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APRIL 16 - 30, 2018

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In the following summary for this period, the energy patterns are given in plain English, with the astrological (AST) data included as the indicated paragraphs.

As I have said many times we are now deeply into the end times, the time of change. What has happened since we entered the new millennium is truly astounding. It is as if we entered the next twelve millennia simultaneously, undoing and repairing, reliving and remembering as we reverse the descent of mankind, become one as we reconnect our dual parts (see Mars and Venus), and fully reconnect with the ascent of mankind. Of course that will take some time.

Mars and Venus: represent the Male and Female sides of us and illustrate the struggle we have with relationships each time we are here.

The Universe abhors an imbalance, and so acts to create balance wherever possible.

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You seem to be very serious these days as if you are finding life to be a pain. You are as happy as you care to be, and all the joy in life comes from inside, not the outside so make yourself happy and fill your life everyday with joy and soon you will be totally fulfilled all the time. Maybe not as completely or all of the time but I bet you can make as good a time as you care to. Remember to practice sending positive energy daily to what supplies the quality of your life.


Around the middle of summer coming up you might be open to a major shift and change that will completely alter the way you connect with the world and the people around you. This will help break up the crystallization you have been experiencing that has made your persona rather rigid and unyielding, and makes you appear to be stubborn and possibly bull headed. Because you have worked hard to get where you are you will find something that you have wanted for a long time has now come to you.


You can find some valuable things on your inner planes if you care to look diligently. It seems that bowl shaped maps which yours is, show a function general degree of transmitting information, pouring forth knowledge and helping you grow and move forward. Because there is another formation, a T-square that acts to balance extremely unbalanced energy and to form a cosmic cross then such knowledge you gain can be passed through and you can go on with a positive structured aspect.


This day is part of a time that emphasizes decisions and decision making, and connecting with new people and new situations. You are tapping into being one of those who circles and who acts to balance the off balanced energy in order that eventual order can be managed to bring order out of chaos. Focus on the direct application of the needed solution energy into the situation around you and you will see this begin to happen.


Look at what you are doing in the world in terms of job, career, work or business, and look at what has to be decided or maybe investigated. You will see and get direction, you will find the answers that you need and the people you need to make the changes that you envision and all that is right for the change. Also you can pass energy through the T-square and help the world to balance its energy.


You are focused on some reserve of hidden energy that you can use to balance out some really chaotic energy. At the same time you are dealing with consequences of a major negative transit (transit of Saturn) that has just ended and is now passing through your energy. Here you will find results that are less than spectacular. The actual contact with Saturn occurs in mid July with a lack of positive results and success that will be delayed till later.


You may be the only one of the few who tries to make this a positive time within the boundaries of what you have been given to work with. No matter who or where you are given to work, you have always dealt with the concept of relationships and all of the bits and pieces that go along with the struggle to make as much positive as possible even after the negative.


After the seemingly excess of the past year and a half, we seem to be getting better, and life to be getting better. The leading edge of the energy pattern is fortune, luck, and opportunity that will cover the world in light. Change comes in to help you to fix the problems primarily in over coming the problems you still have, especially in relationships where you must work to trying to balance taking into consideration others needs as will as your own.


You may have the opportunity to acquire something you have worked for or wanted for a very long time. This could be coming to you soon and the long time of hard work and limitation will have passed. Another possibility might be doing something like a big vacation. It seems to be in the large and really exciting category. Look for big changes in your financial side to allow you to make this kind of move and good luck.


The theme of this particular time has to do with the passing on of knowledge and here we have the increasingly popular bowl aspect with the onset of changes. You are about to release all kinds of changes both in lifestyle and direction that will bring about permanent shifts in you, for this period brings the knowledge of who you are and why you are here, and there are many here who are here for a reason to begin with the coming times.


We are looking at a scenario where you are starting to realize and have the vision that shows those who are part of the coming times (yes they are here and becoming more functional with time) what to start of with. First there will be money and who has it or needs it, then there are business functions, then government functions, and so on until all of the waste and destructive and selfish actions of the very few no longer count.


You are here to show us ultimately the second level of lightening up of the world. Where the mind and inner spirit consciousness prevails over the creating or allowing such dense energy here, where there will be in the future no solid matter but only that which exists in the mind, and where the earth and its life will live in peace and harmony with all and each other. We descended into darkness, and now we begin the last phase of the journey into light.

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