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June 16 - 30, 2016

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

I literally was sitting writing this forecast when the news came on with the shootings in Orlando. Not so long ago it was Paris. Where will it be next? Astrology is the study of the Heavens, the configuration of a mirror reflecting what is happening on earth but not creating it. The chart of the time of the shootings has much to do with what happened. The Moon was in Scorpio, the sign of the potential for great cruelty and violence along with Mars, the energy of violence, war, attack and hatred. Next to them was Saturn opposing Mercury, rational thought in conflict with karmic failure. The Moon shows the intensity of the feelings about the ones attacked. That is all for now. This did not need happen, it could have been overcome. Prayers and healing to all involved.

There has been much talk about the seeming increase in the speed of time, going much faster than earlier. Any thoughts on this?

The focus of this time is on environment and how it seems to be changing, while changes happen in our connections to each other.

There is a full moon on June 20th.

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The good news is that there are only two more years to go with Uranus in your personal sector bringing massive change to your connection to the world around you and how you see yourself. Look at what has changed in the past five years. You are poised on the brink of another round of change, the current one having run its course. You will see and feel deeply buried memories emerging from your sector of experiences through relationships and partners.


Finances are highlighted at this time. There are strong indications to look long and close at your values and what is important to you as well as looking at plans or options in your finances. You may find many memories and deep emotional feelings connected to partners, or your partner may be reacting to what is happening. On another level accepting responsibility for new undertakings may be advantageous to your career path at work or in business.


You are still in your most powerful time of the year because the sun is going through your sign. You will feel highlighted and quite sought after with many people seeking you out for insight and advice. Because this is a time of great struggle for everyone, you current situation is offset by great struggle with the people and the world around you bringing delays, frustration and blocks. It is a time to clear your mind, and be prepared to act. It is not a particularly good time to act as problems can occur.


You are about to come into your light with the sun going into your sign on the 20th. This is the longest day of the year, with the longest amount of daylight in the northern hemisphere. It could be a time of great accomplishment and redefining your path, but that is something that could be said about us all many times over. You have to want to change in order for this great power that you have to be of any use to you. You are blocked by those in hidden power, but only if you allow it.


Your focus is on the plans that you have for the future, and how to maximize your ability to create this for yourself by attracting what you need. There is a lot of activity also in your finances, and other close to home areas where you can begin to really make a difference for your self. The moon occupies your sector of change and moving on. There may be worries about making new destinations for yourself, but they are just that destinations. Anything that can be changed can be changed again.


Your energy is rather balanced at this moment. It produces a sense of confidence and wellbeing and also a feeling of overconfidence. You still experience opportunities and random incidences of good fortune, and with the energy balance comes great ideas at work, hard work on the home front, and a partner or relationship that comes up with great insights and good fortune. With all this going on, anxiety or worries can manifest.


You continue to find major change in the world and people around you. It is your view and understanding of the world at large and how it works that is of importance to you now. A lot of past memories and experiences surface giving you the opportunity to compare your thoughts and feelings to where they were in the past. This is called karma and measures your progress through this life. If something seems disturbingly familiar, it probably is.


This could be a difficult and potentially violent time with those who have violent tendencies and uncontrollable tempers striking out at those deemed responsible for all that is wrong in their world. It is a time to be calm and let things happen in their own way. Do not be afraid especially where money is concerned, There is a lot of positive change as well as the negative. Do your part which is to bring peace and sanity into the world.


The sun is in your sector of partners as it is every year at this time, and you may find yourself making new connections with people. Others find you attractive, more so than usual, and in spite of the difficulty of the times, there is the good chance that you can find viable things to do with new people. Concentrate on where the positive energy is flowing, and steer clear of the negative and the violent and you will find your world a better place soon.


This is the time for you to be making steady gains working on what you have accomplished so far and looking at the possibilities offered by the future. Strongly linked by balance energy are your sectors of environment, duty, the expanded world, and your inner being. These connections are the powerful and positive opportunities that come to you, while the rest offer the potential for chaos and upheaval.


It may seem as if the dark side is winning at least temporarily, but that is not so. Tread carefully and do not get drawn into the whirlwind that passes for reality these days, and you will see a different reality. Others may lose it and get even violent, not so you. There is a lot of activity in your sector of work and business where ideas or opportunities from the past may come up again and you may rerun one. Act on good ideas.


At this time change is highlighted with a view to bettering your style of living and getting ideas from family on how to go about this. You are surrounded by those with luck and opportunity. You may get to changing your plans for the future. There is a very positive balance of energy with you at this time and you need to go for it when you see the opportunities arise.

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