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June 1 - 15, 2016

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

A quick note to say that the web mistress is doing well after her knee replacement surgery on May 10. Lots of exercise and physio are helping with the healing along with having her own personal healer to work on the knee.

I have yet to find a truly happy person in these troubled times. The sky map has a multitude of aspects, with many of what we call minor ones, and that is what contributes to us feeling like being in a small boat on a choppy sea. There are numerous major aspects also, unlike recent times when all we were getting were a few major negative aspects that seemed to toss us around and make our lives very difficult indeed. So many of us contracted some very nasty diseases and health problems myself included over the past several years, that we start to question what we knew, learned and come to believe in during that time.

One thing for sure that comes out of this time as far as I am concerned is that try as we might, ignore what we are blind to, and go on doing what we have always done, it will do us no good. These are the end times and no one is going to jump out and produce a solution to all of our years of denial and neglect. In northern Canada a city burned, spring time temperatures in Africa and India surpassed 50 degrees. There are those who still believe that nothing is wrong, that nothing has changed.

The focus of this time is on the environment, what is going on all around us. We do not need to look very far to see the problems, they are everywhere. The changes of this time are in ourselves. We did not get in this mess overnight, and we will not get out of it quite so easily. In the past we had opportunities to get out of this inevitable future quite simply if we had paid attention. We did not and now we have no choice. Like it or not we now have to deal with the many problems we casually ignored in the past.

(AST): The Sun (consciousness) in Gemini (mind) is joined by Venus (love), is opposed by Saturn (karma), the opposition forming in the sector of surroundings (Gemini) and distant places (Sagittarius). The Moon (memories) joins Uranus (changes) while Neptune (inspiration) in Pisces (fear) opposes Jupiter (opportunities) in Virgo (high standards ).

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You are powerfully connected to the world around you and to all those in it. Your emotions can run high with you realizing how much you have missed in your life. Also in here is the fact that you see how your sense of responsibility caused you to miss out. You expected change, a new life more in tune with your dreams. What you missed along the way is that it was you who were supposed to change. You will find now in life what you really want right in your own neighbourhood, but even more so if you spread out and explore new places.


The past is very much in and on your mind. You can analyze your situation and go over it endlessly, but that will not change your present circumstances. You can see how you arrived at your current situation and lifestyle, but that will not help you if your endless hashing over what was does not give you the impetus to make changes, do it differently this time and basically move forward onto a different path.


This is the high point of your year, and the beginning of your personal new year. Your interaction with the world and your attractiveness is at its highest. However, along with great rewards sometimes comes great struggle, and in this case you may find the world battling with you on many fronts. The world and those in it can be frustrating in opposing your actions and indeed in taking opposing actions in their own way.


Look for inspiration within, and concentrate on what it is that you really want and see what comes to you in terms of direction. Keep affirming that all things are possible. There may be some very strong direction and advice available to you as you have freed yourself from the limitations and restrictions of a lot of karma. Emotional upheaval is a part of this time as the energy that is released if very unstable.


Most of your activity and connections to people comes through networking and similar ways and means. You will find that it is necessary to revamp your plans for the future based on what you are finding to be the revised likelihood or possibility. There are many things that will happen, and many changes that will come up. Information that you have now about changes at work or in your business will take you to a different place.


Information coming from distant places can prove valuable, and since you still have good luck and opportunity going for you, this could be a very positive time for you. You will find that most of these advantages will come to you from others, as you might not be originating your own ideas but more likely to implement those of others. This will work out fine as other people seem to be lost in the past and although they have good information, they do not know what to do with it.


The world around you seems mired in the past, and in dire need of some major change up or moving on time. If you catch the moonlight just right you may discover that you are the one who needs to move and that you had been trying to change the world instead of yourself. Check this out wherever you find a herd of Librans gathering. The rate at which you can make up for lost time by accelerating down the road will astound you.


Listen to those around you for some of them are wise and have some very good ideas. You will find that you will have to take personal action and responsibility on some aspect of your life where you will have to go face to face with someone. Finances will continue to be frustrating and a lot of delays will occur. Just go with the flow and it will sort itself out. There are higher powers at work and you will see and feel their presence.


You will feel very blocked, frustrated and limited in all ways while it seems that the rest of the world is doing all right. That is not too far off in that there is a build up of opposing energies that are aggravating your day-to-day frustration. Countering all this is an aspect of good luck and opportunity that is bringing forth some positive forces that make things look a little better by you will not escape the roadblocks completely.


You are still the powerhouse to be reckoned with. You are still drawing on the limitless energies that are part of all of us. Where you should be plunging ahead you are allowing the past full sway in your life and not paying enough attention to opportunities to clear out a great deal of things that are simply blocking your forward progress. You are most favourably aspected to dig up the pain of the past and utilize some powerful clearing energy.


It is not a matter of how long that you live, but how well. There is little to be gained living a thousand years hooked up to a machine and in a coma. So we look at quality of life and what would attract you to it. It is time to look into your inner self to see what you remember. I have often stated that we are not here to learn, but to remember. Start to see if you can remember the past when things were quite different than they are now. It is all a matter of vibration.


For just a fleeting amount of time, as if a shadow passed over the world, some negative aspects form and then dissipate. Here some degrees of luck and fortune mixed with opportunity comes to you from what is around you. You may feel some anxiety at this unexpected good news. At the same time a very powerful flood of positive and attractive energy illuminates your sector of change while the energy of limitation and frustration fires up your sector of career, business and work.

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