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November 16 - 30, 2017

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

This time period contains a T-square. We have looked at these in the past as representing an unbalanced energy that allows you to release pent up unresolved difficulties and clear up some major issues that have been lifelong struggles.

This is a most unusual time in that lots can be accomplished and so much progress can be made. We are now well into the age of Aquarius and our part is to change our way of thinking about so many things that were prevalent in the age Pisces, but are no longer worth bothering about as we come into the new age. See if you can see these. One would be our relationship with money, which only came into play to represent the value of something too large to carry around in our pockets. Think of a flock of sheep for example which was used as monetary value.

Just a reminder that we are coming up to (not quickly enough for retailers) the Fourth Direction, that which the Christians call Christmas. It is the time of the year that represents the end, the completion of the year. We honour all of this time with magical candle lighting ceremonies as we prepare for the New Year. More on this later.

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This time there is a massive T-square on board that is given everyone a rush of energy with differing results. You must stir up the stagnant waters and get things moving and move on to different places. The area most needing change is the very depth of you enthusiasm with and for long-term relationships. You have lead a solitary existence without opening up to really anybody and now it is time to work with this life to bring it about and learn the deepest levels of compromise and forgiveness leading to record long relationships.


Here the T-square augments the bringing of your vision into reality and the massive change that can be produced or created helps you to manifest your environment into reality. Thus you are creating your world and the world of those with you and to bring it into being. The fact that the power of the Square takes you beyond familiar ground and out of the box is only beneficial for you will tend to stay in the same place your whole life.


Here the T-square enhances your ability to communicate with others and to get your point across in a challenging and effective way. If you think of it as a duty and an obligation to pass on what you have been given, then you will see how this works and you too will be given so much more. As you move further beyond your previous limits you will gain in understanding and lode any fears you might have concerning money, its handling and uses.


In this case the T-square enhances your need to make changes and not be afraid to do so. You will be drawn to those of wealth and power, which will open up doors to you down the road. This is a powerful time to see your job possibilities shine a little more brightly. If you can entertain the possibility that you are the creator of your own life circumstances then it can be easier for you to make it happen.


The power of the T-square flows through your inner being and allows your intuitive and psychic side to flow. As this can come from the deepest part of yourself, then the information coming through is from parts of you that are truly one with the Earth and have very ancient knowledge. It is possible to divide yourself into two parts if you focus, and with practice you will be able to access two distinct aspects of yourself.


The power that flows through you most strongly comes through your sector of values and finances, and is any money that is decidedly yours. The money that you share with others has more of a good fortune or luck attitude perhaps bringing unearned money. It is indeed a somewhat busy time with much happening both close to home, involving family and those situations far away.


The massive energy of the T-square flows through you into your sector of what you are doing in the world, your affect around you, and shows how the world perceives you. It is important to understand that this type of energy release clears lots of unresolved energy and issues from the past and gives you a move forward. It allows you also to make some real progress and you the chance to deal with blocks quickly and cleanly.


The power needed to balance the T-square flows through the water signs and tends to enable you to clear your emotions and feelings, and let go of your unresolved issues in these areas. Your inner self seeks balance and harmony, and is prepared to take action in order to bring this about. You are working with energy that requires you letting others set the pace, take the lead, or come up with the direction of path. This is about getting out of the box and travelling unknown territory.


The awesome power released by the T-square has you dealing with past problems in your values and any difficulties that you have with money. It is your nature to be free or to seek freedom to be able to go your own way. You will find that most encumbrances will come up to test your resolve and allows you to deal with whatever forces are at work. Even though you might worry that changing a long-term success in the world, you should look carefully at what comes up for you.


It is your self that has the opportunity to change your vision of the world and have the world change its vision of you. Rarely does one find such transformational power come to you in a life time, and you may not see it all at once, but it is happening over the coming time. You are advised to release all blocks, change your blocks by releasing any impediments to being totally open and sharing with both the world around you and those who are close to you, so that relationships you do adhere to have the requirements for being long term with all the agreed conditions for staying together.


The considerable energy that the T-square allows you to flow into the outer world also gives you another chance to move ahead on dealing with unresolved issues. These would be pertaining to duty, obligation, and where you have gained in the past by doing for others instead of yourself. This is one of the key elements in your makeup, when your initial, automatic response is to do for you then it is a major gain to let others into the line ahead of you.


This is your chance to use the power that is yours that is buried deep within you and not usually available to you most likely due to lack of use or belief. The mighty energy that the T-square makes yours is made available to clear up past issues through your sector of children, lifestyle, and in general all things that make your life worth living and pleasurable. Draw power from what you gain from the things you do in the world and get yourself noticed.

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