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JULY 16 - 31, 2019

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Astrology is a key in the door to understanding. Not only does it help us to recognize ourselves, but others as well. It is also our oldest connection to the Universe. Just a word about the times we are in and where it is all going. I said last time that we are in times of great change. It has been coming for many centuries. We are now in the summer of the changing times, and I think that many of us will be there through the shifting times and beyond.

Summer is the time of maturity when all that you have planted in the spring grows to maturity, and is ready to harvest in the fall. If we took a particular direction we would follow in the path of the sun and see how our lives would pan out. If only we knew.

Where could we get the most help? This is just a guess but I am feeling relationships for a start.

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In the time when you want to make a definitive connection to the world around you, when looking to attract as many supporters as possible. This will be a time where a lot of the struggle and difficulty will be gone to be replaced by joy and having fun. There is no law against having a good time, in fact that should be the recommended way to fun. You will find some very pleasant time coming up and will definitely enjoy youself.


This is the time of the year when the sun changes direction and starts the long fall into its shortest light. In its time you will see so much happening now especially where family is concerned and find many opportunities accessible to you where you chose. This is a time of major challenges and meeting it can bring much to you from those who see with a different eye


You will find things quite busy at this time. Try to find the heart of what has been most rewarding and see if there is anything more to add to what you have done so far. Try and find where your emotional responses are the strongest, where your responsibilities are most attractive, and seek to find where you draw the most support.


You might feel that your DNA, as all of ours is being rewritten as we speak. As it seems changes are happening and it is happening at least on a universal level. The Moon represents the past in the time we are in and may initiate a flood of fear from long ago. The sun represents fear in the present and lets us free ourselves to move forward.


This gives you a chance to clear through to who you really are, and now recognizing the power you have. Follow the Sun and it will lead you to who you are, or who you are destined to be. You see, what shows up in the Sun is what you will be, not what you are. This is the time to hold onto what you are finding difficult to resolve and give yourself the opportunity to let go of your fears, be all that you can be and the future letting go of the fears of the past, and you will be cleared and empowered in the present.


You feel the sharp tug of destiny, and utilize a seldom felt movement in the force. What you are experiencing is awesome. Certain people can make the connection to the new age faster than others, and so may be able to be of assistance to them. You must put aside your concepts of working with perfection guiding your steps. The whole process is basically to move and go forward. And you are done.


The Moon shows the number of people drawn together by the need to be less serious and a further need to do something positive to counter the destruction that is happening. There is a new game in town working to offset the dreadful negativity and depression that is affecting us all. Relationships and the stuff of positive long term connections are making life have a positive direction once again.


One thing you can count on is that where there is overwhelming unreleased emotions nothing is moving and the individual is stuck like in cement. This is how you are possibly feeling right now. The sun adds power and when it ties into the sector for gains through legal things like marriage and so on, then you can get into some potent energies that can blow things loose.


You will find that there are two kinds of empowerment, pure luck and the other kind. When it comes to your function in the world you may agree that hard work with a small particle of opportunity are required, along with good luck. Great fortune going up against luck is really no contest and you will find out soon if you can make the right connection. Perhaps it is what you hold up to the universe and trust. In any event what do you have to lose?


The power of the universe is driven to go in the direction that lifts you out of the darkness and into the light. This puts us into conflict with the forces that you will find residing in the past and that are fear based, and with those that are coming into play and are an indication of what you are becoming. This is something that you need to understand, that is your sun sign is what you are becoming not necessarily what you are. When you have worked through those, you may move on.


This is your time to act and to acknowledge the truths that you have come to understand. It is said that we are connected by six degrees of separation. Astrology can do so much better by affirming that we are all one. The essence being that we are all part of something that contains us. The way inwards and down, the original fall of man or woman left us with our emotional centers mired in the past and what we are looking for in us in the future, that is the sun and the moon.


You now come to the last sign. You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end and the beginning once again. This would be an endless cycle if it were not for one thing. We are attempting to go upwards. That requires a spiral, not a circle. You will get some deep seated understanding of all this, for now the door has closed on the past for you and most people. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.


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