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DECEMBER 1 - 15, 2019

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Another year has almost gone by. Another Christmas looming up inside of our lives and all the stress that goes along with it. We are now in the new age and will have to continue in the direction, picking up understanding on the way. What will we need? What will we have to change? What will be left behind and what will we leave in the clutter beside the path we are following into our future?

The creator made enough ways so that we could each have our own. Each of us has their own strength and part to play in this drama. Each one of us has what we have to finally overcome to be a part of the great circle of life. Each one of us has what we need to complete our personal evolution, finally all joining together to be a part of the whole and move forward to be part of the growth on the higher levels.


Once again with your sign leading the way, we can see the clarity becoming the way to the future. At the shift we have just come through you gained much knowledge and were able to assimilate, to understand what clearly is of potential. The essence of the coming year for you is connections to people and what they can do to make a difference, to get you to where you need to be. Relationships of all kinds are featured and will be part of the future.


Your main emotional nature is going to take a big hit at this time as you will be called on to make many contributions to being on the leading edge of change. I know that is what we all just love to get involved with but it is necessary. And you have the hardest road argumentatively being the most resistant to change but give it a try and see if you can get comfortable with it, enough to be enthused by it.


Your nature allows you to build pictures in others minds, to achieve mutual understanding and purpose. In taking on the purpose of informing others you will find much time will be spent in replenishing your own energy and understanding in order to keep going with a heavy schedule. The more that you look at the changes as they come up, the more that the right people and correct understanding will move forward to enlighten many more until the majority are on board.


There is a rapid influx of people into your life from those around you. You will find that they fill the voids and carry the key information that is vital to the changes that are required to get as many as possible to the new order. It is going to be a difficult path in the beginning but it will get easier the sooner those who have always put themselves first all the time are now enlightened by those who have come through the tough times and reached, as you have, the higher levels enough so they can assist those who are still struggling.


Try to focus on the power of change and your ability to work with it. Look at what is needed and what is necessary, as there are things that belong and things that do not. You will find the difference as things that just promise trivial times like having fun are best left in the past and you can replace them with effects that constitute seeing what you are promising to become in the future. In other words it is what you will become that will cross the divide and go into the Promised Land. Similar to when Moses took the people out of Egypt.


At present you need to be open to receiving information and to look for ways to pass it on. Wherever there are meetings, workshops, or other such ventures look for ways to interact and participate. As you do this over the upcoming months you will see this conjecture at work and this starting to happen for you. There are many roads, many ways to get there. In fact the creator made enough ways that we could each have our own road.


This is a time to act responsively, to take action where indicated, to try to find the balance that exists in life. There is a fundamental coexistence between the passive and the active signs, with your sign being an active, that comes to life when you take charge of their inactive nature and make something happen. The power of the universe is lined up waiting for you to act. Make it happen and be part of the new order, leaving the old behind.


You are at the height of your power at this point in your annual trip around the sun. It is up to you to make order out of chaos, to sort out the lack of order and need for discipline that is going on all around you. It is the intention that carries the day and you certainly do not have to do this all by yourself, just begin to see the shape with the form materializing and the rapid pulsating motion slowing.


Sagittarius is where you find freedom in your journey, where you find where you are stuck and needing help. The bowl shape on your chart is, and will indicate, where you need to go to maximize your potential. You will find a great crowd of people drawn to what you have to do and letting the energy of the cycle flow around the circle. Must we all dance to the music of the circle? There is a focus at this time.


There is a focus at this time on the material world and having success with the right person or people. This is not strange for those with Capricorn energy. It leads you out into the world and brings various levels of opportunity and reward. However, if the rise to the top is mainly to be experienced in the world of spirit this might well fall short of actual success. Try to work with others and see if you can find which way to go.


Bless you for being one of the many taking on the walk of the ages being the pattern of energy we call Aquarius. This is difficult due to the really wide gulf between the signs. This is a time for sharing and pouring forth some of the lessons and insights that have been given freely to you along with the understanding of what it means to deal with greater class the true nature of the universe. Your mandate is to lead, to provide leadership, and to rise up to the heights in both a spiritual and earthly basis.


It is a good time to experience feelings and things not normally associated with emotions or thoughts. Colours for example, which will help with visualizations and add to your expansion process. You can run classes, courses, and help to be a source of inspiration to others who are still struggling to make breakthroughs. Add as many levels, go to new depths, and help others to make it happen for them.


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