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December 1 - 15, 2015

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

At the time of the writing of this forecast, November 26, the Moon is very large, having reached its full phase on November 25. It is especially big when viewed low on the eastern horizon. This is the Full Moon that covers the first part of this forecast period. It is large because the Moon is near the point that it is as close to the Earth as it ever gets.

The full moon at this time of the year is called the Mourning Moon, and is at the time of feeling pain and grief of loss and heartbreak. It is the time of releasing yourself from pain and sadness, and letting yourself enjoy life. Nowhere is it said that we must suffer hurt in life. It is only our feeling of the loss. It is time to let go, as I have been urging for years. Let go and move on.

The Natives of the continent call this the Moon When the Deer Shed Their Antlers. You do not need to defend yourself or protect yourself when you have let go of pain.

This is the time of freedom, of acknowledging that your lessons are all learned, and you are free, to do all that you want to do. You can do anything you want to do, just believe and forgive yourself. Who is punishing you anyway, besides yourself.

If you want to do something tangible with your pain, write your losses in a piece of paper and burn it. Write it on a piece of paper and toss it into moving water. Write on a piece of paper and toss it to the wind, or write it in your imagination and throw it into the Light. In any event, get rid of it.

The focus of this time is dealing with loss and unblocking unresolved issues. Do not hang onto anything associated with pain, let it go anyway. Changes come through learning to have fun and pleasure in spite of yourself.

(AST) : The Sun (conscious awareness ) is in freedom loving Sagittarius with its great love of the outdoors and life in general. It joins with Saturn (lessons), also in Sag. There is a balance here that suggests strongly that you do not spend more than half your time hashing over your so called mistakes, but go on living and you will do better next time. The Moon (memories, emotions, feelings) in Leo (will and determination to overcome), links to Pluto (hidden power) in Capricorn, and to explosive power in Uranus, breaking up the rigidity of the past.

The Full Moon mentioned above occurs on November 25th, at three degrees of Gemini. This is the Mourning Moon. Grieve and move on, letting go of all your problems. There is a New Moon in this forecast period that occurs at 19 Sagittarius on November 11th.

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You will have a lot of interaction with the world around you and the people in it at this time. You may find others willing to work with you or act on your behalf, but do not expect them to do what is necessarily in your best interest. The big changes you are expecting and waiting for are still some way away and will not be here that soon. Let go of what is blocking you in your views of the world and how things actually work. You are missing out on some important things happening closer in time and space. You will also find the levels of fear quite high as you go through this time. That is to only be expected considering what you are dealing with.


It is a good time to be careful with your emotional responses to things. You might find yourself overreacting, or experiencing feelings and memories from long ago with the intact pain attached. This could be especially true of close family members. You may find yourself forced into decisions that have no latitude but are the either/or kind. On a lighter note, putting your efforts into building on a relationship, a partnership especially, could work out well, but realize that positive gains and success might take a while.


The power of the Sun, joined with mighty Saturn, gives drive and discipline pouring to you from the people and the world around you. This is where you will find your greatest sense of loss and pain, and if you will listen quietly you will hear the cosmos encouraging you to release yourself from the mental trap of guilt and know what you have to do to free yourself. The Moon draws people to you from your neighbourhood, or perhaps you to them. Never mind, you will meet many new people and expand your list of contacts.


How do you see yourself in the world? What part do you play, in regards to your image? If the answer has you thinking that things need to change but what can you do to make this happen? Then you need to see that hidden power in the world around you for what it is really, and that is powerless. Do not give your power away. In history we have seen extraordinary things being accomplished by relatively ordinary people. When you find your right path you will feel the passion and never work another day in your life.


You are going through an emotional time with the Moon in your sector of self-image and place in the world. This also draws groups of people to you, and for the time being you seem to have a hidden power to sway others. You can gain a higher understanding of relationship and partnership issues by observing what is going on around you. If you are inclined to take courses or upgrade your education, then focus on something involving people and you will find the right direction.


You may find some opportunities that will come up for you personally, and that will enhance your presence in your area. Some of these things you might decide to take on and do. They will not all work out or happen right away, but with the quirkiness of the energy involved (Jupiter), anything can happen. Your emotions may be running high with memories and the past flowing over into your self-sector out of your sector of inner self. Try to let this go and you will see life improve.


Both planets of relationships are in the sign (your sign) of relationships giving you a lot of attraction and being attracted to another. Use this to build and strengthen existing situations. Remember to let go of ancient grief and pain and learn to trust. Look to your inner self for some well deserved luck and opportunity. The Moon is elevated (at a high point in your), chart which enhances your visibility and success in the world. Be gentle with yourself and kind also. It is (the end) of a difficult time.


There is possibly a lot of activity in your financial affairs or your money area. You are still cautioned to be careful and go slow as you are heavily under the influence of Saturn the cosmic teacher and task master for quite a while yet. Do not let this deter you and have you lose your enthusiasm, just be practical. At the very least you can work up some viable plans for the future and proceed with care. It can be a time of great emotional distress especially where your work or career and business are concerned. Move forward even slowly and see what you can accomplish.


You can now fully feel the effects of the restrictive delayed energy that you are in for the next while. As I have said before, this is a normal part of life and there is no point in taking it personally. This situation may help you at this time because of the need to focus on what is and to let go of all the unresolved issues you have. Now you can put aside your own agenda and take up fully the task of clearing yourself. This is as good time to take action in some part of your life, whatever makes sense to you, and aimed at getting what you want in your life.


You can have a great deal of success and some very pleasant and fun time at work or whatever it is that you do right now. You will find that things happen or come to you almost effortlessly, and after a time of great struggle this can be a welcome change. The moon is at a hard angle to your sign which can be disturbing and unsettling. It dredges up memories from the past especially loss and failure. To the best of your ability let it all go. You can achieve a great deal in business, career, or work right now.


Some long awaited but much delayed change will come in your plans for the future. Whatever is required, others will be emotional and somewhat fearful for this is of the either/or class, with one option or the other, but not both. It will be seen ultimately that gains will be made through partnerships, and that luck and opportunity will continue in this sector. You may find an attraction for or attract the renewed attention of someone that you are close to.


Your primary focus is on work or career, and the delays and limitations you are experiencing. There could be news soon that whatever is the problem, plans are being made to overcome problems. This time is under a full moon that predates this period. There is a lot of fear in the world now. There seem to be many problems and no solutions, with only uncertainty as a sure thing. Do not add to the levels of fear. Be positive and visualize peace and prosperity for all.

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