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APRIL 16 - 30, 2019

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Astrology can be a useful tool on many levels. Take the premise that your Sun Sign is what you are learning to be in this life and you can have a general idea of how you deal not only with yourself but those who are with you. I did say general idea. It might be a helpful idea to have a look at the lessons people including you have to learn. A very current question is what is your sign. The simple answer is not really helpful because the surprise is that your Sun Sign has little or nothing to do who you are, but more to do with who you are becoming.

Now that we have looked at the Sun, lets consider the Moon, which is everything you are overcoming this time and getting free of. Just those two elements and someone with a rudimentary knowledge of the subject and you could really do well.

Always consider that you are writing your life and you are a player in everyone elses life. Combining elements can not only help you but can also help others.

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You will have the opportunity to deal with a good amount of what has been holding you back and pinning you down. A lot of unresolved stuff around who and what actually belongs to you will surface. The next period will move you to a point where a lot of things will come up and just when you feel that you cannot take any more you will move forward very rapidly. Look at your emotional responses to things and do not resent what is opportunity.


This is a wonderful time to be alive, especially with Spring bursting forth in the north lands. Whatever you think, you gave yourself a chance of dealing with some powerful lessons and working with the lessons you have in life. You will feel it as it happens and realize that you have bitten off a lot this time but hard lessons bring tough love results so just keep moving. No one is picking on you. Everyone is cheering for you.


Once upon a time . . . you could write your own story and fill it with magnificent people and places and have all kinds of fun. Now listen carefully, that is exactly what you are doing. You and only you are your own storyteller and you can make it go wherever you wish and have all the good times that you want. If you are not deciding the direction your life is going, then who is. It is vital to take this responsibility and to attract the right people.


You are in a strong Moon influenced time, meaning that you should deal with emotions and check with your feelings when making decisions. The Moon is going to be very strong with the lessons, particularly where it comes to how you feel about issues. You can get very emotional with where you are obligated to others and need to pay them back. Do not let it take over your life but maintain a good attitude and learn to laugh again.


You would do well by taking on more responsible positions or challenges. You may see the struggle that you envision take place possibly in areas of earlier Moons that you have had previous experience. Recognize that the situation and requirements are different and go for it. You should always remember that doing things that isolate you and keep you away from social activities is a misstep and likely to take you down a dead end. That is after all the Moon at work.


You are an Earth sign and so part of the creation process. Now, as always, you should remember to let your ideas take shape according to the rules here and not try to dot every I and cross every t. This is an imperfect world, and will not change to accommodate you. Having said that, do not fear the mistakes but see them as being interesting additions and see that you at least tried. Where you are going is going to seem very different so prepare for a major change in direction. This is the nature of age changes and so you will come to accept many flaws.


Did you feel everything around you coming into balance as you arrived? You should because you are in a very strong psychic time and the more that you are open to it, the stronger it gets. You will move ahead quite quickly now for a while and at last be able to put yourself first and this is important especially in relationships. This is where you feel the greatest place as you continue to attract many new people to inspire your work.


These are very strange times with more to come. It is best to remember that the very strange actions suggests instability and by nature that of politics and power over others. It seems that avoiding this activity would be a good place to start. There is much that you can share with or give to others so that you help them to give to others and so on. It is a simple situation that does not need anything fancy, just a room in a local library and the rest will follow.


The presence of good fortune in your energy pattern suggests some hard lessons learned and some difficulties eliminated. It is a truth that once something has been faced successfully you can tick that box and move on. There is also opportunity and earned rewards. Look for getting good results from partnerships that may be a longer situation than this immediate forecast. Take a moment to look at where you are and with where you want to be, and go on from there.


Yours is the energy of your rise to the heights, of reaching for the highest that man can go, and then go further. In its very inception it was meant to be a spiritual reality and as with so many of mans truths it degraded and sank into the darkness, into the depths mistaking money for enlightment. It is from these depths that we are attempting to regain and go on from there. Music can be found from reunderstanding such a powerful part of us, it could be learned from such a journey.


Here you can work with that independent streak that is now a part of you. The world around you is going nuts trying to grab off power, money, and fighting over small plots of land, but you can head off into the outback and thrive. When the day is done the world is going to be a much different place. Start to work with individuals and groups of those who are off the grid and limit your connections to the city dwellers. Look into what you need to be complete.


With such a powerful moon you will accomplish some great starts on being able to create totally with your mind and that perhaps you can explain to the rest of us what the heck is going on. You will find making decisions difficult if not disastrous, with the mind and the heart in conflict at least part of the time. Best not to make any major moves happen but simply let things continue at their current rate.


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