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August 16 - 31, 2016

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

No one can deny that these are very intense and difficult times. The key areas seem especially stressful, with relationships, finances, and jobs leading the way. In these times the number and magnitude of the aspects in the energy pattern intensify and we begin to see combinations of planets that we do not see in calmer times. We have a minor stellium (three or more planets in one sign or sector). In the coming chart Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun blend their energies as they merge, bringing luck, fulfillment, ideas, and essential drive together.

More on the nature of relationships and how to make them work for you: Instead of allowing fate or the universe to bring an ideal person into your life and then make up their own minds to stay, making them want to stay, too many have found it easier to control others, or simply make them do what they want. Here you have control and control freaks.

Find the right person, and do not try to revise the wrong one.

There is a Full Moon on the 18th of August.

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At last you have some movement where things had been stalled for some time. Where you have had a build up of responsibilities, you will find things starting to finalize, or end. In any event the positive aim of this stellium is to release you from some onerous obligations. Your effect on the world around you and the people you connect to is heightened considerably at this time and you will be meeting more people and doing more things.


The approaching full moon strikes at your sectors of home and family and your quality of life. This brings concerns and worries. The stellium adds its energy to the mix and enables you to see new directions opening up for you to change your feelings about the future and how as more changes happen you will see that there is nothing to worry about. You are on a positive path that is leading upwards, not down.


I believe that as long as you are upon this earth you will be dealing with issues concerning relationships and connections. It is impossible to ignore them, and impossible to resolve them. You should not make another do what you want, but you might find someone who wants what you want. How about you start there and see what you can do that will make a difference? Instead of choosing the person you want to love, you need to make the choice to love unconditionally and then see who shows up.


You will experience good luck and possibly some opportunities through work or career at this time. This might come as a financial gain, or something else, but in any event it is worthwhile. Look for new relationships to form with people close to you whether in some group or association or the like. In any event you will not have to go far to have an expansion of your things to do list, for you will find some opportunities close to your home base.


This is the high point of your year as far as personal power is concerned. The full moon falls right across your sectors of self and partnerships, heightening tension and possible conflict. You become more aware of what is important to you, what you value, and what is important to you as part of the process of simplifying your life and lightening your load, You might also get a hint of some changes around work or career.


There is nothing preventing you from reaping the benefit of numerous opportunities, only your lack of belief in yourself. All around you are ideas and opportunities. Look within yourself, and give fortune a chance, and see what happens. You may find that where partners are concerned, you might have to make some big decisions. If so these would be of the either/or variety where there is no going back when a step has been taken, and a decision has been made.


Look within and you may find the means to an end here. Filling your sector of inner self is a stellium (three or more planets) of good luck and good fortune, all happening where you connect to the world around you. The beauty of this is that the stellium includes thoughts and ideas so that you can see where all of this is happening. You might find that partners may have different ideas on how to understand this. Do it anyway.


In your case the stellium of luck and opportunity falls within your sectors of financial gains through work and plans for the future. Break out of any habits and try to see the new and different. Use the connections that you have to expand and conceptualize your ideas, and do not be afraid to reach out. Learn now how to think for yourself and make up your own mind. Forge ahead with plans for the future at work, and do not let family worries detract you


You are still slowed by events and the legacy of the past so it is difficult for you to take any affirmative action. In spite of what may happen, it is a wiser course of action to do things rather than give into the certainty that says you will fail so why bother. There is a build up of energy in your work sector that does not happen that often. This is a stellium and it blends the energies of several planets to focus you in one area. Make up your own mind and do what you think is the right way to go.


Internally you may feel some worries where finances are concerned, but do not be concerned as this is a short-term thing. Partners have some good advice and ideas. The stellium energy occurs in your sector of connections to people and things faraway. You may have to look further afield to find what you are seeking. Other types of connections you can expect are with those from the past where the timing was wrong or the distance too great. There is power in your legal connections to others so expect some unexpected good luck.


The full moon occurs in your sign and sector of self and can bring some worries or anxieties through your connections to the world around you. Shake this as it is only a short-term thing and not worth getting upset about. The stellium occurs in your gains through partners sector and this is where you may connect to people or expand you connections to existing people and have the possibility of good opportunities.


Luck is with you especially where partners are concerned, as this is the sector where good luck and fortune fall. There can be an opportunity where sudden good fortune might happen and this can put you on the path to changing your life style considerably. Hidden power seems to be the rule of the day and you can see evidence of this virtually everywhere. Do not get caught up in all of this but always see things from your own part and make up your own mind.

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