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JUNE 16 - 30, 2019

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Long ago Mankind descended into the depths chronicled as the Fall of Man and was lost in that period. The intervening time is how this all came about and how we are struggling to get back to our origins.

The time called history tells of the journey, while the time we are in perhaps tells of the struggles we have faced since time immemorial. Anyhow it is a nice story. Which is being told one day at a time as is has been done since it all began.

Starting with the new Millennium we have now entered the new age, one based on female energy, and are moving ahead full speed trying to adjust to the changes we are encountering. It is a world of difference and other worlds apart than anything we have encountered except on the way down as experienced in the Fall. As more and more of us get involved putting others first and ourselves on the same level we will finally connect once again to light and each other.

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You may feel as if you are riding over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The truth is that might be easier than navigating what life has to offer or demand from you. You may find that your life seems to expand sometimes rather quickly and you may seem to grow into a new size, or large size you; that not only is the world demanding more from you but you will be demanding so much more of your self. Accept more from you and you will respond.


The Sun provides the energy needed for creating more of the certainty needed for having your life sculpted more and more in the way that you want it. Start by working through a new way of seeing or interacting with money. Money is not what you think it is and definitely how you see it appearing in your life now. Scrap how you have learned to work with it, see it differently, and more of it will be given for you to work with.


Balanced amongst the energy fields you will start to realize that your own pattern represents being open to receive a good flow of information. Depending on direction it can also receive information acting as both the student and the teacher depending on the circumstance. As so many of us are a little of both a lot of time then we can see the benefits and the gains for every one if we are willing and able to give to others.


You are in expansion mode and will find your best opportunity lies with ties to people and places at a distance. Among these will be job or career breaks, and later on business or career decisions once you get past the questioning of your self worth. Most of your success is not as you feel it in the past but what is ahead. There are many unforeseen changes yet to come and then you will live long and prosper.


As promised in the introduction to this periods direction we have come to a place in our evolution where we will see the very earliest change that took place that brought about our decent into the depths and the darkness. Work with a few people in the beginning in order to attain the life you imagine for ourselves. We must sell ourselves on the concept, then use your management skills to introduce others to lead them out of the darkness and into the light.

Lead, and others will follow.


This is the time to make the commitment and move on believing in yourselfNot giving belief to the power mongers who would make the world in their image, those who do not let us live life the way it should be lived. You need to see the perfection that could come as we were in the beginning. You can prepare yourself, believe in yourself, and do all you can do to shake off the old beliefs. At the very heart is change as we slip from age to age and we can see it written in the sky.


This time expands your understanding of what you gain through relationships by opening up to new experiences and taking the lead in areas of your life, being willing to face the tragedies of the past, to overcome the difficulties that karma lays on you. It is a magnificent time to be here no matter what the situation is and you will get a good taste of what life can be like if you are willing and able to have the courage to go ahead.


This time has you building a new awareness with money and valuables, for the current awareness will no longer fit with the new one. If you look closely you will see how things have been changing from big heavy metal coins to digital things that seem to be only outside of reality. Once you accept there is no difference in the end result then you are well on your way to never having to have your pocket ripped out by a shower of metal making you sound like a Las Vegas slot machine.


This is a good time for you with so much of the past already set up so you will recognize and understand the current path you are on and have been on for awhile. The rewards that you will see now are the net result of a lot of time spent in struggling with many difficulties and experiencing a lot of painful episodes, but you kept going and to your credit you won in the end. You will now find the best universal truth of all. You get to do more.


The quickest way of dealing with unresolved blocks is by not dealing with them. You have been trying to deal with them no doubt but in your usual quickest way. You need to understand that what is happening, is happening to everyone except the most militant ones and they will resist to the last because they exist for money, and see the world as a place for them to plunder. Look deep within yourself as I have mentioned to you many times over. It is to do your best and move on.


It is a good time, and I cannot emphasize that enough. Whatever you take from outside or you use to improve your life, and also use it to improve the life of others, is justified as we are here to help each other and by lending support to others. The end. We go way back and have helped and been helped many times but still have a ways to go. Look for the familiar and you will see familiar family. You can only win.


Is it just coincidence that the last sign Pisces, is the key to the higher realms. It might be said that as you continue to retrace your steps one by one ever deeper into the darkness you are actually rising one by one higher and higher. Perhaps that is the trap, we are going the wrong way. Never say that the Universe does not have a sense of humour.


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