings in the areas of how to act in the next stage of your life, and in the work you are doing. When you feel confident enough to act with very little information, then the path will open up to you. You will find that this time has some benefits as you will be able to expand your communication skills, make new contacts, and have time to express freedom from the confines of the office. Remember do not get excited about everything that comes your way, but pick and choose, as good opportunities are just around the corner for you.


You have much in the way going for you in the way of opportunities including towards the end of this period of finding more responsibility and opportunities and of sharing it with others. However as you near the end of this period, things will change again and we will have you finding more and more interaction with outside people. As a freedom loving person, being surrounded by exotic beings from great distance you will now find much is available to you almost right next door.


You are swamped b numerous opportunities to change the shape or direction of some of what you have taken on recently. Opportunities, if not abundant, will at least get going. You notice trends of all new opportunities are coming to you at this time. It seems as though not only has industry heard about you but they like what they hear. Some things are turning out much better with working with small companies instead of sticking with large corporations as in the past. Just a suggestion, but you may be wise to investigate into the businesses’ backgrounds and plans.


When we look at where you are situated in the general chart for this time period, we see it is time to pass on your knowledge, lessons you have learned, leaving room for more to come in. Allowing the vessel to empty is taking on most of the time, allowing others to take what they need. From those who have experienced being solidary to those who really truly believe that all are equal in the eyes of the Universe, then you have a good chance to help as many as you can.


You take the necessary steps to separate that which has been passed on to that which is coming, sort of like a traffic cop. You look at what is remaining and can see that there is a finite part left which is chaotic, still requiring work from you. When you look at moving forward you can see it is not so much at where people are but where there can be lessons learned. You undertake to take charge of setting up lessons and then just letting go. The final part you are working thru shows quite an array of unfulfilled and unanswered tasks that need to be completed.


You are quite lucky at this juncture because you are able to leave all of the partially completed lessons and continuing into a cleansing mode. But, all of the unanswered, unfulfilled, and misunderstood lessons have to be cleared first. You are the sign of balance. The unbalance occurs when so many things were not fulfilled. You will find much in the way of success in relationships, much in the way of being recognized in work or business, and much in the way of the release of fear. You are able to balance the lessons at this time, thus generating an extraordinary amount of moving forward and up.


You will find that the success begins to build into higher levels, to be open to individuals who are on a wider path. You will see in front of you the success with more and more people going up but then to drop to the edge. You will have two choices, up or down, and you will see more and more people accepting the challenge. You have emptied your bowl of knowledge. You look at who you are, so empty yet so fulfilling from having shared with others your knowledge. See that sufficient balance has been realized, that you now have your chance at the success that has eluded you in the past. You will now be able to complete life lessons so that you can go forward, to find that there is still more work to be done.


You are part of the pattern that represents change and breaking free from the old past. There is much that you will experience that clears away the end parts, and the old things that are gradually increasing the intensity of the change. If you embrace change, then you will experience a gradual shifting from what was, that reaches out into the darkness, and see what is loosening up. What will be left behind will be very bright indeed. If you sit down and wait, then you would see that the highest point of change comes when you are at your most intense light.


You experience one of the turning points of the year at this time with the shift of the sun into Capricorn. You feel the energy of change and start gathering the elements of change. All of the change you are seeing around you is positive, filled with love and light. You should take charge of what is needed, such as the organization to direct the shifting of where possible into an expansion of what you are involved in. You will find your efforts supported and appreciated, for there is so much more than you have ever imagined. You will find a lot of opportunities and just plain good luck happening for you at this time.


If you take charge and listen carefully, you will find the back up and support you need. The right people will show up at the appropriate time to give you what you require. Communication is the strong point and you find that you have the skills to bring people together, to think outside the box, to think of new ways. If you look within, you will find on your inner levels the substance and the ability to get others to understand the new ways of thinking, the new ways of sharing information. You will find that as you shut out the outer world, more clarity and structure will begin to develop on the outer plane. If you follow this along, you will become more and more adept at working without a net.


You can help others to understand what it is like to work on the inner levels by working with meditation groups and classes, to teach people how to successfully deal with the disruption caused by change. Around the middle of January the earth will have shifted causing you to get into what the whole process feels like where the small components are changing. More and more energy if transformed to become available for clearing, cleaning, and sharing, to be passed thru the gates into working with creative energy. Because this is a time for someone from your past to return into your life, look for someone who might have been a schoolmate and you can renew an old friendship.


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